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Read the real CBD Movers reviews to get the real story behind this “dodgy” removal company that will “lie”, “cheat” and “steal”. You can also find more true CBD Movers reviews and ratings here.

Is it any wonder that among their top tags on Google reviews are “ lying “, “ complaint “, “ compensation “, “ overbooked ” and “ VCAT “?

We have a number of pages detailing the extent of these activities, so feel free to click on the text links and explore the site. Our site is growing every day so be sure to check back regularly for more updates about “the worst removal company in Australia”!

CBD Movers – total fraud!

We have also demonstrated how obvious it is that they plant fake reviews on this page about CBD Movers Rating Stars.

Got a story about CBD Movers causing damage or showing up late or making you pay extra charges for their laziness? Let us know below.

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We will not stop until customers are appropriately compensated by CBD Movers.

CBD Movers Scam.

To find out more about this scam, we have started doing some research into the people behind it – CBD Movers Owners.

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CBD Movers – all you need to do is start appropriately compensating the customers you have ripped off and start treating your customers better. Stop ripping people off. Stop destroying their goods. Stop lying. Stop spending your time and money on PR campaigns and just start treating your customers like you should!

If you want everything you move damaged then use CBD Movers! They always deliver (often damaged and late).

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CBD Movers will deny all of their damage – no matter how badly they’ve damaged everything. It’s almost unbelievable!

This site has been setup by a group of angry CBD Movers customers to help expose their pattern of ripping off customers, damaging goods, and more.

CBD Movers will damage everything.

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Move size: Partial Move Service cost: $225.

These people are robbers.

Move size: Partial Move Service cost: $240.

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We appreciate your feedback and apologize for the inconvenience. We tried to get in touch with you but could not, kindly write us back on the email address given below so that we can work towards the resolution.

We had a two by two apartment. Everything was neatly pre packed and ready to be loaded into the lift. They took almost six hours and did things to delay such as packing the truck for each lift load instead of loading it in a few big goes. Our building manager even thought it was a scam. They also left our sofa and mattresses unwrapped on the carpark floor. In a pandemic let alone the basic standards of hygiene. Horrific.

Ask Victoria Boyd about the services of CBD Movers. Victoria Boyd is a customer of the business and is willing to be used as a reference. Please use this form to contact this customer for reference purposes only.

Had a job booked to move from Sydney to Port macquarie. Truck was meant to arrive between 7-9AM, but they didn’t show up. After multiple phone calls over 2hrs to their company where we were constantly put on hold while they would “contact the drivers” were finally told the truck would arrive around 12. When the truck did arrive the 2 removalists only worked for 10-15 minutes before stopping for a cigarette break. One of them spent most of the time on his phone and when he did help would take the individual drawers out of a bedside table and carry them one at a time to the truck, not once during the loading did he use one of the 2 trolleys they brought and would only carry one small item at a time. Small 3 bedroom house, all furniture that could be taken apart had been previously and everything else was boxed, I had moved all items to 2 rooms closest to doors for their convenience the night before. Loading took 3+ hours and I ended up moving the majority of the furniture and boxes to the truck myself to try and get them to move faster. Removalists constantly stopped to talk on phones and to stand around doing nothing. Items were poorly packed with no regard to fragile labels, boxes weren’t stacked just literally tossed into the truck. One of them repeatedly asked if we could take items in our car (already fully loaded station wagon with 2 kids in the back) rather than load them on the truck. This included things like table tops that physically wouldn’t fit in the car even if we had taken the kids out and completely emptied it. Driver was annoyed when I refused and pointed out that’s what we were paying removalists for. Once finally packed drove the 4hrs to Port macquarie halfway there received a phone call saying that the drivers were 2 hours away. We arrived at port macquarie within the 2 hours with no truck in site. Over the next 2 hrs repeatedly called the company and was put on hold while they “contacted” the drivers until we were finally told that the truck had broken down and they would need to send a new team to get our stuff and that they wouldn’t arrive till at least 1 am. When they did arrive at nearly 2am there were different drivers but it was the same truck with our stuff still inside. Drivers refused to unload until we paid nearly double the original quote. Again had to move the majority of the items myself as one of them wouldn’t get out of the truck just placed items on the edge of the back for me to move for him. Other guy proceeded to load boxes etc into the garage, stacking big and heavy items on top of small and fragile boxes and leaning them against each other when the boxes underneath started collapsing. The one out of the truck tried to leave the fridge in the garage and got disgruntled when I told him I would need it moved up some stairs to where the kitchen was, then demanded that I help him move the fridge up the stairs. Repeat this with every item I asked to actually be moved inside the house including washing machine and lounges. Meanwhile my wife and kids (2 &6yrs old) tried to sleep on the floor in one of the bedrooms. Multiple Boxes and items were damaged. After they left i had to spend another 3 hours trying to restack everything to prevent more damage and actually access half the items they had randomly stacked everywhere so I could get bed parts so I could put kids beds back together. Wife and I slept on floor.

We are so grateful for your review. Thanks for sharing your rating with us and the community. We are so delighted that you rate our service as 5 stars as we strive to provide just that for all our customers.

Kind regards, CBD Movers.

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They half filled the boxes so there was more and we would need 2 trips.

Move size: 1 Bedroom Home Service cost: $500.

Move size: 4 Bedroom Home Service cost: $400.

We appreciate your feedback and apologize for the inconvenience. We request you to please send in a complaint regarding the same to the email address given below with your booking details so that we can investigate the matter.

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The email address is: [email protected]

At first they seem very professional but the 2 men that packed our belongings threw our belongings into half filled boxes with no consideration or respect we had mugs not wrapped. plates thrown in with food or containers all just thrown we ended up repacking all the Erik they had done and we cancelled the move after finding out our bed was broken from the disrespect it and pulling it apart.

We appreciate your feedback and apologize for the inconvenience. We have taken your feedback into account.

Kind regards, CBD Movers.

Kind Regards, CBD MOVERS.

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We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you. Kindly allow us some time to review your complaint and will get back to you promptly.

Should have trusted the reviews. These guys will drag their feet (quite literally) to extend the time they get paid for. 2.5 hours to pack a small two bedroom and we had to do nearly half of it ourselves. Multiple times they disappeared for 20 minutes or longer to take one trolley to the truck. They generally took one item out at a time, even when the item could be carried in one hand. Found them playing on their phones or sitting on the back of the truck more than once when we went downstairs to check what was going on. They knew it was wrong .

First they cancelled my moving date without any prior notices booked 2 months in advance simply saying they didn't have enough trucks. Then took 2 hours for driving with there breaks. And finally damaged my fridge, bed, cracked my front door, scratched my floors, damaged my walls and skirting boards. Movers accepted their errors a d I have all the proves. But insurance simply says they are not covered and offered $50 towords next move. Who would use them again? Most stressful move ever!

Intimidating and slow.

Read more as one yelled at the other to get up when my partner went down the first time. When I called the company at least 3 times, very distressed, to ask that they put additional/more professional people on the move I got no response or action. I was repeatedly transferred to a manager/dispatcher/supervisor only to be on hold for 20 minutes requiring me to call the main call centre back. So we ended up moving a large number of things ourselves to hurry things along. In one instance my partner and I did 4 trips from the apartment to the truck and they did not move from the truck the entire time. If a company is going to charge hourly rates the customer is entitled to expect a reasonable degree of efficiency. This was a simple move two suburbs away. Took over four hours with us doing a large amount of the moving ourselves. I did the same move from Canberra to Sydney 3 years ago and it took 5 hours… including a three hour drive to Sydney and four flights of stairs on the receiving end (the current move has no stairs). It is clear when a company uses professionals and when they don’t. As many others on here have described they tried to shake us down for money at the other end before they would unload our things. Claiming multiple times that it was policy. When I asked to see the policy they couldn’t produce it. The contract I received stated that payment was required at completion of the job. These guys were highly intimidating, advanced forward towards my partner saying we were stupid. I was then called a racist for requesting that they keep the conversation about the policy, which included me, in English. A woman from the public chose to stay with us and provide her details as a witness given the way they were treating us. With much hesitation after showing them the contract that said payment on completion I had to dial the police help line to deescalate things. Only following this did they get on with the job. Definitely do your research before hiring these guys. Pay attention to these reviews. Their business model seems to be to price gauge and then intimidate you. I strongly recommend Men that Move. Used them for every other move (including the efficient move to Sydney described above), happy and helpful guys, really professional company.