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Beautiful store and location!! The staff was very knowledgeable and helped me make the right decision. 😁

Review by Mark Smith.

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Review by Kim Jomes.

Morro Bay CBD is a CBD store in Morro Bay, California.

Review by Jaun Lweid.

Review by Robert Freeman.

They have signs to draw you in that say “Free CBD Samples”, when I entered and inquired about them he asked me what I need CBD for, I don’t necessarily need them but I do take them from time to time. He went on to explain what CBDs are as if I didn’t understand what I wanted, and in the end did not give us any free samples, only continued to Swiffer the ground. Definitely interested in finding new and better CBD products, but apparently not from here. In response to the owners comment below – a sign that says “free samples” to lure in business should absolutely result in free samples for the person it lured in. Otherwise, you are literally utilizing false advertisement to gain customers. Nobody educated me on CBD, instead I was condescended and almost literally talked out of using CBD. I’ve been to many other CBD STORES, and was never deterred from using CBD by any of them like I was here. Thanks.

845 Embarcadero Morro Bay, CA 93442.

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What a nice surprise to find this shop while on my visit to Morro Bay. Great choices of different CBD products. Highly recommended is your in the area.

Review by Alexandra H.

The CBD I purchased here helped relieve the chronic pain in my knees. This place was a life saver.

Morro Bay CBD on 845 Embarcadero.

Very nice store! So why only 3 stars? Because they’re never freakin open! Seriously, they say online and on their store window that they’re open on certain days during certain hours. More than once I went to the store during that time and they were closed for no apparent reason. Out of 3 times I stopped by this place during business hours, only once were they open. They seem to just open and close whenever they feel like it, so prepare to waste your time if you decide to drop by.

A CBD shop, commonly known as a “CBD dispensary” is a retail store that specializes in consumables containing CBD – such as gummies, oils & tinctures, pet CBD products, skincare, bath bombs & more. Many CBD shops also carry CBD dried flower – depending on the legality within their state. CBD Shops have been popularized in the recent decade, and are popular destinations for alternative health remedies shoppers.

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Okay this place is way too cute inside. Looks like a place straight out of Pinterest! The staff is soooo friendly. They have tons of products and price points to choose from. Austin was amazing. I. more.

Terrible customer service , very rude anf unsympathetic in these troubled times. Way over priced . Better off buying online. Do yourself a favor avoid the headache hassle and mistreatment and. more.

Sahar S .

I went to there location on Palma in downtown Atascadero. I received very good service. I asked question, and received very informative answers. She listened to my needs and helped me select a. more.

We offer a wide variety of products including full spectrum hemp products, CBD isolates, salves, tinctures, vaporizers.

Love this place and all the heartfelt love that goes in to it. I was not a CBD believer and got their Medix pen and became an overnight fan. Highest quality stuff around comes from Megan and her. more.

Heather K.

Melinda M.