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Amnesia CBD cannabis seeds grow with great ease, and evolve into open and slender plants capable of producing generous crops of thick, elongated buds coated in trichomes. It must be noted, though, that fertilising the plant moderately will certainly improve its flavour and aroma. In a nutshell, a cannabis strain that proudly embodies all the traits of the original Amnesia except for its effect, which is undoubtedly more soothing; perfect to relax mind, body and soul.

Characteristics of Amnesia CBD cannabis seeds by Dinafem Seeds.

Amnesia CBD is a marijuana plant that possesses really deep flavours and aromas, with hints of lemon, sweet fruits, exotic wood and Haze. The moderate effect it delivers is slightly cerebral, ideal as an inspiration booster or even as a well-being provider. It cannot be forgotten that it has also proved to be really effective for fighting stress.

Amnesia CBD cannabis seeds by Dinafem Seeds belong to a Sativa-dominant, feminized cannabis strain that originates from the cross of an Original Amnesia and a CBD-rich strain. Our collection could not do without a CBD version of one of the most popular strains of all time, the legendary Amnesia Haze, whose quality and personality are simply astounding. And being its extreme potency the only drawback found in it, we decided to reduce it so that it could also cater to those users with little tolerance to strong cannabis.

Amnesia CBD is a marvellous choice for Sativa-lovers who are eager to enjoy the stunning organoleptic traits of the iconic original Amnesia but prefer a far more moderate and bearable effect, as well as for users looking for therapeutic properties. All this is down to its 1:1 THC/CBD ratio, which leads to a lower-than-usual psychoactive effect.

Suitable for indoors and outdoors Sex: feminized Genotype: 60% Sativa/ 40% Indica Cross: Original Amnesia x pure CBD Indoor flowering period: 60-65 days Outdoor harvest time: mid-October Indoor yield: 550 g/m2 Outdoor yield: 1100 g/plant Outdoor height: up to 3 m THC: 8% CBD: 10% Ratio THC/CBD: 1:1.

Amnesia is a sativa marijuana strain made by crossing Cinderella 99, and Jack Herer. This strain produces effects that are uplifting, creative, euphoric and ideal for treating mood disorders. Growers should expect a 9-10 week flowering period with moderate yields. Amnesia normally has a high THC and low CBD profile and produces intense effects that new consumers should be wary of.

Amnesia is a sativa marijuana strain made by crossing Cinderella 99, and Jack Herer. This strain produces effects that are uplifting, creative, euphoric and ideal for treating mood disorders. Growers should expect a 9-10 week flowering period with moderate yields. Amnesia normally has a high THC and low CBD profile and produces intense effects that new consumers should be wary of.

Weedy cannot be held responsible for the misuse of its products.

In France, Belgium and Luxembourg, where Weedy sells and delivers cannabis products , the legislation is therefore strict. As in the rest of the EU, the rate THC must not exceed 0,2% , under penalty of seeing the product considered to be amazing. Our CBD flowers Amnesia Haze are strictly selected to respect this rate. On the contrary, the natural content cannabidiol (CBD) is encouraged. This molecule is indeed legal and renowned for its positive effects on the immune and psychic system .

The CBD flowers Amnesia Haze are harvested from plants selected for their natural richness in CBD . Perfectly legal, they are inspired by traditional cannabis strains while maintaining a lowest THC level . The result is a variety of character, worthy representative of the best Sativas .

Perfectly legal thanks to the great care spent in the selection of the variety and its cultivation, the flowers ofAmnesia Haze however, are still banned from consumption. So no question of smoking them. Indeed, the direct consequence of combustion is the production of smoke, which has harmful effects on the smoker’s lungs as well as on his direct environment. Of healthier options present themselves to you and especially the infusion and vaporization . The more adventurous can also try their hand at cooking with CBD to enjoy the effects ofAmnesia Haze long-term.

All products marketed by comply with European hemp cultivation laws:

Cook theAmnesia Haze.

The infusion allows enjoy the feeling of relaxation caused byAmnesia Haze through more diffuse effects, but also a little longer to appear. You just need to use your crumbs fromAmnesia Haze in the same way as a classic herbal tea , ideally by marrying it with other plants. We have concocted some quick and delicious recipes to inspire you.

The method of consumption closest to combustion while remaining legal and healthier is by vaporization. Nothing could be simpler: finely chop yourAmnesia Haze, place the desired amount in the tank of your spray favorite and enjoy rapid and marked effects , all making the most of the aromas of the variety .

In the kitchen, the effects ofAmnesia Haze are similar to those obtained with an infusion: more diffuse and appearing once the product is digested. You can test our recipes for cannabutter or cookies.

The CBD weed variety Amnesia Haze owes its creation to the crossing of South Asian and Jamaican strains . Very quickly appreciated by marijuana lovers, it has won many international awards , before being popularized in Europe thanks to the famous coffee shops Dutch . In the rest of the European Union, however, most countries prohibit the creative use of cannabis.

With 8-10% CBD and a strictly controlled THC level to stay below standards set by the European Union,Amnesia Haze CBD results in perfectly controlled soothing and relaxing effects. Thanks to this legal version rich in cannabidiol, it becomes accessible to everyone . It imposes itself by the quiet force it releases, and obviously the absence of high and addictive effects .

THEAmnesia Haze of weed CBD is one of the mythical varieties of legal marijuana (Sativa). Naturally rich in CBD, it is however also a plant touted for its aesthetic virtues . It thus produces very beautiful flowers with trichomes so crystalline that they can sometimes almost look hairy. Trichomes are nothing but small vesicles naturally present on cannabis flowers. They are particularly important since they are the ones who contain terpenes as well as a large part of the cannabinoids .

No stress to have, the flowers ofAmnesia Haze CBD, on the contrary, are happy to eliminate it. They therefore emerge as the perfect balance to take advantage of soothing effects of CBD while maintaining a nice energy level and continuing with daily activities.

Our CBD flowers are marketed with the certification of laboratory analyzes (THC <0,2%) in accordance with European legislation.

Thanks to a indoor culture (indoor) strict, the sativa plants from which our CBD cannabis flowers are taken Amnesia Haze are protected from any wild hybridization. This allows us to sell products to the stable quality , whatever the production season. Likewise, the levels of the various cannabinoids are controlled. We also provide on request all of the test results operated on our products.

Terpenes are Natural aromas , bringing all their subtlety to the different varieties of cannabis. In the case of CBD cannabis flowers Amnesia Haze, we find above all vegetable scents very marked. Of pepper and lemon notes complete the delicate balance by clearly strengthening the character of the strain.


It must be said that this crossing clearly displays in its characteristics its belonging to the Sativas. More energizing than soothing , CBD flowers Amnesia Haze thus spread the good mood around them (like all the Haze). Their objective : bring energy , while ensuring the calm necessary for the proper use of this dose of creativity newly acquired.

Do not go four ways, theAmnesia Haze CBD is one of the most well-known and recognized cannabis strains around the world. What made its success, however, is also what pushes its detractors to be wary of it. Indeed, in its natural state, its flowers are so loaded with cannabinoids that the effects ofAmnesia Haze CBD are for many consumers just too strong. Here is the problem solved thanks to this CBD version which is inspired by the taste and scent qualities of its big sister in an all that there is more legal and light version .

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