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This isn’t as effective as vaping, but it is so popular because it is so simple.

Or, if strawberries aren’t your thing, you can try this zesty dressing with cherry tomatoes, red wine, and, for a kick, dijon mustard.

So dabbing is using those sticky oils and consuming them. When done safely with clean, tested, and legal products — like medical marijuana and CBD — there are several advantages to using the oils to help deal with chronic pain and nausea.

We won’t spend much time on this one since it is self explanatory and one of the more common ways of using applicators. You simply put small amounts of the distillate or oil onto your medical marjiana joint before you smoke it.

If you enjoy drinking, CBD cocktails are for you! It is safe to mix with drinking, however it can lower your alcohol tolerance level, thus increasing the drink’s effect.

Baking CBD into Food.

You can make mouth watering vinaigrettes and salad dressings with CBD oil infused in them. Try this delicious recipe that uses fresh strawberries, CBD hemp oil, and avocado oil.

Another popular form of consumption is sublingual — placing a drop of the oil under your tongue. This guarantees max absorption without any of the fillers.

Cold brew is brewed by soaking coffee beans in cold or room-temperature water for 12 hours or more to extract sugars, oils and caffeine. Cold brew is known for how strong it is and how you sometimes experience anxiety or jitters after drinking it. That’s where the CBD comes in. It eliminates the jitters by getting rid of the negative effects of over-caffeination.

Baking medical marjiuana into food is not a new concept. In fact, it’s actually quite popular. The most recent trend is using CBD oil in recipes too!

Unlike other cannabis edibles, CBD edibles do not produce a high effect and are weaker than other forms of consumption. However, if you have a sweet tooth, this is the most delicious method you’ll find.

There is an endless list of CBD infused food and drink that you can make at home, like cold brew, salad dressing, baked treats, and more. Here’s how:

Vaping or smoking is the most effective way of taking in distillates and oils, though it is not the cleanest. We mean that literally — the oils tend to ruin the durability of the blunt and can lead to a soggy or sticky experience.

The culinary community has made great strides in adding CBD into delicious recipes. Take these cupcakes for example that use your favorite cake mix, whipped cream frosting, and pudding mix. A syringe applicator is a must for this method as it requires specific dosing to ensure the baked goods aren’t runny!

The CBD extracts can be mixed with spirits such as vodka and cognac, as well as beer and wine.

While dabbing isn’t the most popular method of consumption, it has pushed many technological advancements in extracting the oils and consuming them. Let’s look at common trends for consuming the oils, which require the syringe applicators.

CBD Cocktails.

Everyone knows what a syringe applicator is, but did you know that there are numerous ways to use it? At DC Alchemy, we wanted to share with you the most popular ways to use your applicator so you can find fun ways to vary up your intake of medical marijuana distillates/oil, and CBD.

Another common term you’re probably familiar with is dabbing. And no, we’re not talking about the 2014 dancing/celebratory trend. Dabbing, in this sense, is different. Dabs are concentrated doses of cannabis that are made by extracting THC or CBD. They are, essentially, the sticky oils you use the syringe applicators for.

But first, let’s start with the basics.

The word ‘sublingual’ refers to the large blood vessel found under your tongue. The oil crosses the thin membrane and enters your bloodstream. This method requires very little effort and can be completed in a couple of minutes. You don’t typically use a syringe applicator for these, but rather what is provided with your bottle of CBD.

If you want a quality syringe applicator, visit us at DC Alchemy and view our expansive supply of quality products. Our syringes offer high quality, fewer leaks, and less waste. Try them out for yourself today!

Adding Oil to Joints.

First I would like to say that the guys at vapor com are great. My first package was lost in the mail and the customer service was awesome and they sent my package again. I have no complaints at all with customer service. Now the product itself was disappointing. As soon as I opened it I noticed it was not even half full and there was liquid all in the cap and all around the metal end. The liquid itself taste good and works great but at $40 for 500mg and only getting actually about 200mg is not good at all. Vapor.com will definitely get my business again but not for this product.

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The Jetty CBD Dablicator™ – Oil Applicator packs 500mg of CBD into an easy to use syringe that lets you bring CBD to all of your sessions. You’re able to choose the amount of CBD you’d like to dispense with a simple twist, and then evenly distribute the material onto your chosen material. The Dablicator™ – Oil Applicator is the most versatile way to enjoy CBD oil during concentrate or dry herb sessions.

Choose from AC/DC, Granddaddy Purp, or Mowie Wowie to elevate your next session.

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The Dablicator Oil Applicator is an amazing device. Filled with Jetty broad spectrum CBD, even better. Allows me to mix up my own cbd beverages/edibles, dab directly, dose flower.

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Jetty CBD Dablicator™ – Oil Applicator paired with G Pen Roam.