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Our organic CBD oil is composed of two components: The basis is the Full Spectrum hemp extract, mixed with organic hemp oil. We grow our hemp plants in the Weinviertel region, certified organic. Through an innovative process, we extract the ingredients particularly gently, which preserves them in the maximum bioavailable form . Our organic CBD oil 5% has a mild taste compared to conventional CBD oils and thus contains fewer allergy-inducing plant by-products such as chlorophyll or waxes.

Our customers describe their experience with our products as an aid to relaxation and an increased sense of well-being . This makes it much easier to switch off after a long day! How you can tell if it is high quality CBD oil, you can read here.

Experience with our Organic CBD Oil 5%

I use these little drops at night to help sleeping through Chronic pain, and have found them to be very helpful. Thanks Kloris!

As someone who occasionally struggles with sleep when stressed or anxious this is a godsend. Falling asleep is not an issue, it’s staying that way and getting that much needed deep REM sleep. A few drops before bed almost always does the trick. In the morning I am refreshed and without the brain fog I’ve had with other sleep / CBD remedies. I wouldn’t buy any other product.

Sleep like the proverbial baby.

Certified CBD Hemp Oil!

Bio CBD oils , which you can find in our offer in two versions: 5% and 10%, are high-quality oils unique in the country! The crops from which the hemp for its production is derived meet very stringent standards and undergo a lot of checks to make sure that they are 100% organic .

By choosing these oils, you can be sure that you are buying 100% organic products.

CBD Bio oils with the EU Organic certificate, in two concentrations – 5% and 10%. This is a new quality of hemp oils in our store! These are unique products on the scale of the hemp market in Poland!

Just like Bio CBD Oil itself! It also has to meet a number of requirements to be called a Bio or Organic Oil. What distinguishes it is the EU Organic certificate, which is assigned to a given batch of the product. It is an extremely prestigious distinction and at the same time ensuring that you are buying a 100% biologically pure product.

Hemp Bio oils – a new quality of hemp oils.