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This is the “Game Show of Sobriety Tests”: Eight comedians enter—all but one of them are stoned. “Officer” Alex Grubard will administer the sobriety tests, gathers testimony and plays mind games so the audience can eliminate stoners one-by-one. If the sober person is the last comic standing then everyone wins dope prizes. Grab tickets for $20 and head over to Asylum NYC (307 W. 26th St.) at 9:30pm on Friday.

CBD Kratom is opening a new location in Chelsea (354 W. 14th St.) with more than 600 cannabis and kratom products, featuring CBD, Delta-8 THC, CBG, and over 50 strains of pure kratom. Head over to the grand opening to celebrate starting at 8am.

7. 420 Bonfire.

The Bowery Electric is hosting a show (in-person but also live-streamed) paying tribute to David Peel, featuring the David Peel Club Band, Mickey Leigh’s Mutated Music, Soulcake, The Cynz, Sea Monster, Joey Kelley & Dive Bar Romeos, Puma Perl, Tiny Pinecones, Bill Popp and Rewd Onez. Tickets are $15 in person and $10 online.

10. The Music of Bob Marley.

Head to Basquiat’s Bottle (1198 Fulton St.) for a panel of cannabis professionals (Tarik Buds, Jackie Jeong, Wanda Benvenutti, and Dave Boredom) who will talk about the new law, using in public, how to grow your own home herb, cooking with cannabis and how to be a part of the industry. There will be cocktails, food and more. Doors open at 7pm, but purchase your tickets quickly because it is limited capacity.

Dana Beal, the 74-year-old founder of the Global Marijuana March, has organized a “Joints for Jabs” event today. Between now and 4:20pm, show up at Union Square Park with proof of vaccination and you’ll be given a fat one.

9. Parade and forum with the Start SMART Coalition.

The Mads, Trace Beaulieu & Frank Conniff from Mystery Science Theater 3000 , are riffing over the 1968 educational short that the “clearly stoned” Sonny Bono hosted. The video was shown in high school health classes across the U.S. during that time. You can catch it on YouTube today.

And while there are still developments to come, New Yorkers can now have three ounces of recreational weed and smoke wherever smoking is normally allowed. So it goes without saying that as the first 4/20 where marijuana is legal, there’s a bit more cause for celebration here in 2021.

BYOB(ong) to Hemp Lab NYC’s Cannabis Club event with kratom cocktails, infused ice cream, munchies, gift bags, board games and music. Everything is first-come, first-served, so get there early! Head over to its Greenpoint location (128 India Street) between 7 and 11pm.

12. The Goods Mart Think BIG Munchie Box.

Celebrate and learn what legalization means for New Yorkers with advocates and defenders who have been fighting for legalization for years. The event will start with a parade from 125th St./Lex Ave at 2pm, which will stretch to 111th St./Lexington Ave. Then, the forum begins at 4:20pm at the People Church 163 E. 111th St. This is a family event, all ages are welcome. Food and drink will be provided.

13. Blue Point Brewing’s Legalize Wheat brew and HopBox.

It’s a high point for New Yorkers who partake in the green stuff—Governor Cuomo just signed legislation to make weed legal in New York and the state is on track to be one of the nation’s biggest markets for it.

5. David Peel 420 Tribute.

8. CBD Kratom opening.

1. Free joints at Union Square Park until 4:20pm.

Blue Point Brewing just released a hoppy American Wheat Ale made with a pineapple express terpene blend that it’s pairing up with a limited-edition HopBox that includes the Legalize Wheat, but also the Peripheral Drift (IPA), LIIT (Hard Tea Seltzer), and Hoptical Illusion (IPA) brews alongside rolling papers, munchies, a limited edition poster designed by Helen Kennedy, the first artist-in-residence for the Grateful Dead, who designed the Legalize Wheat brew packaging. You can order these items here. If you’re on Long Island for 4/20, stop by Blue Point for an all-day celebration with vendors, live music, food and drinks, movies and more.

The Soho-based Goods Mart just launched a munchie box that Includes Gigantic Almond Horchata, Gwell Energize Japanese Matcha Bites, a two-pack of Partake Cookies, Pipcorn Cheese Balls, Purely Elizabeth Granola Vanilla Almond Butter, Smart Sweets Sweet Fish, Symphony Chips, Torie and Howard Chewie Sour Berry Fruities and The Good Crisp Sour Cream & Onion chips. It’s $60 with $10 of that going to the Minority Cannabis Business Association.

11. Weeding Out The Stoned: 4/20 Edition.

If you’ve got the munchies, you won’t want to miss this bake sale aiming to raise funds for Seven Grain Army’s new location at 88 Roebling Ave. You’ll get a preview of the shop’s menu—you can order a brunch sampler, the cafe’s signature muFins, probiotic mylks, jam, a limited edition tote bag, and much more, according to greenpointers.com. You must preorder your food ahead of time and plan to pick up between noon and 6pm at the Roebling Avenue location’s bake sale window.

3. The Mads cover the Marijuana short starring Sonny Bono.

6. Higher Learning Panel Discussion.

Now that weed is legal in NYC, it's bound to be a high point.

To celebrate, New Yorkers are celebrating like never before with live music jams, culinary events and ways to get your snack on. Below are our favorite 4/20 events happening in NYC:

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Join the House of Hemp ( 863 Broadway, Brooklyn) for discounted ($50) facials, massages and yoni streams and a chance to win a raffle for more than $150 in items. When you stop in after 5pm, a DJ and saxophonist will provide tunes. At 7:30 and 8pm, enjoy yoga with a fun twist for $7. Purchase your tickets here.

The Cafe Wha? House Band is paying tribute to Bob Marley’s music, message and activism through performances by Amadou Gaye and Robin Andre. Tickets are $20 for the show at 8pm.

2. Seven Grain Army Pre-Opening Bake Sale.

The West Coast has been the capital for the majority of the cannabis movement, but the East Coast’s passion for the plant shouldn’t be slept on. Now that things are settling down out West as most states enjoy legal recreational cannabis laws, the renaissance rages on in the East in areas, like New York, that have only recently decriminalized the plant.

Being at an underground kink dungeon and interacting with the members of a private and exclusive sex club wasn’t the only memorable part of the evening. Thinking back on Michael Magallanes AKA the Opulent Chef ‘s menu still forces me to involuntarily salivate. Part of his expertise comes from his training as a chef at two Michelin star restaurants.

Even though their events aren’t infused dinner parties, I always see infused goodies on fancy plates waiting to be consumed. The tasty infused appetizers like the truffles made by the Happy Chef NYC were a highlight of the night at the Tea Party; I could tell because when I went for seconds, they were almost all already gone. They also had labeled non-infused options for anyone looking to satisfy their munchies without adding to them.

Twenty Past Four.

Another thing that sets Twenty Past Four apart from the rest is their all-star line up for chefs including Jose DeJesus AKA Trill Cooker who appeared on Season 18 of Hell’s Kitchen . Every other infused dinner I’ve attended featured dishes from a single star chef.

Apparently, the raunchier stuff was reserved for the event’s afterparty that I didn’t attend. When asked what would go on there, they didn’t give too much detail. The response was usually “anything.”

As I poked my head into the rooms we were passing, I saw lube, condoms, and tissues on the coffee tables. By this point, I had seen enough to make my Christian mother faint.

Instead of waiting to feel the effects of their cannabinoids, guests at Twenty Past Four’s “Smoke. Eat. Elevate” events are invited to dose themselves with a provided brand new bowl, lighter, hemp wick, and four unique strains of connoisseur quality cannabis to pair with each course. At the dinners I’ve attended, the flowers were courtesy of The Kolektor.

One way Spleef stands out from other NYC events is their focus on the infused beverages. The various infused tea and mocktails I’ve had there should all be bottled and served around the city.

There’s always live entertainment—whether it’s stand-up comedy, music, or painting. The first one I attended was a “High Tea” party with live art, video games, music, and giveaways with plenty of networking opportunities in between. Every event they put on has a laid-back and fun environment for meeting like-minded people and potential collaborators.


The NSFW and Opulent Chef Dab Dinner party caught me by surprise. I was invited by Will, the owner of Topstone, who was providing the vaporizers to consume the extracts for the night.

I took advantage of the outdoor patio to smoke during intermission. I walked back in to free ice cream by My Mochi and all-you-can-eat popcorn before my munchies even had a chance to hit.

One such dinner I attended was the High and Healthy culinary experience with Chef Shawn Hamilton which consisted of five farm-to-table courses with an emphasis on healing with cannabis. His next event is an infused fish fry.

From the classed-up Great Gatsby themed event they hosted that included an infused dinner by The CannaTable, to the straight-up smoke-filled ragers they throw around the city—live entertainment, smoke, and munchies are almost always a part of the equation.


Chef Daniella Davis also brings her private infused dining experiences from LA to the NYC cannabis community. Her next event will have a number of fusion dishes meshing together flavors from the Carribbean, Asia, and South America.

Everybody at the Dab Dinner Party got high, but it wasn’t from the food. In fact, I don’t believe anything we ate was infused (if it was it must have been really infused because I completely forgot). However, Focus Concentrates was there with a variety of extracts with flavors from sweet and citrusy to straight-up gas to pair with each course.

The professional joint roller and king of smokeable art, Tony Greenhand, also rolled up an Olympic torch joint that was lit to commemorate the start of the Weed Olympics.

On our way to the dining area, we passed a number of oddly decorated rooms. There was one that looked like a chapel and another that looked like a gynecologist’s office. Down the hallway, there was a giant dome covered in fur that was on a platform with wheels to be moved or spun. And next to it, there was a wall of wooden paddles.

After dessert, I asked how everyone was feeling. It was safe to say that we all left with our stomachs and cannabinoid receptors feeling fully satisfied.