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There are some balance transfer cards that offer 0% interest on purchases for a limited time, but the deal periods on these cards tend to be shorter than standalone deals.

You should pay off at least the minimum repayment on your 0% balance transfer deal but ideally, you should aim to repay enough each month to clear the debt within the 0% period.

Some cards don’t charge a balance transfer fee but others charge up to 3% for each balance transfer you do, so if you’ve got multiple cards you want to clear, the costs can add up.

Who’s the best balance transfer credit card provider?

A 0% balance transfer credit card is suitable for those with existing credit or store card debt, who wants to cut the cost of the interest and pay off what they owe quicker.

What if the balance transfer credit limit I get isn’t big enough?

Credit cards issued by American Express normally have a 15-digit card number rather than a 16-digit card number.

This gives you the chance to pay the debt down faster and save money, as all your payments will go towards the debt rather than the debt and interest.

Luckily, Which? has rated 26 of the biggest credit card providers to help you understand what they’re like for customer service, charges, and benefits, before you apply.

You can also check out our credit card reviews for more detailed information on each provider.

So, if you moved a £1,000 balance from a card with a £2,000 limit to one with a £4,000 limit your utilisation would move from 50% to 25%, which makes you look like a better borrower.

Set a reminder for the 0% end date.

You can transfer a balance that was previously a balance transfer so long as you have an available credit limit or a new card that can absorb it.

The answer will give you your ideal 0% period, which you can use to help you shop for a card.

What happens if I don’t pay off the debt on my balance transfer credit card in time?

With a new 0% balance transfer credit card you can shift debt from expensive credit and store cards and freeze the interest for a set period – with some deals lasting over two years.

This can cause trouble when shifting debt from an American Express card as online systems struggle to recognise the shorter set of numbers.

How do 0% balance transfers work?

So, it’s worth setting up a direct debit based on the monthly amount needed to repay the debt within the 0% and set a reminder of when the deal ends to give yourself enough time to make other arrangements if you don’t manage it.

Those with a lower credit rating may be offered a shorter amount of time to pay off their debt interest-free.

To make sure you stay on target and never miss a payment set up a direct debit to repay the minimum amount or more.

Tesco Bank 30-Month 0% Balance Transfer Credit Card.

A simple way to find the best deal for you is to take the total amount you have on your credit cards and store cards and divide this by what you can afford to repay each month.

But there are a range of 0% balance transfer credit cards that offer a better deal if you have some serious debt to shift.

Terms and Conditions apply.

There is a one time processing charge of 2% for balance transfer facility.

Tired of paying too much on your credit cards with other Banks?

What is Emirates Islamic Balance Transfer facility?

Emirates Islamic Balance Transfer is a feature which allows you to transfer your outstanding balances from other bank credit cards to Emirates Islamic Card.

The balance transfer facility if not linked to instalments. It will be treated as a normal transaction whereby you will be requested to pay 5% of the balance every month.

Emirates Islamic offers your 0% profit rate for 6 months on all your transferred balance. This means you will not pay any extra amount for 6 months on your transferred balance.

Emirates Islamic offers the balance transfer facility where you can save money and manage your cash flows in a better way. Simply transfer your credit card outstanding from other bank cards to an Emirates Islamic Card and enjoy 0% profit rate for 6 months. Not only that, the balance transfer facility comes with one time processing fee of 2%. What more, ease your financial burden by only paying 5% as minimum due every month.

So hurry up, convert your other credit card outstanding balance and save with Emirates Islamic!!

To apply for an Emirates Islamic card and/or Balance Transfer facility please call our 24/7 call center.

There are no documents required. We only need your credit card number of other bank, the bank name and the amount that you wish to transfer.

What are the documents required to process my balance transfer request?

We will issue a cheque against your Emirates Islamic card limit and it will be deposited as a payment for your other bank credit card.