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Here are five ways to reduce anxiety and fear in your pets by using this miracle herb.

Preparing ahead with CBD oil is the best means to counter anxiety in your pet. It is difficult to administer the compound during the event and expect the effects to kick in immediately. Instead, slowly building up an appetite for CBD over time can help prevent your pet from getting startled during a thunderstorm or from the noise of firecrackers.

For example, if a dust storm has been predicted or is ongoing, it is likely to lead to a thunderstorm or likewise. Similarly, during festivals, Independence dates, new years, or Christmas, then you know that she will need extra care and support since these events are usually accompanied by loud fireworks.

5 Ways To Use CBD To Help Your Pet With Fireworks & Thunderstorm Anxiety.

Including CBD oil pills in food for animals will help them stay in proper healthy by eating regularly and properly, especially during thunderstorms or fireworks. It also ensures that their digestive tract is clear and improves bowel movements to keep them at their best health. You can exploretrusted hemp reviewsbefore buying products to understand their quality and efficiency for your pet.

Your pet may suffer nausea as an overreaction to thunderstorms or fireworks. This effect is very common in younger pets who are still not accustomed to the noise. It could make them very uncomfortable and also interfere with their diet leaving them weak.

Since it is impossible to remove the source of noise, it is possible for us to use powerful aids such as cannabinoids to help pets cope up with them better.

Whether it is a bright thunderstorm hitting your city or the festival season is lighting up the sky in vibrant firecrackers, it is a well-known fact that pets get easily scared and anxious due to these sudden and loud noises.Anxiety during this period is known to trigger erratic behavior and restlessness in pets. Signs of this distress come in various other forms like whining, excessive drooling, shaking/trembling, hiding, or fleeing, excessively chewing cloth or furniture, or more often urinating or defecating.

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Give the right dose of CBD before the event and put them in a comfortable environment where they feel safe. It helps them to feel comparatively calm.Of course, in certain cases, it is impossible to predict sudden noises. But knowing a trigger situation can help control and manage the environment and make sure that they are safe in the event of them panicking.

2. Manage Anxiety by Planning Ahead.

The best way to help your pet cope with sudden noises is learning what kind of sounds they are anxious towards using the signs of distress and then trying to anticipate them. Try to offer CBD oil or tincture during these events to calm them down.

In fact, during the training of pets, CBD is commonly administered to dogs suffering from stomach or appetite problems. Pets suffer a loss of appetite or digestive disorders due to excess anxiety during such events. It could lead to dehydration, weakness leaving your pets sad and unhealthy. With the help of CBD, it is possible to make sure they stay on top of their diet and consume all the necessary nutrients.

Phobia of noise is instilled in all animals, human, or otherwise. But the level of response triggered by them is much higher in pets.Some pets suffer from general anxiety issues, and noise phobia could make the situation worse for them. It is visible that these pets begin to suffer from panic attacks and erratic behavior due to a lack of a coping mechanism.

CBD is known to reduce the nauseating feeling in young pets without causing any side effects. It eases the feeling and ensures they eat properly. It can also improve bowel regulation and enhance appetite.

1. Managing Nausea and Digestive Disorders with CBD.

CBD oil is known to have anti-anxiety properties and may help complement behavioral changes in pets. It is well known to reduce anxiety in animals by calming the central nervous system and dampening the effect of fear.

This is why we formulated our CALM tincture – specifically for anxiety, stress and fear – to combine the incredible therapeutic benefits of both CBD and Lavender.

CBD works by interacting with the body’s Endocannabinoid System, which is responsible for maintaining homeostasis in the body. Within the brain, CBD can mimic serotonin by binding and activating your body’s 5-HT1A serotonin receptors . Often called the ‘happy’ chemical, these serotonin receptors are responsible for emotional balance.

Meet our boy, Odie. This feisty 12-year-old miniature Schnauzer HATES thunderstorms. He can sense their arrival way before we can, and he immediately starts to tremble and cry. It pained me to see him suffer an d I hated feeling helpless when he looked up at me with those eyes! Since using CBD, Odie no longer shakes, paces, or panics during thunderstorms. Instead, Odie, and my other anxious animals on the farm, are able to rest and nap despite the noise.

It’s that time of year that our dogs HATE! Thunderstorm season . While thunderstorms can occur year-round, they are most likely to occur from May-August. And for those of us living in Florida, boy do they roll in! What’s even worse is learning that as many as 40 percent of dogs experience noise anxiety, which is more pronounced in the summer. A dog’s reaction to noise anxiety can range from becoming clingy, panting, and trembling, to even running away. Dogs naturally tend to look to their owners for help and nothing is worse than feeling helpless at that moment. That leaves most of us wondering, “What can I give my dog for anxiety during storms?”

Lavender essential oil has been used for its calming effects for a long time. In a study done on mice, “continuous exposures to lavender essential oils significantly inhibited anxiety and depression-like behaviors.” CBD and Lavender have the same aromatic compound (terpene) called Linalool. Linalool is believed to promote relaxation and calming effects. Linalool also helps the immune system combat the effects of stress. Stress causes a shift in the distribution of white blood cells in the body. In a study of rats , Linalool prevented the stress-induced changes in how the rat’s DNA was expressed.

CBD and Lavender Essential Oil.

Some symptoms from Thunderstorm and Noise Anxiety include:

A 2013 article published in Neuropharmacology also found that: “In addition to modulating basal anxiety states, recent studies suggest an important role for the endocannabinoid (eCB) and glucocorticoid systems is the modulation of emotional states and extinction of aversive memories in animals.” This means that CBD can help in facilitating extinction of negative emotion surrounding triggers, like thunderstorms , and helps manage PTSD and anxiety or panic disorders in people and animals.

Exhibiting signs of fear can mean a wide range of things for different pets. For some, it means they are suffering from general anxiety, which often manifests through barking, pacing, and panting. But for others, fear and panic can lead to dangerous results.

Despite common misconceptions, dosing CBD has very little to do with your dog’s size and weight. Some dogs have a more sensitive endocannabinoid system than others, so the optimal dose of CBD can vary between dogs.

Although many vets recommend giving your pet children’s Benadryl, it is important to remember that this drug is not intended for animals and may have side effects. For example, Benadryl can put a strain on a dog’s liver and kidneys if they are already experiencing issues in those areas. So when you’re wondering, What can I give my dog for anxiety during storms? Remember, CBD is a safer, natural solution to keeping your pet relaxed.

Despite all of the frightening facts about storms and noise anxiety, there is a safe way to help your pets and even yourself: Full Spectrum CBD. Full spectrum CBD has been proven to help manage PD, C-PTSD, and PTSD during triggering events such as fireworks or thunderstorms.

In recent years, multiple reports have surfaced of older dogs and even puppies suffering heart attacks which lead to their death during triggering events, such as thunderstorms or fireworks displays. Additionally, during these triggering noisy events, there are increased incidents of dogs running through sliding glass doors or running away. In fact, more dogs are lost on July 4th and January 1st than any other days of the year.

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Even more interesting: 2019 study published in the Permanente Journal found that CBD also has a calming effect on the central nervous system and is better tolerated than other psychiatric medications .

How To Calm Your Dog During Thunderstorms.

Cannabinoids in the hemp plant, including CBD, interact with the endocannabinoid system. Every mammal has an endocannabinoid system, which has receptors that instruct the cells how to heal and restore homeostasis in the body. Dogs have twice the amount of receptors than people, which means that CBD and other cannabinoids are incredibly effective.

If your dog doesn’t seem to be responding to the initial dose, it is perfectly safe to give them more without fear of overdosing. If you feel nervous about experimenting to find the upper limit of their sensitivity, rest assured, it is completely safe. Numerous studies have proven the safety of cannabis based medicine at even extreme high doses. Doses of up to 640 mg of CBD rich extract were well tolerated by dogs, with only mild adverse effects such as diarrhea.

For example, even though Nina is four times the size of Odie, she only needs around 9 mg of CBD to relieve her noise anxiety. In contrast, Odie needs 20 mg or more to calm down. Two dramatically differently sized dogs who require dramatically different CBD dosages for the same ailment, because their endocannabinoid systems are not identically sensitive.

That’s why we have a range of dosage recommendations based on our experience and research. For noise and thunderstorm anxiety, we suggest a dose of 9mg before the triggering event. Then, if your pet is still anxious after 15-20 minutes, you can administer another 9mg until you see results.

Want to see it for yourself? Check out this video and see how fast it helps our Odie:

Dosing CBD for Thunderstorm Anxiety in Dogs.