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“I’m doing actually really well with this CBD oil and I’m waiting for my next shipment to come in,” Mosquera says. “I’ve got a lot of them already sold.”

“Keep your private life out of the workplace,” says Eric Swartz, an employment lawyer in Boise.

Still, it’s not always clear to every customer which type of CBD oil they’re getting.

This is a tricky area. It’s below the legal federal threshold, but Idaho law is clear: no amount of THC is allowed.

Mosquera got a written warning that she shared with Boise State Public Radio. She was facing a demotion and a shift change if she went back to work. So instead, she decided to quit.

A few days later, she says she was suspended because her employer thought she was selling drugs on company property. She says she simply talked about CBD oil and wasn’t taking orders.

Joel Bordeaux runs Global CBD in Sandpoint and is one of the few people legally selling CBD oil in Idaho.

Idaho lawmakers have talked about legalizing the substance for the past few years.

Mosquera was so excited about the treatment that she talked about it the next morning with her coworkers.

All of his products are made from hemp and they contain no THC. That means they won’t show up on a drug test or get you high.

You can find tens of thousands of videos on Youtube hyping up cannabidiol, or CBD, but 53-year-old Lilly Mosquera heard about CBD oil the old fashioned way: from a friend. She was dealing with depression and didn’t want to take medication.

“All I had was paperwork. I went to a meeting and had paperwork. That’s it.”

But the CBD oil she’s selling does have trace amounts of THC.

“It does cause confusion out there,” Bourdeaux says.

Even if CBD oil with small amounts of THC is legalized, it’s a gray area for the workplace. Employees have no guarantee that their boss wouldn’t fire them for using it.

Mosquera was working full-time at Montana-Dakota Utilities. A few months ago, she went to a meeting where a CBD oil retailer based in Las Vegas was recruiting new distributors.

But despite its rising stock across the country, laws in some states like Idaho can leave consumers in the dark about whether they’re doing something illegal.

Now, she’s selling CBD oil full time and coming up with a sales pitch, which she’s still working on. Even though this is a new gig, she hasn’t had a hard time finding customers.

Montana-Dakota Utilities declined multiple interview requests for this story.

CBD oil is a derivative of marijuana with little to none of the ingredient that gets you high. It’s becoming wildly popular as a homeopathic treatment for many conditions.

When Mosquera started using CBD oil, she didn’t think she’d lose her job over it.

You will also find a retailer who is serious about their quality and offer a full 30-day money-back guarantee to back their quality. You will also find brands with customer care services that are efficient. Should you have any concerns or questions about the product, make sure to ask via the customer support department.

As of now, Idaho is yet to enact a new CBD legislation. In response to the 2018 Farm Bill, a bill was passed by the house and senate to legalize with 0.3% THC hemp under the federal standard and its transportation across Idaho across state lines. However, the bill died when the senate amendments were rejected to the bill.

You will find products that are THC-free online. You should ask for third-party lab test results to confirm this. The last thing you need is to end up in jail or with a significant fine on your hands for failing to follow the CBD requirements of Idaho. You can still experience the excellent benefits of CBD without any side effects.

With online purchases, you will enjoy the discount deals and special offers that you can barely find in local stores. It will also save you valuable money and time compared to having to leave the house to go to a store.

If CBD oil products fail to meet these requirements, the state laws consider them as controlled substances. Under the code, hemp is also considered marijuana, making hemp extract a controlled substance as well if the requirements aren’t met.

Is CBD oil Legal in Idaho?

Yes. CBD is legal in Idaho provided it has no THC, and it’s not made from marijuana. Hence, residents in Idaho looking to get CBD oil should make sure the products contain absolutely no THC, and it’s made from hemp and not marijuana.

Permission to sell CBD or operate a CBD storefront is under the jurisdiction of the cities. This may or may not require lab test results to prove the CBD products being sold meet the state requirements. Selling CBD oil products that don’t meet the legal requirements are treated as Schedule 1 substance, marijuana, by law enforcement.

As per Idaho code S37-2701(t), CBD products are only legal if they contain 0%. The code also states that CBD oil should also be derived from the mature stalks of the cannabis plant, a sterilized seed of the cannabis plant incapable of germination, fiber produced from the stalks, seeds of the achene of the cannabis plant, and other compounds, derivatives, salts, mixture, or preparation of mature stalks.

All-in-all, marijuana laws can be confusing, mainly because the state and federal laws tend to contradict each other. Idaho is well endowed with natural beauty, but unfortunately, is one of the least cannabis-friendly states.

A bill to legalize CBD oil with no more than 0.3% was passed in Idaho in 2015, SB 1146, for uncontrolled epilepsy. It also proposed legal protection for parents with sick kids to purchase CBD oil out of state. However, the bill was vetoed by C.L ‘Butch’ Otter, a Republican Governor, and hence never turned into a law.

The most reliable and safe way to buy CBD in Idaho is through a trustworthy online retailer. Purchasing CBD oil online will allow verifying the source of the oil, the THC content, and getting all the information you need to confirm that the product fits CBD requirements of the state.

Anyone found in possession of even less than three ounces of cannabis and its derivatives will be classified as a misdemeanor in Idaho. You may face up to five years in jail, a penalty of up to $1000 fine, or both. The small result will also result in a citation as there is no amount of possession allowed. Hence, make sure CBD contains 0% THC and is extracted from the five parts of the cannabis plant.

However, hemp-derived CBD only has a few traces of THC, which means that it is safe for people to use. In some states, marijuana-derived CVD is available for patients with certain medical conditions, and in places that have no issues with cannabis, anyone can use it.

He instead issued an executive order for an Expanded Access Program that would allow kids with intractable epilepsy to consume Epidiolex, the FDA-approved CBD-derived drug. Hence, it is legal to prescribe Epidiolex in Idaho.

The legal status of CBD oil in most states depends on the source. CBD can either be derived from hemp or marijuana. CBD products that are derived from marijuana tend to have a high level of THC. THC is known for its psychoactive properties that make someone high.

Why You Should Buy CBD Oil Idaho Online?

The Federal Government passed the 2018 Farm Bill, which led to the state of Idaho legalizing CBD. However, the inconsistencies between the Federal and State laws, Idaho residents should use or buy CBD oil with 0% THC.

Going from one shop to another can be very time-consuming. With online purchases, all you need is to research, read customer reviews, and make the most informed decision as per state requirements.