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The NHL Alumni group is an advocate for CBD oil. They claim that our hockey heroes of yesterday are struggling with depression, anxiety and headaches caused by physical demands on their body during their career. The most common treatment for concussion symptoms are prescribed opioids. The problem with opioids is that they are highly addictive. Some former players asked can CBD help with concussion symptoms and are turning to CBD as an alternative treatment. The anecdotal evidence is encouraging. CTV ran a story referencing neurosurgeon and concussion expert Dr. Charles Tator and his thoughts on how CBD can help manage concussion symptoms.

An excellent site for information about CBD and brain injury is Concussion Alliance.

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is a very popular topic of conversation. CBD is being studied by medical researchers as an alternative treatment for chronic pain. A common misconception is that its only use is recreational. CBD oil does not intoxicate a person or create a feeling of being “high”. Slowly, this stigma is changing as more people look at its medical use. One of the questions being asked is can CBD oil help with concussion symptoms? Research is in the early stages but there appears to be some benefit. As we hear more about this natural alternative to pharmaceuticals, people are starting to ask, how does it work and can it help me?

Research and anecdotal CBD oil users are indicating that it is showing anti-inflammatory benefits as well as antioxidant properties. This is important because when the brain suffers an injury, inflammation occurs, blood flow to those areas is decreased, and brain cells die.

Our body naturally produces endocannabinoids, a molecule like the Cannabis molecule. This system plays a very important role in balancing our body. As with anything in life there needs to be balance or homeostasis. When the ECS is not in homeostasis we experience pain, and illness. Research indicates that CBD helps balance the Endocannabinoid system, which is involved in our body’s process of pain, mood, memory, sleep, stress, metabolism, immune function, and reproductive system.


More information about Medical Cannabis is available at.

If you would like more information about medical CBD and the benefits it may have for your recovery the Apollo Cannabis Clinic in Ontario can offer information and advice about using Medical Cannabis to help with concussion symptoms.

The active ingredient CBD, extracted from the Hemp Plant, is a cousin to the Marijuana plant. It does not cause a person to experience intoxication. Intoxication comes from THC, a different component of the plant. There is some THC in CBD oil so it will show up in a urine or blood test, but only a trace amount. This is for an important reason. CBD cannot be absorbed and used by the body without THC. Think of it like milk. Vitamin D is added to milk so that the body can absorb the calcium.

Currently, scientists are looking at CBD use during recovery to see if it assists with the healing process as a neuroprotectant. Other findings indicate that it is effective at managing the most common concussion symptoms such as, pain management for headaches or migraines, sleep disorders, anxiety, and depression. Other areas where CBD is being studied:

First, we must know how our bodies work to understand how CBD oil can be a benefit. A newly discovered system within our body called the Endocannabinoid System (ECS), works with our immune system, nervous system, and our body’s organs. The ECS has receptors that are found all over our body including the.

Medical teams are studying former NFL and NHL players at risk for CTE – a degenerative disease caused by repetitive concussions – to see if there is benefit to athletes at high risk. Initial findings report that players participating in the study are experiencing fewer concussion complication symptoms. They will not know the true effect until the player dies. Unfortunately, there is no test for CTE. The brain can only be examined post-mortem and this is only when a diagnosis can be made.

We always recommend you always consult your doctor(s) first. Ask your pharmacist or doctor to recommend a trusted and trained consultant. If you are looking for a consultant make sure you check their credentials.

What does CBD do in the body?

How does CBD oil work?

Hemp-derived CBD oil, in particular, promotes healthy living in a number of ways. There are oils that provide users a boost of energy as well as ones that promote a state of calmness and mental alertness. There are also oils that can heal bodily injuries or harm, which can go a long way towards improving both the physical and mental well being of people living with serious medical complications.

In addition to the pain and short-term effects of a concussion, there are many long-term repercussions that will likely impact people who sustain such injuries.

A more detailed guide is also available describing how concussions affect adults. The symptoms for a concussion in an adult are almost identical to the symptoms in young children so the methods of treatment are very similar.

Symptoms of a Concussion.

Clinical trials testing CBD’s effectiveness in mice with concussion-like symptoms have already shown promising results. Human trials are underway that researchers are optimistic will point to new therapies to combat post-concussion syndrome and improve thousands of innocent lives.

Lots of rest is also key. The brain has suffered significant injury from a concussion, and rest is what enables the brain and the body to reset themselves to their pre-injury levels.

CBD blocks those receptors from sending pain signals to the brain, allowing the body to remain in a state of homeostasis. This enables both the body and the mind to recover from any extenuating injuries so that they can return to a healthy state of well-being.

First and foremost, what exactly are the symptoms that point to a concussion? The CDC has a list of guidelines for identifying concussions in young children and teenagers, which all revolve around painful trauma to the brain. Among the most common symptoms are:

Always contact your primary doctor if you think you’ve had a concussion. Your doctor will be able to diagnose the severity of the injury, and he or she can prescribe the correct method of treatment to help you fully recover from the concussion.

Any one of these side effects or a combination of multiple conditions makes it more difficult for people to recover from concussion injuries. Depression, in particular, is prone to extend the trauma associated with the injury as feelings of physical and mental pain reduce a person’s overall outlook on life. For people with ongoing depression, CBD oil can actually improve the brain’s response to how the body feels, reducing feelings of depression in patients.

Side Effects of Concussions.

It’s important for the victim of a concussion as well as any friends or loved ones in their lives to recognize the serious symptoms of the condition as soon as possible. Left untreated, concussions can cause long-lasting conditions that diminish the overall quality of one’s life.

One of the ongoing questions about CBD’s capabilities relates to concussions and, specifically, if there’s a way to treat concussion-like symptoms using CBD products. That’s what we’re going to look into with this article.

In research about concussions, doctors suggest that post-concussion syndrome is indicative of structural damage to the brain, or disruption of the messaging system in the nerves that connect to the brain itself.

Make no mistake about it; a concussion is a very serious injury and should always be treated with the utmost care. If you’ve suffered from a concussion, you know exactly how painful it can be and that recovery requires time and care to reach the other side.

How to Cure a Concussion Fast.

CBD has the potential to improve those conditions, particularly disruption to the nerves that impact speech and messaging. When ingested into the body, CBD enters the endocannabinoid system, which connects to nerve receptors in the body. Injuries like concussions disrupt those nerves and increase their sensitivity, which transmits signals of pain to the brain.

The University of Utah Public Health Department states that most concussion symptoms will pass on their own in a few weeks time. However, up to 20% of people will experience side effects of a concussion for up to 6 weeks after the injury. These side effects include:

The Mayo Clinic states that older people are more likely to experience long-term post-concussion syndrome due to the fact that their bodies are frailer than younger people. Similarly, the Mayo Clinic says that, while there’s no conclusive explanation, women tend to experience post-concussion symptoms more commonly than men.

At the same time, there’s a list of guidelines on how to speed up concussion recovery, and many of the suggestions are at-home remedies you can do yourself. From spending less time staring at electronic screens to minimizing movement of your head or neck, you can help coach your body through its own healing process to accelerate the recovery.

To help reduce the potential for post-concussion syndrome, researchers have tested CBD’s ability to improve the recovery from a concussion . Studies have already shown that CBD’s therapeutic benefits show promising potential in treating neurodegenerative disorders and other nerve disruptions in the brain, suggesting a rudimentary framework for treating concussion symptoms as well.