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“I began my chiropractic care in October 2017 because of increased pain and decreased mobility in my left hip that had gotten increasingly worse over the previous 4-5 months. I love that I have been able benefit from whole body treatment that in turn has almost completely taken away the issues I was experiencing with my hip. I am so grateful for feeling good again and I highly recommend Healthy Life for your chiropractic care and total life wellness.”

“Great customer service. Everyone had an upbeat and welcoming personality.”

“I have been a patient at Healthy Life Chiropractic for over 3 years! After driving several hundred miles a week and spending time on the computer for work, I not only get regular adjustments, I utilize the massage therapists as well. I’ve recently begun using, with success, Standard Process supplements and Doterra Essential Oils. I appreciate the holistic approach to care by all of the staff at Healthy Life!”


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“The online store is wonderful. It is very convenient for those busy and always on the go. I love all the purchase options. From supplements to oils and even honey can be purchased from your computer or smart phone. I look forward to a search option becoming available as there are so many products offered.”

“I have been coming to Healthy Life Chiropractic for over a year now. The treatments I receive give me such a relief of stress. The personnel is a big part of my relief. They are terrific and very professional. Dr. Tina is very educated in her field. Between treatments and supplements, I am feeling much better. I would, and have, recommend Dr. Tina to my friends.”

“I was experiencing a lot of pain in my feet following the birth of my son. I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis in both feet. After seeing my PCP and being prescribed anti-inflammatory medication, I looked into the benefits of Chiropractic care. I was in so much pain from the plantar fasciitis that is because difficult for me to walk. I was unable to carry my newborn and walk because I was concerned for his safety. As part of my care plan, custom orthotics were recommended. Within days of receiving my orthotics I had a reduction in my pain. Regular Chiropractic visits and my orthotics have allowed me to be able to care for my son again!”

“Rhonda was very helpful when changing my appointment time. My adjustment was handled with expediency. And Kristi’s massage was perfect!”

“My daughter came in to see Dr. Rob for possible curve in her spine. She was officially diagnosed with scoliosis after her evaluation. As parents, we were having a hard time wrapping out heads around what that meant for our beautiful 8 year old girl. Dr. Rob, Dr. Tina, and the whole staff at Healthy Life Chiropractic have been phenomenal! After 2 months of treatment- regular adjustments and exercises- we are seeing a huge improvement! Her hips are aligned now, her feet meet properly, and she is feeling better all around. We haven’t retaken her x-rays yet- not until we’ve done treatment for a whole year- but based off our experience, and results we’ve seen so far, I am confident that her curve has not gotten worse and has probably even improved!”

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“I worked for Wal-Mart for 20 years walking on hard floors 10 hours a day. I felt a horrible pain in my right hip/buttocks area and could not bend or walk. My sister did a little research and recommended Healthy Life Chiropractic- They do EVERYTHING! After the first treatment, the pain was gone! After being educated on my problems, they worked on my whole body and it feels 100% better. I have never been a good sleeper, but I am sleeping much better and get up in the morning ready to go! I have never felt better!”

“Thank you so much for your wonderful care. Regardless of whether I am a weekly patient or MIA for a bit. Your office is friendly and encouraging and SOOOO helpful. Thank you!”

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CBD CLINIC Level 5 ointment delivers 2 separate, high-dose pain killers, Menthol and Camphor, to the most severe of pain areas. It helps restore your range of motion and regain the mobility necessary for top athletic performance. For Joint Pain, Nerve Pain, Muscle Pain, Lower back pain, knee pain, Shoulder pain, Neck pain, etc. Help regain range of motion in the areas necessary for top level sport performance and Flexibility. A perfect pre and post workout solution for hours of relief. Helps to speed recovery for fatigued and painful joints and muscles.

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