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CBD takes about 30-45 minutes to metabolize in dogs, depending on their size. Metabolically speaking, peanut butter tends to kick in a little faster than treats simply because there are fewer ingredients for your dog to break down first. But there’s no difference in effectiveness between the two. Another example would be if your dog is older and/or experiencing hip issues, you may see results after a week or two of consistent feedings.

Absolutely not. Our CBD Peanut Butter Bundles do not contain any THC as stated in our third-party certificate of authenticity done by Infinite Chemical Analysis Labs. See link above.

Peanut buttery goodness that your pup will love. CBD Infused Peanut Butter for dogs is formulated from only the highest-quality ingredients and comes in 16-ounce jars. We offer this product in three strength levels to meet the needs of every size dog. Three simple ingredients in one tasty, convenient option your dog will love.

Our CBD Infused Peanut Butter for Dogs is packaged in 16-ounce jars and contains about 30 servings. This should last about a month for the average dog. However, you can adjust up or down based on your dog’s weight and we recommend starting with 1 tablespoon a day.

Happy you asked! We love this article about CBD dog treats which covers everything from what CBD is to how you should choose the right treat for your dog.

How often should I give CBD Peanut Butter to my dog?

All-Natural Peanut Butter, MCT Oil (coconut oil), and Full-Spectrum CBD Oil.

150mg, 300mg, 600mg.

Our CBD Infused Peanut Butter for Dogs contains Full-Spectrum CBD oil that we source from U.S. grown hemp farms. We have our products independently tested for potency and purity to ensure your dog is getting the right amount of CBD. A tried and true doggie favorite, our Peanut Butter makes a perfect food mix-in, or dip your dogs’ favorite treat in it for a bonus treat! Our CBD peanut butter is formulated with all dog breeds in mind, to naturally aid with anxiety and inflammation-based pain in dogs.

Side effects in dogs are rare and tend to be mild, such as in the case of sleepiness, upset tummies, and stool changes. In other, more rare, cases, your pet might experience dizziness or itchiness. Always consult a veterinarian if you feel your dog has ingested too much CBD.

No, but you can if you like. Refrigeration will extend the already long shelf-life of the peanut butter but it is not required. Some of our customers like to refrigerate it so the texture firms up a bit before giving it to their dog.

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Our new batch of CBD Infused Peanut Butter is just all-natural peanut butter and our high-quality full-spectrum CBD oil. We also upgraded the container to a more impact-resistant jar that includes a heat-sealed barrier under the lid like standard peanut butter jars. Hooray!

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Will this product make my dog high?


NUTTY+DOG Spread is a natural product and will separate if stored at room temperature.

To ensure that your NUTTY+DOG will have perfect consistency for spreading, mix thoroughly upon opening and then store in refrigerator. The cold will not affect the integrity of CBD, but will keep the product blend suspended.

Suggested Use: Give 1/2 Tbsp. per every 25lbs body weight one to two times per day. Amount given may be adjusted up or down.


Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract (contains 5mg naturally occurring CBD)…………….25mg.

Active Ingredients per 1/2 Tbsp (0.25oz):

If you have a larger dog, consider the handmade Organic Pumpkin Biscuits by HempMy Pet, which contain 5mg of CBD per biscuit.

By activating your pet’s endocannabinoid system, treats like CBD Peanut Butter can help address issues like:

However, as it’s broken down and absorbed through the GI tract, CBD can activate over 60 different molecular pathways that end up activating the endocannabinoid system indirectly.

THC is the main psychoactive component of marijuana.

According to the packaging instructions, your dog can eat between ½ – 1 tbsp per day, depending on their size.

Organic CBD Dog Biscuits by HempMy Pet.

In fact, roughly 50% of the fat in peanut butter is oleic acid, a monounsaturated omega-9 fatty acid with a bunch of health benefits.

I also find infused treats like peanut butter especially effective at relieving gastrointestinal symptoms like pain and inflammation from gastritis or colitis.

If you’re looking for a natural way to supplement your dog’s diet with the goodness of CBD, make sure to try these cookies with your dog.

Because the endocannabinoid system is involved in so many different aspects of the body’s function, CBD supplements can offer a really well-rounded way to boost your pet’s health.

Secondly, you’ll obviously want to ensure the CBD pet products you’re buying are made with quality ingredients and by a reputable manufacturer.

Oleic acid is also one of the main ingredients used to make myelin, a sort of insulated covering on the end of nerve fibers that helps them communicate efficiently.

I was even able to administer CBD under my dog’s tongue without much difficulty.

Containing a total of 100mg in 150ml, a single tablespoon of this oil contains 3-4mg of active hemp extract.

If you’re looking for some alternatives to the peanut butter I have listed above, make sure to check out some of these other awesome products:

Now, I’m lucky enough to have pets who never have any problems taking their meds.

Why Choose CBD-Infused Treats Over Oils, Capsules, and Other Forms of CBD?

In fact, this oil is what HempMy Pet uses to infuse all of its products, including the treats I mentioned earlier.

I started using CBD with my dog Rosie a few years ago after she was diagnosed with cancer and hip dysplasia.

First of all, you’ll only want to buy products that are THC-free or contain only trace amounts of it.

As I’m sure you know, peanut butter drives dogs nuts:

So, how do you choose one over another?

Besides being rich in oleic acid, peanut butter is also rich in vitamins and minerals, such as vitamins E, B3, B6, folate, magnesium, manganese, and more.

This goes for CBD capsules and oils as well, although oils can be administered sublingually where some of the CBD can be absorbed directly into the bloodstream via the mucous membranes under the tongue.

Other Awesome CBD-Infused Treats for Your Pet.

Unfortunately, the CBD industry is still very young and lacks some of the strict quality controls we’re used to from other, more established industries.

Finally, you’ll also have to take into consideration how fussy your pet is about taking medications and supplements.

If your dog is picky about taking their meds, you’ll want to look for CBD-infused products like those I’m about to mention in this article.

If your dog isn’t so keen on regular CBD supplements and treats, this CBD-infused Coconut Oil by HempMy Pet is another great alternative.

Now, CBD can’t actually bind to these receptors.

After seeing the amazing effects CBD had on Rosie’s condition, I decided to build this website so pet owners like you could learn more about the health benefits CBD can have on your pet.

The endocannabinoid system is present in all parts of your pet’s body, including their GI tract.

As you know, there’s a wide variety of CBD pet products out there.