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Now I am referring the product to family and friends.

Canadian CBD Isolate is extracted from top quality, organic hemp strains utilizing proprietary alcohol/ethanol methods and is known to be one of the purest hemp derived isolates on the market. It is odourless and tasteless, and always THC-free making it an ideal fit for many uses.

I’ve been taking 50mg twice daily isolate plus .25ml twice daily full spectrum 500 sublingually for 3 weeks and it’s done nothing for my moods, anxiety or depression. I’m only adding 3 stars because of what it’s done for others. Maybe I should try smoking it or something :/

pure cbd and its greatness, love this product for anxiety and depression keeps me calm and happy daily.

Canadian CBD Isolate is extracted from top quality, organic hemp strains utilizing proprietary alcohol/ethanol methods and is known to be one of the purest hemp derived isolates on the market. It is odorless and tasteless, and always THC-free making it an ideal fit for many uses including adding it to baked goods, beverages, and cold foods. You can also add this powder to beauty products, adding into your favorite lotion to reap the benefits of CBD. Or, if you’re so inclined, you can make your own CBD oil tinctures!

Pure CBD Isolate from CBD Oil Canada.

I am taking the CBD Isolate for my arthritis and after taking 120ml daily for 3months . I had to do a drug screening for a new job and I did not come back positive for anything which is perfect.

Amazing stuff! It doesn’t get much better than pure CBD and the price seems even more economical than oils. I love the idea how it is made from hemp rather than marijuana. It is great for counteracting the effects of THC, especially if taken a little while before and your high will be less intense. I have a tiny little scoop that I use to dose with, I would estimate about 50mg. I just place it under my tongue just like CBD oil, only it starts to work much faster and seems to last longer. I also like to add some to my tea or coffee for a stronger, synergistic effect. Just be sure to add it before the liquid so it disolves easier. This is a product I would definitely buy again!

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“Produced at commercial scale, LABS Cannabis CBD Isolate has only trace amounts of THC – less than 0.2% – which makes it an excellent choice for a broad range of wellness consumers and patients seeking the potential benefits of CBD without the intoxicating effects of THC,” said Pat McCutcheon, CEO, MediPharm Labs. “For consumers who wish to consume CBD as part of their daily regimen or for specialized paediatric care in situations where CBD has been prescribed by a physician for a specific indication, LABS Cannabis CBD Isolate is the right choice.”

“MediPharm Labs has developed a reputation for quality and purity. LABS Cannabis CBD Isolate has the highest purity of all currently available concentrate formats and will now be an incredibly versatile and valued ingredient for consumers,” added Mr. McCutcheon. “

October 29, 2020 07:01 ET | Source: MediPharm Labs Corp. MediPharm Labs Corp.

BARRIE, Ontario, Oct. 29, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — MediPharm Labs Corp. (TSX: LABS) (OTCQX: MEDIF) (FSE: MLZ) (“MediPharm Labs” or the “Company”) a global leader in specialized, research-driven pharmaceutical-quality cannabis extraction, distillation and derivative products, today announced the launch of L ABS Cannabis CBD Isolate , the first in its LABS Cannabis branded product line and the first product of its kind in Canada.

Visit the LABS Cannabis website to learn more at www.labscannabis.com.

Barrie, Ontario, CANADA.

About MediPharm Labs.

Pure CBD crystalline isolate manufactured in MediPharm Labs’ GMP-certified facility, is a high-quality, high-potency, fine-white crystalline powder with 99% pure CBD in a concentrated form. The product is an all-natural cannabinoid product made from cannabis extract refined through numerous steps. Each container of LABS Cannabis CBD Isolate contains 500mg of product in powder form. Because CBD crystalline isolate does not have intoxicating effects, and is almost flavourless and odourless, it can be taken daily and consumed in several different ways by new or experienced wellness consumers.

In September 2020, Health Canada released its Summary Report: Consultation On Potential Market For Health Products Containing Cannabis That Would Not Require Practitioner Oversight 2 . This report revealed that nearly two-thirds of 1,104 respondents polled were interested in buying “cannabis health products”, with the majority of consumers interested in using the products to treat pain and inflammation. About 76% of consumers were aware of sub-populations who would be interested in CBD-dominant cannabis health products and felt anyone experiencing pain, trouble sleeping, or suffering from a chronic or mental health condition would benefit. Seniors, veterans, women experiencing menopause and athletes were all groups of interest.

Designed for Canadians seeking a THC-free experience, this 99% pure CBD crystalline isolate will be available through retailers across Canada.

Targeting Canada’s Prospective Cannabis Health Products Market.

All Natural Cannabinoid Product.

In the fall of 2019, EY Canada conducted a survey of approximately 3,000 individuals to provide a uniquely Canadian perspective on cannabis consumers 1 . A segment coined “Wellness Inquisitor” was identified to include approximately 1.1 million Canadians who consume almost daily and spend about $165 each per month on cannabis products. Wellness inquisitors reported that quality (83%) and intended effects (76%) are the most important purchase criteria followed by terpene profiles (43%) and brand (40%). Clinical research (56%) and the advice of health care practitioners (42%) were reported to be the most important information sources and influences over this group’s purchasing decisions.

Founded in 2015, MediPharm Labs specializes in the production of purified, pharmaceutical quality cannabis oil and concentrates and advanced derivative products utilizing a Good Manufacturing Practices certified facility with ISO standard-built clean rooms. MediPharm Labs has invested in an expert, research driven team, state-of-the-art technology, downstream purification methodologies and purpose-built facilities with five primary extraction lines for delivery of pure, trusted and precision-dosed cannabis products for its customers. Through its wholesale and white label platforms, they formulate, consumer-test, process, package and distribute cannabis extracts and advanced cannabinoid-based products to domestic and international markets. As a global leader, MediPharm Labs has completed commercial exports to Australia and is nearing commercialization of its Australian Extraction facility. MediPharm Labs Australia was established in 2017.

Meticulously crafted for quality and backed by science, our industry leading products are designed to provide the maximum bioavailability possible and are always third-party lab tested to ensure purity and safety. We always strive to provide products that contain premium ingredients which support daily living. We’re proud to say our years of experience in creating premier products have helped many customers through our line of CBD Direct Online products like our CBD isolate wholesale-ready. We care about providing quality, Canadian products you can trust and rely on. CBD Direct Online’s CBD isolate is guaranteed to be free of heavy metals, pesticides, and herbicides. Every batch is third-party lab tested to guarantee purity and safety.

Our customers have told us they experienced the following benefits from wholesale Canadian CBD isolate:

Get the quantity of Canadian CBD isolate you need for your business with our CBD isolate wholesale-ready. Our Canadian wholesale CBD isolate is extracted from top quality, organic hemp strains utilizing proprietary alcohol/ethanol methods and is known to be one of the purest hemp derived isolates available on the market. It is odorless, tasteless, and always THC-free. Because of these properties this makes it an ideal choice for many uses including the following:

Effectivity and Third-Party Test Results:

5g – $175 ($35/g), 10g – $250 ($25/g), 25g – $525 ($21/g), 50g – $900 ($18/g), 100g – $1600 ($16/g), 250g – $3000 ($12/g), 500g – $5000 ($10/g), 1000g – $8000 ($8/g)

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