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If they can be consumed pure by placing the desired amount directly under the tongue , CBD crystals remain an extremely concentrated product, which is recommended to dilute . Their versatility is however enormous and they can very easily be used in all types of preparations :

Le development of the CBD market in France, Belgium, Luxembourg and in most other European countries has been accompanied by influx of hemp-derived products of all kinds. The CBD crystals constitute the purest form of cannabidiol . Here is something to enjoy the effects of CBD independently.

The result of this extraction process is none other than small more or less powdery consistency crystals , reminiscent of icing sugar. Relative to oils or resins, whose CBD concentration rarely exceeds 20/22 %%, the CBD crystals are thus at least four to five times more concentrated .

To go further, it will be necessary to mix propylene glycol (PG), the main component of e-liquids, to vegetal glycerine (GV), according to the desired amount of smoke . The CBD crystals can then simply be diluted in the PG / VG base for a e-liquid perfectly suited to your tastes and needs .

CBD crystals are the Kings of DIY cannabinoids . Their extreme concentration and purity thus allows them to be used like any other ingredient, opening up an unlimited field of possibilities for development of homemade recipes .

What are the effects of CBD crystals?

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Pure, devoid of any flavoring agents or enhancers , they also benefit from simplified modes of use to say the least since it is possible to be satisfied with them place directly under the tongue . On the contrary, they can also be used in all types of preparations, for tailor-made products and composition .

However, one of the simplest and quickest uses of CBD crystals is from them transform into oil . You just have to choose the oil of your choice, preferably of natural and organic origin, then add the desired amount of CBD crystals. Be careful however, whatever the intended use, the crystals must be dosed with care , without exceeding the quantity required.

The e-liquid , dedicated to electronic cigarettes and other vaping means, are the other big field of use of CBD crystals. It is thus possible to add to a ready-to-use e-liquid to make him benefit from soothing effects of cannabidiol.

The effects of CBD crystals are exactly the same as the effects of cannabidiol since it is pure CBD. However, due to their extreme concentration, it only takes a very small amount to begin to feel them. So you can expect the classic effects of CBD: deep sense of relaxation , muscle relaxation , soothing of certain pains , better quality of sleep , soothing skin irritations (in case of local application), etc. Since CBD crystals are devoid of any trace of THC, they do not otherwise cause no psychotropic or addictive effects .

Let’s take a look at what CBD crystals are. They simply emerge as the purest form of cannabidiol, with concentrations exceeding 90% . As for oil or CBD resins , the crystals are formed on the basis of a CBD extraction de hemp plants industryl. The cannabinoid with soothing effects is then isolated from terpenes and other components , including THC which it is free from.

CBD crystals are pure cannabidiol directly extracted from legal cannabis plants. To ensure a product of optimal quality, Weedy favors clean extraction methods for the environment and health . This is particularly the case with the extraction of CBD from CO. 2 , without solvents or excessive heat that would limit the effects of CBD. The finished product is a CBD isolate taking the form of a white and crumbly powder, reminiscent of the appearance of icing sugar. Extremely concentrated (99% CBD), CBD crystals stand out as a particularly versatile product and Excellent value .

CBD crystals are the purest form of cannabidiol, a perfectly legal cannabinoid, unlike its cousin THC. Thanks to its own extraction methods and the extreme attention paid to the quality of its products, Weedy is available to you guarantee the perfect legality of all products sold on our store, therefore including CBD crystals . However, it remains forbidden to smoke cannabis, even legal, as well as its derivative products. So this goes for CBD crystals. All the uses mentioned above remain perfectly legal. Just be sure to wait for the effects to appear before taking CBD crystals again : their concentration is important and an overdose, even without danger, will not allow you to obtain more important effects.


CBD crystals Weedy : pure cannabidiol, without THC.

Hemp seed oil is great stuff, but it doesn’t contain much by way of CBD. While we still feel that a full natural extract is the best solution, you can create something very similar using hemp seed oil and your CBD crystals.

Just remember that those crystals are absolutely pure CBD, so measure it out into your butter and then calculate how many treats you’ve made. This will help you to know how much to eat at one go. If your sweet tooth calls for a big munch-down, bake a few treats without CBD. You can’t really overdose, but using too much for your body to handle at once means your excess CBD will only go to waste.

Once again, you may have to heat the container a little to get the CBD crystals to dissolve, but once they have, you have a good mixture. 1,000mg of CBD crystals to 10ml of oil gives you around 10 percent CBD concentration.

Pure CBD makes it much easier to gauge your cannabinoid intake, especially when compared to herbal cannabis with an unknown concentration of CBD. With pure CBD, you know exactly what you’re getting and how much you’re using! This helps you to work out just how much you need to get the feel-good benefits of CBD.

Some people also like adding CBD to non-cannabis derived oils like olive oil or coconut oil. The process is exactly the same, and these oils have their own sets of health benefits that will be boosted by the addition of CBD.

The “old-fashioned” way to make edibles was to simply use whole plant material. Anyone who has tried one of these recipes will have to agree that they don’t always work well, especially not from a taste perspective.

Economical CBD oil Mixture.

On that subject, a lot of vapers like making their own e-liquids. They could easily buy an e-liquid, but they like the whole process of making their own. CBD crystals can make a great addition to home-made e-liquids, and that means a nice, discreet vape that you can enjoy without the whole dabbling rig. All you need is around 200mg of pure CBD crystals to 10ml of your regular e-liquid recipe. Heat it to about 60C, and the crystals dissolve nicely into your e-liquid.

CBD-infused baked treats.

The biggest advantage of pure CBD.

Your first step is to decide just how you want to take your crystals. If you’re into dabbing, that’s an easy choice, but not all of us are comfortable with doing something most other folks would associate with stoner culture, even though vaping and dabbing has become more mainstream in recent years.

But with pure CBD crystals that have only 1 percent terpenes, there’s just enough flavor to give a nice herby flavor without being overpowering. Melt your crystals into butter and use your butter in your bakes. It’s easy, and you get an even mixture that means each slice, brownie or cookie has the same amount of CBD in it.

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