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Have noticed that mentally and physically I have felt better since starting to use the oil on a daily basis. It helps me be the best version of myself for sure! Kyle Ciske CBD by Design Customer.

It’s clear that the purity of this product is better than any other cbd product we have tried. There is minimal taste, smell, and virtually no aftertaste which makes it easy to take. The affects are relaxing and calming. Would highly recommend!! Tyler & Maggie Sutton CBD by Design Customer.

This is a great product. It’s high quality and potent. I use it at night to help relax before sleep. I also exercise often and this helps reduce my soreness and well as recover more quickly. It works great. I have the”natural” flavor and it tastes nice. Not overpowering. I would recommend this to anyone interested in cbd oil. No gimmicks just a quality product. Bill CBD by Design Customer.

I have tried many different brands of expensive “luxe” CBD products in the past couple of years, but I have not found anything better than CBD by Design products! I think I have found my holy grail, and I am so excited!! The quality is unmatched, and the price is so reasonable for the best CBD oils and butters you can find on the market. Produced in a way I can trust what I ingest into my body and ingredients I can actually pronounce. I love incorporating the oil into my everyday routine, and I can definitely tell when I accidentally skipped a morning dose…when I feel extra irritable and anxious at work… The taste of the plain oil is wonderful–so mellow and mild. I cannot wait to try the fun customizable flavors! I also want to mention that as a nurse who washes her hands frequently, the body butter has worked wonders on my dry, cracked skin–that will be my next restock! This will definitely be my go-to brand for any of my CBD desires in the future! Lydia CBD by Design Customer.

Undoubtedly the first company to bestow cannabis with some chic credibility is Malin + Goetz, who launched its now iconic Cannabis eau de parfum in the early 2010s.

Like most other cure-all ingredients, the merits of CBD have entered the mainstream in a big way. Whether applied or ingested, its effects on both the body and the mind have been affirmed by both niche purveyors and industry stalwarts alike. With a flood of products out there, knowing where to start is a bit of a minefield. Here’s a quick hit edit of the latest and greatest out there, to get fired up for.

Not only is its packaging made from recycled or compostable materials, but Deawy also encourages customers to send back their empty bottles for reuse and donates a percentage of its proceeds to organisations that work to reduce plastic pollution. Each product is elegantly scented with rosewater – an elevated alternative to the usual herbaceous notes that tend to accompany CBD products.

Malin + Goetz perfume oil.

Should you prefer to eat your sorrows away instead, the London-based CBD brand Apothem has teamed up with the eco-minded chocolate makers Land to create a vegan chocolate bar infused with CBD to take the edge off.

The cocktail, a powder blend that combines broad-spectrum CBD and CBG (cannabigerol) with magnesium, vitamin B12, L-theanine, and electrolytes, helps increase anandamide, also known as the bliss molecule, which contributes to the ‘runner’s high’ that most athletes strive for.

The company’s rendition of the opulent scent balances its rich and spicy profile with a heavy smokiness, while adding floral notes of magnolia and muguet for good measure. With a base of cedarwood, sandalwood, and of course, patchouli, the scent is both hazily complex and indulgently nostalgic. Its vial of perfume oil is a perfect pick-me-up and can be discreetly dispensed with a sensual flick of the wrist.

For those whose eyebrows or eyelashes are in need of a boost, Milk Make-up’s highly popular Kush range has birthed a growth serum that nourishes hair for longer and fuller looking lashes and brows.

Its use of full flower extract also means that all beneficial elements of the cannabis plant: chlorophyll, terpenes, fatty acids and flavonoids, are kept in as close to its natural state as possible. What’s more, Muri Lelu donates a portion of its sales to legal organisations fighting wrongful drug convictions in a move that supports cannabis-related restorative justice.

Formulated with cannabis sativa seed extract, which doesn’t contain CBD but conditions and strengthens hair all the same, the formula supports the growth of healthy hair, along with aloe, vitamin B5 and quinoa. This 94 per cent natural formula is free from major nasties to prevent any skin or eye irritation and will support hair to grow like weeds.

For Muri Lelu, a female-founded skincare brand, inaugural pair of products, an invigorating face serum designed to be used in the morning, and a restorative face oil that is suggested for evening use, lean on the all-in-one properties of CBD to combat blemishes, balance oils, reduce puffiness and moisturise.

Muri Lelu face oils.

There’s probably no better outlet for any and all CBD needs than Standard Dose, and for those looking to satisfy their CBD fix in its more standard oil format the New York-based retailer has just the thing. Since launching last year, Standard Dose has offered a curated selection of plant-based products that all responsibly sourced and produced with natural ingredients.

Ingesting CBD is typically considered the fastest and most efficacious way of experiencing its desired effects of lowering anxiety levels, ensuring better sleep, or creating an all-around feeling of wellness, depending on the time of day.

Now, for the first time, the online retailers have channeled their expertise into their very own product- the Standard Dose Tincture. The unique formula is designed to adapt to an individual’s unique physical chemistry for effective stress and pain relief. Scentless and tasteless, the Tincture is ideal for use any time of day and beneficial addition to any wellness routine.

While most CBD supplements are positioned as relaxing aids and anxiety relievers, Offfield’s inaugural product, Enhanced Hydration, is designed to be taken before exercise or strenuous activity to enhance the enjoyment of working out.

The end result is increased motivation to exercise, followed by a greater enjoyment of that workout. The company has also partnered with the Last Prisoner Project, to donate 1% of its sales, and is committed to helping those exonerated of cannabis crimes to re-enter society through their internal hiring program.

Offfield supplements.

Aside from the fact that Deawy’s five-piece line is formulated with broad-spectrum CBD, which helps fortify, soothe, restore and protect skin, Deawy is committed to the highest standard of social and environmental sustainability.

Perfectly suited for a gourmet palette, the edible joint-effort combines watermelon, tomato, green tea as conceived by chef Tara Thomas, along with Rose’s signature heat-pressed rosin, which is solventless to ensure a clearer and higher quality experience.

Hot off the back of its own line of CBD drops, Gossamer, a culture and content platform that views the modern world through a green lens, has teamed up with the Los Angeles-based Rose Delights, which specialises in Turkish Delight-style jellies, infused with full-spectrum rosin THC and CBD.

Highlighting the ancient nature of both cannabidiol and cacao, the joint effort is a rich and balanced blend of creamy fudge caramel notes, without a hint of hemp insight. Made from 55% Venezuelan cacao, oatmilk, and 30mg of organically cultivated CBD, the dark milk chocolate bar should help to restore and re-center the mind whether you’re into CBD or not. §