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CBD (cannabidiol) cigarettes have become a popular item in the ever-growing cannabis industry. As a relatively new item, you likely have questions about CBD cigarettes and their use. Luckily as these types of cigarettes have become more common so has information about them.

The legal status of CBD cigarettes is defined in the 2018 Farm Bill which removed CBD’s status as a controlled substance. CBD, which is derived from hemp flowers, was legalized for medicinal purposes and as long as the CBD contained THC levels lower than 0.3%. Many CBD products contain THC in those amounts while others go lower and some have no THC at all. This results in a perfectly legal product that has many benefits and won’t cause any physiological impairment.

CBD cigarettes offer their users many useful benefits. One of the most commonly reported uses of CBD is in the treatment of health issues with chronic pain, depression, and anxiety being among the most common symptoms users are treating. In this respect in addition to the noted calming effects, CBD cigarettes can have a positive impact on other health concerns but will not be as effective as more concentrated CBD options. Also, CBD cigarettes can help if you’re trying to quit smoking traditional tobacco products.

What Are CBD Cigarettes?

As a new product in an expanding and energetic market CBD cigarettes are certainly of interest to CBD users, smokers, and simply the curious. But unlike established products CBD cigarettes are not as widely available in the marketplace. Brick and mortar shops and many online stores may carry traditional tobacco and smokable products but may not yet carry CBD cigarettes. Luckily, this is changing as more businesses are starting to carry the product and specialized web-stores have opened focused on CBD cigarettes and other CBD products. Be sure to visit mrhempflower.com.

As with any new or newer product you are likely concerned about the safety of CBD cigarettes. The first of these is not so much a danger as it is an annoyance, CBD cigarettes do have a notable smell when smoked and can be mistaken for marijuana. This can certainly lead to embarrassing situations and is something you should be aware of. There is also the chance of lung irritation due to inhaling smoke, this is a common concern with all smokable products including pipes, cigars, and traditional cigarettes. However, studies do show that hemp smoke is less harmful than tobacco smoke.

A CBD cigarette looks like a traditional tobacco cigarette, but it is not, and it also isn’t made from marijuana either. A CBD cigarette is made chiefly of specially grown hemp that is very low in THC (to the point where it does not affect the body) but high in cannabidiol. What this results in is a cigarette that causes relaxation and calmness but does not get you high. This is because cannabidiol is not psychotropic and does not cause such effects on the brain. The effect of highness associated with marijuana is caused by THC which CBD cigarettes lack.

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Are There Any Dangers When Smoking CBD Cigarettes?

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10 packs | 10mg CBD per smoke | 100mg CBD per pack.

10 smokes per pack | 10 mg per smoke.

10 packs | 10mg CBD per smoke | 100mg CBD per pack.

Mint – Chill CBD Isolate Mint Smokes Carton.

Chill Smokes use what we call a Chill state-of-mind. We offer people cho.

Chill Smokes use what we call a Chill state-of-mind to liberate people w.

Chill Smokes create what we call a Chill state-of-mind that liberates pe.

10 smokes per pack | 10 mg per smoke.

10 packs | 10mg CBD per smoke | 100mg CBD per pack.

Chill Smokes use what we call a Chill state-of-mind to liberate people f.

Featured Products.

Chill Smokes use what we call a Chill state-of-mind to liberate people f.

10 smokes per pack | 10 mg per smoke.

Chill Smokes use what we call a Chill state-of-mind to liberate people f.

Chill Smokes use what we call a Chill state-of-mind to liberate people f.

Original – Chill Hemp Smokes Carton.

The Premium Jane CBD cigarettes are ideal for anyone looking for a premium-quality, enjoyable smoking experience. Known as Hemp Pre Rolls, these cigs have been designed to burn slowly and effectively, and are made using some of the highest quality organic hemp flower on the market. This is a brand that prioritizes expert craftsmanship and quality ingredients to ensure the best possible end products.

As is the case with all of the Premium Jane products, the company stands by the quality that comes in every 3-pack of hemp rolls. They have been committed to offering the highest-quality, most trusted CBD products to the market since the very beginning, and their CBD cigarettes live up to those standards. If you’re looking for the best and most authentic Premium Hemp Rolls, look no further.

By doing your own research – examining COAs, asking questions on community forums, and reading reviews – you can get a clearer idea of which brands offer quality products that have been verified for potency and purity. Of course, the following CBD cigarette review is an excellent place to start.


The Midwest Jupiter flavor, on the other hand, offers a delicious and authentic “earthy” hemp taste but lacks a specific flavor profile of its own.

Regular tobacco cigarettes contain several toxic and carcinogenic compounds. On the other hand, the World Health Organization identifies CBD as “generally well-tolerated, with a good safety profile.” However, it is essential to remember that inhaling smoke from any combusted material can have potential respiratory health implications.

The results showed that participants who used the placebo did not reduce the number of cigarettes they smoked. On the other hand, those who used the CBD inhaler “significantly reduced the number of cigarettes smoked by.

The flavor profile from these pre-rolls is fantastic, but honestly, we couldn’t tell a huge difference between the Cherry Limeade flavor and the Midwest Jupiter. The Cherry Limeade does have more of a distinct citrusy undertone, which certainly comes from the unique terpene profile of the hemp strain that was used.

Which is worst for your health…

Interestingly, research shows that CBD can reduce cigarette consumption in tobacco smokers. In a randomized control trial , participants were instructed to use an inhaler when they felt the urge to smoke. Half of the participants were given an inhaler containing a placebo, while the other half received a CBD inhaler.


If you’re intrigued by CBD hemp cigarettes and have been thinking about giving them a try, several brands are offering some fantastic products. However, for the best CBD cigarettes on the market, be sure to check out our picks below.

While traditional (high-THC) marijuana joints are used for their psychoactive effects, CBD cigarettes offer a completely different cannabis experience; they provide the therapeutic benefits of CBD without any of the intoxication associated with THC.

Each of the Premium Jane CBD cigarettes is precision crafted using high-quality natural paper to ensure a rich yet slow-burning experience. This means that users can enjoy the subtle Cherry Limeade or Midwest Jupiter flavor profiles for as long as possible. While many hemp cigarettes burn unevenly, these are said to burn with a steady, consistent ember that is near perfect.

Each and every 3-pack of Premium Jane Hemp Rolls contains a total CBD content of 135mg. That is 45mg of CBD per cigarette, which is quite substantial. It’s difficult to determine the amount of CBD consumed per serving because each individual is different and will therefore take in more or less CBD depending on how they inhale. But what we do know is that the total CBD content is on the high-potency end of the market when it comes to CBD cigarettes.

Best CBD Cigarettes (Overall Quality)

For some, a small pack of 2 cigarettes is a nice choice since you don’t have to commit to smoking a whole pack. Moreover, it offers the option to spend minimal cash to get a dose of CBD – allowing those who like to indulge in a very occasional dose to get a fair price. Smokers will also enjoy the fact that each cigarette contains smooth, all-natural, near odorless hemp – so you don’t have to worry about the smell.

Furthermore, the researchers added that the “results also indicated some maintenance of this effect at follow-up” and suggested that the use of CBD as a “potential treatment for nicotine addiction warrants further exploration.”

Each pack of Hempettes contains 20 cigs, and each one is filled with 75mg of CBD – one pack has a total CBD content of 1500mg. They reportedly taste good and smoke smoothly. Another plus is the price – these CBD cigarettes are very affordable. You can purchase a 20-count pack for $12.99 or a carton for $124.99.

The pre-rolled cigarettes from Plain Jane provide a sense of calm when you’re feeling stressed, overworked, or having a hard time relaxing. Each one is covered in white paper with a filter and looks remarkably like regular cigs. If you like the idea of your hemp joint resembling real tobacco cigarettes, then this is definitely the brand for you.

Not in the mood to read the entire review? Skip directly to our Editor’s Pick (below the Pros and Cons guide) for the Best Hemp CBD Cigarette of 2021.