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CBD Houston is a producer of exceptional quality CBD products. We have a passion for the connection between nature and well-being. Read Our Story for more.

CBD Houston has partnered with Shakti Bioscience to offer state registered feminized seeds which can be shipped over state lines and internationally. Please visit ShaktiHemp.com for more info and please mention us in your subject line when emailing them!

The article “Clinical Endocannabinoid Deficiency Reconsidered: Current Research Supports the Theory in Migraine, Fibromyalgia, Irritable Bowel, and Other Treatment-Resistant Syndromes” [. ]

Aaron enjoyed a day of Yamuna benefits. Working on overall well-being can take many paths. [. ]

CBD Houston is proud to be an official sponsor of Legacy Golf Tour in the Greater Houston Area in 2020. [. ]


Cannabidiol has Anticonvulsant Effects E. Council, B.S. Research Biologist Cannabidiol has been recognized for its anticonvulsant effects since the 1980s. [. ]

Backed by research and an advisory board, we publicly present our findings and offer this knowledge openly at conferences and through television, radio and print. Our goal is to demonstrate quality control and reliability through our products and involvement in the community. Join us on this happy road to destiny.

At CBD Houston, we offer many of our top quality CBD creams, salves and balms for private labeling – also known as white label. This allows our distributors to purchase market ready products without labels so that customized brands can be created to suit each retailer’s unique needs. If you would like more information about our white label products, please contact your customer care representative or complete our distributor application to be contacted by our sales team.

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CBD Houston products are typically more potent and less expensive than many of the major brands available today. Through each of our products, we share with you the love we have for nature’s bountiful harvest and our passion for better, safer products. Knowing what goes into every ingredient, and why, allows us to strive for quality and reliability with each product we make.

Our currently featured product line, Golfer’s Advantage offers a unique set of CBD products to physically active and/or sports-minded individual. This product line does best in retail locations that cater to those who maintain an active lifestyle. Don’t let the name fool you – all sports enthusiasts are welcome here!

Texas Golf Insider talks CBD Houston with Aaron Petersen and Erin Council in this video interview with the guys [. ]

Our original product line, featuring our green star logo, offers the top quality ingredients you and your customers have grown to trust. The brand recognition of our original line ensures your customers will find exactly what they are looking for when purchasing CBD products at your retail location.

At CBD Houston, we have developed strong ties to the farming community and local stores to provide the highest quality CBD products from farm to market. Though new innovative products are constantly hitting the shelves, we work to ensure safe and reliable CBD products before furthering our product lines.

The information on this website has not been evaluated by the FDA, and is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease. All of our products contain less than 0.3% THC.

Recent News.

Cannabidiol has Anticonvulsant Effects.

Katharine Harris, drug policy expert at Rice University, advises consumers to do their research before buying CBD products.

“Anxiety, stress, PTSD, which we see a lot of, inflammation, arthritis, joint pain naturally,” Utsey said. “Those are the benefits you’re going to see off the top for everybody.”

As you drive through Houston, you may have noticed new stores offering oils, creams and other products that contain CBD.


Last year, the state Legislature passed a law that legalizes the commercial production and sale of hemp in Texas, following in the footsteps of the federal Farm Bill of 2018 that authorized states to do so.

And on the law enforcement side, Sam Houston State University is currently developing THC testing equipment for use by Texas crime labs.

For now, there are more developments underway. The U.S. Department of Agriculture has yet to approve Texas’s hemp program. Only then can farmers get licenses to grow it here.

“When all of a sudden the flower became legal, law enforcement had no real way of knowing whether that was marijuana or whether that was, now legal, hemp,” Adamo Jr. said.

Ogg’s spokesperson did not respond to emails asking if or how often the DA’s office conducts THC testing, which is done in some places out of state, but is expensive to obtain.

At the Houston Police Department, Sgt. Martin Skeen with the narcotics division said the new law’s impact has been “massive” for law enforcement. For now, he said, the department is holding a lot of evidence for when testing becomes more widely available.

The Healing Leaf started with one store in Webster in January 2019. Now, the company is about to open its fifth in Texas.

CBD has for a while been used to treat epilepsy, but Healing Leaf General Manager Gary Utsey said it can help with a range of other ailments.

Katharine Harris, a drug policy expert at Rice University, said before Texas passed the law, those selling CBD were acting in a gray zone.

“Most of them are not tested and there’s not a quality testing done for these products,” Rice’s Harris said. “So in a sense, you could say that some are kind of like snake oil.”

And on the other side of the coin, many Texas district attorneys have dropped marijuana cases, knowing that they can’t prove the crime.

CBD stores have been popping up all over Houston since Texas legalized hemp last year. But there’s still confusion about the difference between hemp and illegal marijuana.

“There are a couple of places actually where law enforcement kind of did try to make arrests for selling CBD products,” she said. “You didn’t see that in a lot of the larger urban areas but that was something that ostensibly they could do.”

Hemp is in the same family as marijuana. The main difference is that hemp contains close to no THC, the psychoactive substance that gets marijuana users high.

Sam Adamo Jr., an attorney with Adamo & Adamo in Houston, which specializes in drug and cannabis law, said he’s glad Texas legalized hemp.

Healing Leaf manager Utsey said their products are tested by a third party. He said there is no guarantee that CBD will work for someone, but: “We guarantee you’re seeing the level of cannabinoids,” he said. “And they’re listed out on each certificate showing exactly the levels that are in it.”

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That’s led to several cases where people were arrested for marijuana possession, even though they were found with hemp.

Toot Suite, the EaDo breakfast spot at 2001 Commerce Street that boasts more than 15 styles of coffee, also serves the perfect side to a cup of joe. Get a CBD chocolate shortbread cookie, and either dunk it in your drink, or savor bites between sips. Each cookie contains about 100mg of CBD. Order online or pick up from the counter for takeout.

Earthy Goodness Vegan Ice Cream.

Looking for a lemon-basil shake or a boozy cocktail with a little something extra? Check out these five spots serving up CBD-infused treats.

In Lake Jackson there’s a tropical-style bar that goes beyond the vibe of the basic beach shack. Poly Pop, at 104 This Way A, serves up juicy cocktails alongside Viet-Cajun crawfish, ramen bowls, and spam and cheese sandwiches. The spirits-focused cocktail menu includes a whole section of CBD-enhanced drinks, from the classic coconut-and-lime Pain Killer to the Oaxacan High, made with Oaxacan rum, dragon fruit, lime and CBD oil. Order for pickup by calling (979) 292-8340.

CBD oil is easily administered orally, and recently a number of Houston eateries have concocted deserts, beverages, and even cocktails using the oil. Though there is still a lot doctors don’t know about the compound, users report feeling relaxed, calm, and sometimes even sleepy after ingesting CBD.

This Montrose bar, at 1318 Westheimer Road, mixes up colorful cocktails just as Insta-worthy as the building’s neon-drenched facade. The Under The SeaBD includes pineapple rum, kiwi syrup, lime juice and lemon CBD, all topped with Topo Chico, for $11. Patrons can add an extra shot of CBD for $3. Order curbside by calling (281) 974-4752.

Toot Suite.

Poly Pop.

The Chris Shepherd-helmed restaurant at 1609 Westheimer Rd offers a CBD Galaxy Brownie with 130mg of CBD oil from Ms Nice Girl Treats. Ms Nice Girl’s other CBD edibles include M&M cookies (containing only green M&Ms, naturally), and caramel popcorn. Get the brownie at UB Preserv by ordering online.

Since the Texas government legalized hemp in 2019, CBD shops have been sprouting up all over Houston. Unlike marijuana, which contains high amounts of the psychoactive compound tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, hemp contains low amounts of THC and high amounts of CBD, or cannabidiol. Cannabidiol is not psychoactive, and is widely used to treat ailments like muscle pain, anxiety, insomnia and even epilepsy.

Present Company.

UB Preserv.

Typically parked just outside Vegan Soul Food at 2901 Emancipation Avenue, this ice cream truck specializes in creative combinations of non-dairy ice cream, all made with coconut milk. There are the basics — vanilla, strawberry and chocolate — plus flavors like lemon basil and purple yam cheesecake. Turn any flavor of ice cream into a CBD shake — $13 for 5 mg, and $16 for 10mg.