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Yes. Children must under no conditions be exposed to uncontrolled medicines. When it comes to CBD, specific research has investigated how legally manufactured CBD-containing medicines affect children and young people who suffer from the rare epileptic disorder known as “Dravet syndrome”.

Thirdly, illegal medicines are not controlled by the authorities. Sadly, there are many examples of illegal medicines being manufactured under unhygienic conditions and containing anything but what is on the label. Taking unknown substances is dangerous, especially if you are ill since neither you or a doctor has any way of predicting how the unknown substances will affect the disease or interact with other medicines that you take. You might end up getting sicker than you were.

Why hasn’t the Danish Medicines Agency authorised more cannabis-based medicines?

On 1 January 2018, the Act on a Medicinal Cannabis Pilot Programme was introduced. It gave doctors a fourth possibility to prescribe other types of cannabis products for medicinal use such as herbal tea and cannabis oils. The pilot programme started on 1 January 2018 and runs for a period of four years.

It is possible that specific oils with a very low content of THC and CBD have been classified in certain countries as food supplements by authorities in that specific country.

Magistral preparations.

Animals are not comprised by the medicinal cannabis pilot programme, and it is not possible to obtain cannabis-based medicines for animals via the exemptions in the Danish Medicines Act, neither through the issue of a compassionate use permit nor as a magistral preparation. In other words, there are no lawful ways in Denmark to give cannabis-based medicines to animals.

But you should be aware that if you buy and possess CBD oils or other cannabis products that might possibly contain more than 0.2 % TCH, it will also be punishable to possess it.

Can medicinal cannabis be reimbursed?

Is it possible to buy legal cannabis oils in Danish shops and online shops that are not pharmacies?

If the cannabis product is a medicine, it must either fulfil the rules of the Danish Medicines Act or the rules of the Act on a Medicinal Cannabis Pilot Programme. Many of the cannabis oils that are sold online contain CBD in quantities that produce an effect in the body, and a cannabis oil could therefore be classified as a medicine – even if it contains less than 0.2% THC.

The medicine Sativex is an oromucosal spray for treatment of spasms in multiple sclerosis. Sativex contains cannabis extracts and is an authorised medicine in Denmark. It can be prescribed by neurologists to patients with multiple sclerosis.

Simply put, someone first has to apply to have a cannabis product authorised as a medicine. For it to happen, a company with permission to manufacture medicines has to develop a cannabis product and then apply to have the products authorised for marketing in Denmark.

Doctors can prescribe magistral preparations of active substances from cannabis such as in the form of capsules or oils. Magistral preparations are prepared at the pharmacy for an individual patient according to a doctor’s prescription.

What are the risks involved for you or your child if you self-medicate with THC or CBD oil that you have bought illegally?

This is determined by the Danish Medicines Agency based on an assessment of each individual product. If the oil contains active substances like THC and CBD in quantities that will produce an effect in the body, or if it is to be used for the treatment of a disease, then it will most likely be determined to be a medicine. If it is determined that the oil is a medicine, it must be authorised or admitted to the pilot programme before it can be sold by pharmacies.

Medicines dispensed according to a compassionate use permit.

Doctors have four possibilities of prescribing cannabis-based products:

If the product is a food product, food supplements included, it must live up to the rules on food products and food supplements. You can read more about this on the website of the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration and about the rules on the CBD and THC content in food (some information may only be available in Danish).

The Danish Patient Safety Authority presently recommends doctors who prescribe treatment with products in the medicinal cannabis pilot programme to issue a medical driving ban throughout the treatment period. The Danish Patient Safety Authority provides more information in Danish about driving and cannabis treatment on its website.

All doctors can prescribe the products in the medicinal cannabis pilot programme, but they have no obligation to do so.

The products currently available in the pilot programme are listed on medicinpriser.dk .

It is difficult to say in general if cannabis products sold in shops or online are now legal. It would depend on a specific assessment of the individual product, for example of the product’s actual content, application, country of origin, production conditions and so on.

No. In Denmark, no cannabis products have been authorised for horses, dogs, cats or any other animal.

Authorised medicines.

If a doctor prescribes Sativex, a magistral preparation of cannabis or cannabis-containing medicines pursuant to a compassionate use permit (relevant for Marinol and Nabilone), then the doctor can apply for single reimbursement on behalf of individual patients.

For information about the rules applicable to cannabis oils such as in the form of food supplements or cosmetics, we refer to the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration or the Danish Environmental Protection Agency.

A political agreement has made cannabis products in the pilot programme eligible for reimbursement from 1 January 2019.

We review applications for admission of cannabis products as soon as we receive them, and we admit all products, provided the companies and products meet the requirements.

The applications are reviewed individually according to treatment guides from relevant scientific societies.

Why hasn’t the Danish Medicines Agency admitted more products to the medicinal cannabis pilot programme?

Is it dangerous to give children with epilepsy illegal CBD oil?

The Danish Medicines Agency does not know of any EU country which generally considers cannabis oils to be food supplements. Like Denmark, many countries believe that CBD is a pharmaceutical substance.

A year later, the Danish government agreed to start a medical cannabis pilot program. As of January 1st, 2018, Danish farmers are permitted to grow marijuana for medicinal purposes. Conditions for medical cannabis are strict, and only farmers licensed by the Medicines Agency can produce it.

Licensed growers can cultivate, process, and sell industrial hemp for commercial purposes, including hemp seeds for food and cosmetics, hemp seed oil, hemp flour, grains, and hemp protein powder.

This means that you can purchase CBD products online — including those that are not regulated by the Danish administration — without violating the law.

Under the Novel Foods Regulation, foods or food ingredients that haven’t been significantly used in the EU before 1997, must pass an evaluation and authorization process before they reach the market.

Under EU and Danish law, the cultivation of industrial hemp is legal only if the plant’s THC content doesn’t exceed 0.2%.

How is Hemp Cultivation Regulated in Denmark?

With this change, CBD became legal for other than just medical purposes — to some extent.

The cultivation of industrial hemp in Denmark has been legal since 1998.

Early findings of cannabis pollen at archeological places (Kragehavegård — a rural area in Denmark) indicate that hemp might have been grown as early as the 5th century.

When it comes to cosmetics containing CBD, it’s legal only if the CBD is synthetic and does not fall under the cannabis definition of the UN Convention on Narcotic Drugs (1961).

Growing hemp for medicinal cannabis is not permitted under this license. Only the Danish Medicines Agency can issue medicinal cannabis permits..07 – The Danish Medicines Agency considers cannabis products with significant amounts of THC and CBD that can affect the body via consumption or skin application medicinal..17.

Before July 2018, hemp products were prohibited from containing any traces of THC.

NOTE: Buying CBD oils that have THC content higher than 0.2% is illegal.

CBD, as a derivative of hemp , was legalized in Denmark in 2018. The Danish law differentiates CBD in three categories:

In July 2018, the Danish Health Ministry made amendments to the Executive Order on Euphoriant Substances, legalizing cannabis products with a content of up to 0.2% THC.

The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration consults with the Medicines Agency to decide whether a CBD product is a food supplement or medicine.

Is CBD Legal in Denmark?

Even if a CBD product not medicinal but instead is classified as cosmetics or food, the company’s manufacturing conditions must comply with the food or cosmetic laws.

Despite the positive changes in the law, CBD remains a strictly regulated product.

While the law doesn’t prohibit buying CBD bypassing the pharmacy, you could still bump into some legal obstacles. Local stores that don’t comply with the regulations of the Danish Medicines Agency, DVFA, or the novel food regulations are, by default, selling illegal products.

The exception — or call it a lucky contradiction — is that the Danish Medicines Agency doesn’t consider CBD products illegal if you’ve obtained it without a prescription. According to the Agency, the regulations fall on the company — not on you [3].

With the amendments, cannabis products with 0.2% THC or less became authorized for sale without prescription.

However, the Danish Medicines Agency says that the change in THC limit DOES NOT necessarily make CBD a non-medicinal product [2].

This makes hemp-derived CBD a completely legal product, free for purchase without a prescription.

How to Buy CBD Products in Denmark (Legally)

This way, you’ll know that you’re buying a high-quality CBD product that is free of pesticides and heavy metals and has real benefits.

Until recently, CBD was only available legally with a doctor’s prescription..07 – However, under the Danish Medicines Agency and the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration, CBD is a subject of several regulations..17.

Manufacturers who wish to produce non-medicinal food supplements will need assessment from the DVFA to ensure the product complies with food supplement regulations.

The Danish Agricultural Agency regulates and reviews the applications for commercial cultivation of industrial hemp, which takes approximately six weeks for approval. The permit for hemp cultivation is valid for one year.

In the 17th century, the Danes had already developed the hemp industry. King Christian IV — ruler of both Denmark and Norway — supplied the farmers with hemp seeds for the production of sails and ropes for his navy. In 1683, King Christian V brought forth a new law under which farmers were obliged to cultivate hemp.

In other words, Danish manufacturers and retailers must contact the DVFA and the Medicines Agency before they place their product on the market.

Therefore, the legality of CBD also depends on its labeling and the institution that regulates it.

Three institutions control the sale of CBD products: