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Alpha Cat offers numerous products that consumers can enjoy and utilize. The entire product range consists of first-in-class CBD and other highly sought after terpenes, phytochemicals, and compounds. Each category of the site has items that exceed standards and maximize overall value.

If consumers are looking to upgrade their nightly skincare routines, Alpha Cat has them covered. It offers a premium tub of vegan-friendly CBD night cream. Each container has 28% hemp seed oil and critical skin-soothing vitamins and minerals, such as Omega 3 and Omega 6.

Alpha Cat has taken the same excellent formulation of its oils and packed them into a convenient, easy to swallow capsule. Each capsule features 30mg of high-grade CBD. Consumers have the option of purchasing either 20 caps or 60 caps. Alpha Cat manufactures its capsules to be taken with any beverage, such as water, juice, or tea.

Since its inception, the company has included the consensus of trusted hemp practitioners, researchers, and doctors. It helps to set the gold standard across Europe. Alpha Cat also assists a cadre of dispensaries, collectives, and growers in testing, process management, and quality assurance.

Consumers have the option of also purchasing a CBD/CBG blend. This product contains both CBD and CBG compounds, resulting in an item that includes antioxidants, terpenes, and phytochemicals. It provides other CBG alternatives, including pure 4% and 10% CBG oils.

What Else Should I Know About Alpha Cat? A Few More Interesting Highlights.

Its approach to CBD includes an overarching emphasis on quality that stems from seed to selection. Their kits are among the most trusted in Europe. It engages with doctors, CBD enthusiasts, researchers, dispensaries, and others entrenched in the manufacturing and processing of CBD-infused products.

There is a 4% (400mg) CBG option and a 10% (1000mg) CBG option, both in a 10ml bottle. Both bottles come with a convenient dropper for easy measuring and no fuss dosages.

Consumers searching for a pure form of CBD can try Alpha Cat CBD crystals. Each tub contains 99.5% pure crystallized CBD. CBD crystals are a versatile way that consumers can enjoy their CBD.

The array of CBD capsules, creams, and oils features a formulation created from great attention to detail and service commitment. There is a line of products that fit many CBD needs and won’t interrupt busy routines and schedules. Consumers also have the added assurance that each product meets rigorous standards and contains European-grown hemp.

Alpha Cat has a litany of testing kits that companies across Europe utilize and trust. Its highly respected kits come in several classifications. These categories include the highly-rated starter kits, which contain between two to eight tests.

If individuals want a CBG pick-me-up, they can rely on Alpha Cat’s array of CBG-infused products. This product line features a CBD/CBG oil with a 1:1 ratio. Each bottle contains natural hemp extract and 500mg of each cannabinoid for 1000mg of phytochemicals per 10ml.

Their commercialized kits represent a burgeoning part of their product line. These kits utilize a cutting-edge method called “TLC” or Thin-Layer Chromatography, which has quickly become a crucial qualitative tool in the industry.

They also offer:

The CBD Calming Cream is the perfect choice for those looking to mitigate sore, stiff muscles, or relaxing after a rough day. Each 50ml bottle comes with a convenient pump for no-mess handling. It also contains 7% hemp seed oil and full-spectrum CBD along with hemp flower water, and tranquil terpenes such as limonene.

The regular kit has between 10 and 40 tests. All test kits analyze several cannabinoids, including THC, CBD, and other compounds. Other testing equipment includes a mobile lab that is capable of performing between 100 and 400 tests.

CBD Capsules.

They boast an extensive array of not only CBD oils, capsules, and creams, but testing kits and calibration charts. Companies and organizations across Europe and the world employ these tests and charts to ensure quality and adherence to standards.

Its philosophy centers around high-value CBD with an emphasis on scientific study and innovation. The CEO of Alpha Cat, Sébastien Béguerie, is well-versed in hemp’s physiology, its potential benefits, and applicable uses.

The site also offers refill packs and capillary tubes. Each box contains 100 units and varies between 1-4 microliters. Their calibration charts include assurances of cannabinoid detection for THCV, CBC, CBG, and CBN.

These quality CBD oils are the brand’s most popular item. Each bottle contains genuine, high-grade hemp extract blended with an organic olive oil formulation for easy digestion. The potency range is extensive, with consumers able to choose from 600mg and 6000mg.

Top-notch consulting and training services.

Alpha Cat’s gentle extraction methods give their crystals a fine texture and high-grade profile, great for using in dabs, foods, and drinks. There are two options for purchase: 500mg (.5g) or 1000mg (1g).

Alpha Cat offers consumers across Europe and around the world quality CBD-infused products. The products feature full-spectrum CBD. In addition to these top-notch items, Alpha Cat also provides a host of testing and quality control products.

CBD Oils.

When consumers look at Alpha Cat’s website, they’ll notice that Alpha Cat takes CBD seriously. While some companies may invest in slick marketing and gimmicks, this site is clean, fresh, and filled to the brim with information and helpful tidbits.

Their product line includes:

Each bottle of CBD oil comes with European grown hemp. Alpha Cat ensures that all oils meet stringent quality standards. It also provides oils free of pesticides, heavy metal, and other undesirable chemicals for a safe and worry-free CBD experience.

Alpha Cat is more than just a CBD company. They are dedicated to leading the CBD industry using sound scientific techniques and methodologies. They also seek to ensure higher quality by teaching the CBD community how to test, process, and measure high-value CBD.

It also includes a calming burst of lavender, calendula, and chamomile. Consumers can also enjoy the creamy, silky texture available in each 50ml per tub.

Alpha Cat offers premium, top-rated CBD-infused products. It also specializes in testing equipment, kits, and charts. Its full-service range represents a holistic approach toward customer satisfaction. Alpha Cat has headquarters in Europe, but ships all over the world.

It also offers a wide array of products, including:

Alpha Cat also has a responsive customer service team, with a simple question/answer and feedback system. They ship worldwide, though they boast a few money-saving strategies with free shipping across Europe.

Common Use: 1 Capsule, twice per day (more if needed)

The capsule should be swallowed whole, we recommend that the capsule be taken with meals.

CBD is a novel natural food supplement obtain from organic Hemp. Each capsule helps to protect the cells against oxidation caused by stress and maintains the normal functioning of the immune system. ALPHA-CAT Pharma CBD products are register product in Czech Republic and fully compliant with the requirements of legislation, including the requirement of food safety and marking (Article 19 of Regulation (EC) No 852/2004 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 28 of January 2002) Our product are 100% organic made with bio-organic hemp and certified vegan organic ingredient.

CBD (Cannabidiol) capsules is effective for a weakened immune system. Use for long period, it twill strengthens the immune system. It is also beneficial to one’s mental state when overcome with depression, anxiety, fear, loneliness, feelings of worthlessness, or guilt.

Our products allow the achievement of a clear state of mind, restore interest in leisure time and daily activities, and support the pleasure joy of living. They can help to keep you energized and improve your quality of life.

CBD capsules are beneficial in calming or alleviating states of nerve irritation, aiding in the effective conduction of nerve impulses, reducing symptoms and promoting general relaxation. CBD capsules can be used as a food supplement to a healthy lifestyle, as they contain antioxidants and natural vitamins that contribute to physical and mental well-being. Long-term use contributes significantly to the normal functioning of the organism and to a harmonious state of life.

It is recommended to try small doses, so be sure that you do not cause any allergies or counter indications. Always consult a specialist before modifying your diet or incorporating a new ingedient. Always consult a physician before modifying your diet or using any new product.

A minimal amount of material (0.1 gram) is needed per sample to provide a unique and effective way of analysing the cannabinoid profile in various mixtures such as plant parts of cannabis, trichome resins, oils, tinctures and edibles products (ice-creams, cookies, teas…).

Number of tests*:

Thanks to this new protocol the main active ingredients of the cannabis plant parts can be visualised due to a highly specific colouring reaction which represent the cannabinoids present in the sample of cannabis or cannabis product. Alpha-CAT‘s method enables the detection and identification of six (6) of the main cannabinoids present in cannabis:


The alpha-CAT system solves the issues involved with simultaneously separating cannabinoids in a simple, cost-effective way, providing a chemical profile for each sample. The alpha-CAT method separates some of the neutral and acidic cannabinoids which are rendered distinct from each other with bright colored spots.

Number of tests*:

After colouring the TLC plate by dipping it in a dye solution colored spots will appear immediately. The number of different spots depends entirely on the plant used (genetics) and the environmental parameters during cultivation. The bigger the spot is, the higher is the concentration.


alpha-CAT helps you to assess the effect of any specific strain with:

MINI kit alpha-CAT.


alpha-CAT is a Cannabinoid Analysis Tool which combines the simple analytical technique of thin-layer chromatography (TLC) with specific thin-layers and developing fluid.

– CBD, CBN, THC, THCV, CBC, CBG analysis: 400.

REGULAR kit alpha-CAT.

Number of tests*:


The alpha-CAT method enables anyone, regardless of scientific background, to define the active cannabinoid profile in a wide range of medicinal materials (flowers, resins, concentrates, cosmetics, tinctures, edibles and most other cannabinoid containing products).

– Chemotype prints: 10.

– THC & CBD analysis: 40.

– Chemotype prints: 2.

THC Calibration Chart & TLC plate results. Use the calibration charts from the kit for proper reference.