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My heart rate lowers and steadies when I take my CBD, but I have a preexisting heart condition that results in arrhythmias and tachycardia episodes, as well as anxiety that makes my rate skyrocket. So I think it levels me out.

Oh no ..I freak out over everything sober. I'm very hypochondriac-ey. It's from Lazarus naturals..but I just over analyze stuff it's not like with xanax where I can take it and kind of know it will relax me and make me tired but with cbd I hear different stuff.

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Are you sure you're taking pure CBD? If you're having a raise in heart rate more often than not the product has THC in it which is causing an increase in anxiety, thus the raise in heart rate. Plus; you saying you "Kind of freak out of every little thing" implies an increase in Paranoia..meaning THC. I'd lower your dosages, and reevaluate the product you are taking. CBD has been used in some cases to LOWER, or stabilize heart rates, but shouldn't cause any form of rhythmic spike.

I want to know it's normal if my heart rate goes up. Kind of freak out over every little thing ..

Oh wow. Interesting. What is your dosage?

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I've been taking it for over a year now. My resting heart rate is mid 50s – mid 60s. That's what it was before CBD. It hasn't changed it even one BPM.

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Hey all! The past 6 months I've had to give up THC because it has been affecting my heart rate. I smoked it for 6 years prior, but it no longer works for me. It makes my body feel weak, my heart rate jumps to about 150 bpm, and none of that happens unless I've smoked weed. I don't feel anxious, it just physically happens. It makes me feel uncomfortable and it's hard to relax. When I last tried to smoke weed, I had to take my emergency propanal medication to slow it back to normal. I had my heart checked out, but its nothing life threatening—tachycardia (heart rate increases but not to scary levels sometimes) and the doctor said weed could be affecting it negatively more than anything else. THC makes my heart rate jump from 75 to 150. It's so WEIRD! For my health, I've had to make a permanent quit of THC after trying to make it work. I am overweight because I have a thyroid issue which makes it hard to lose weight, but I work out nearly every day.

This never really happens unless I've smoked. No matter the strain, strength of the THC or method (vaping, regular smoking, edibles) this has happened. And it can be after just 1-2 HITS! I sure do miss getting high. Has anyone else experienced this??

People have told me just to meditate and relax when consuming thc, but THAT DOES NOT SLOW IT. I've tried. I am not panicking when this happens, it's just beating like I'm in a heavy workout. Like I said, its physical and mentally I'm not anxious. However, I don't feel mentally relaxed due to the heart rate increase.

I have switched to CBD rich cannabis with .3% or less THC. It is relaxing, a very slight buzz, and I have no physical symptoms. My anxiety and pain are decreased. I am loving it and feel it has so many more benefits for me.

Part of it may be mental. You connected smoking something that smells and tastes like THC buds and that alone made you feel anxious which kicks up your heart.

So when i found out you can smoke bud that has virtually only cbd, and that cbd lowers blood pressure, i was super excited. I have never taken cbd before.

CBD doesn't make your heart race in and of itself; something else must be going on in your system.

Never heard that, used it, and all ok.

I took a small hit. My heart fluttered and raced just like it does with weed. It freaked me out, i googled and saw that your heart racing is something that happens with cbd. It was relaxing at all, made me super nervous. Felt like i just drank a huge cup of espresso, not like i just smoked something thag is supposedly super relaxing.

Im disappointed. I really wanted this to work for me. So i dont get it- how is it relaxing if it makes your heart race?

I read this is is because of the drop in blood pressure. But blood pressure medicine doesnt make your heart race. So im confused.

If you want to try again maybe make an edible with the CBD flower and start really low dosage and see how you do. Or a dry herb vaporizer. I got and Arizer desktop vape recently and it works pretty good.

Im really confused and disappointed. I have anxiety, particularly over my heart and blood pressure. Anxiety meds make me way too tired for days. Thc makes my heart race therefore making me paranoid- but i love the smell and the act of smoking.

Sorry to hear about your experience. Had a couple of those myself. Do you know the name of the strain you smoked? There are quite a few strains of REALLY good quality hemp flower available from some reputable vendors. Some strains will have a more upper/hyper aware effect, a "Sativa feel". Others will have a calming, sedating, deep body feel, or an, "Idica feel." Some strike a balance somewhere in between, a hybrid feel. I've had a not too good experience already that I just had to ride out. It was a more of a Sativa feel which I don't really go for. I've found a few strains that work extremely well for my personal needs/uses. You can also mix and match a little here and there from a couple or a few different strains to find a nice balance that suits you. There is A LOT of good information in r/hempflowers. The members there are very down to earth and very eager to help each other out with things like this. I really hope you find what works for your needs.