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UK law allows you to travel with CBD oil in your hand luggage if it is less than 100ml or in your hold suitcase.

It’s also important to consider any countries where you might need to stop over too, not just your final destination. You might only be on their soil for a matter of minutes for a mad dash from one plane to another, but you could find yourself in serious trouble if what is in your bag is not on their tick list.

And it is worth bearing this in mind if you are planning a trip in which you would expect to take a CBD product with you.

Yes, it is completely legal to fly to and from the UK with a CBD product in your luggage, as long as it meets all the specific rules and criteria set out by UK law – specifically that it doesn’t contain more than 1mg of THC and is labelled as a food supplement. If you have chosen a reputable company for your CBD products then it will undoubtedly tick both boxes.

Users of CBD instead experience a feeling of calm and relaxation and, because of this, CBD oil is used by many to help tackle their anxiety.

What Countries Don’t Allow CBD Oil?

The properties of CBD oil support the endocannabinoid system in the human body, which regulates the hormones linked to stress. Therefore it helps to keep everything balanced, from mood to appetite and sleep to pain management.

It is entirely up to you as to whether you choose to place your CBD oil in your hand luggage for ease of use while you travel, or if you pack it in your hold suitcase for use at your final destination after the journey.

The issue with travelling carrying CBD oil isn’t that of taking it onto the plane and out of the UK but actually the legality of taking it into – or having it in your possession in – the country you are travelling to.

CBD stands for cannabidiol, a well-known derivative of the cannabis plant, frequently used in wellbeing programmes to support a healthy lifestyle.

Please check with the country you’re visiting by contacting immigration or speaking to your airline before travelling with CBD.

Let’s dig a little deeper.

Travelling from a country where CBD is legal to another country where it is legal is unlikely to cause any issues, but, as we said before, it is worth checking with your airline and the customs office of your destination country to see if they have any more information that can inform your journey and avoid any unnecessary headaches. A brief phone call – or email to get the necessary information in writing – will no doubt ensure you a smoother trip.

But while domestic airport security and UK borders do not appear to be a problem for CBD oil travel, many international destinations have different legal requirements and restrictions in place. Every country has its own set of customs rules and security laws which will need to be considered before you leave home.

But it is wise to check the local laws and regulations at your destination and any stopovers along the way to ensure you’re not caught out.

Despite being extracted from the variety of the cannabis plant known as hemp, the use of CBD does not create any kind of “high”, intoxicated feeling that is caused by another psychoactive element of the plant called tetrahydrocannabinol or THC.

Can You Travel To The UK With CBD Oil?

Remember though, if you are carrying the CBD oil in your hand luggage it must be less than 100ml and be visible on your personage in a clear plastic bag, as per the rules for any liquid being taken through airport security. This will allow for a smooth airport experience and few hold-ups if you have prepared for this in advance.

It is important to note, however, that it is recommended by many major UK airports that you check with your airline and your destination airport that they are happy for you to travel with CBD oil before you set off on your journey, just to be doubly sure that you won’t encounter any problems along the way.

If your CBD product is part of prescribed medication – unlikely in the UK but not impossible – it is safest to carry the prescription or a letter of authorisation from the prescriber for the CBD in question so that you can enjoy a hassle-free trip,

With many claiming CBD oil helps their health and wellbeing in a large variety of cases; it’s no wonder that CBD products have surged in popularity in recent years.

Many CBD Oil users would prefer to keep their oils and products to hand, particularly if they are nervous fliers or take their supplements at a specific time of the day. It is also preferred if you are worried about losing your hold luggage or it being delayed on arrival at your destination.

The table below has been created to help quickly identify the legal status of CBD in each destination country. It is simply intended as a guide, and before travelling we recommend you contact the customs and immigration department of your destination country to confirm you will be allowed to travel with your CBD products.

If you are arriving in the UK from another country you have a personal allowance of the number of goods – for yourself or as gifts – that you can bring in to the country. Usually, this relates to alcohol, tobacco and souvenirs, but it is important to check your limitations.

Is It Legal To Take CBD Oil Onto A Plane In The Uk?

But despite its legal status in the UK, and many other countries, there are still some parts of day to day life where users are unsure about whether or not their CBD oil will be safe.

The laws in some countries are very strict and will not allow you to carry or use a CBD product within their borders. So even though it was legal when you left home, it could land you behind bars in foreign climes.

But despite the soaring popularity of CBD oil, there are still numerous questions over the legalities surrounding its use.

Even if you have purchased your CBD legally elsewhere, you can safely bring it back into the UK as long as it follows customs regulations and UK law as previously mentioned.

So, can you take CBD Oil on a plane? If you’re travelling to or from the UK then generally speaking yes, you can.

Although the knowledge and understanding of CBD is improving all the time due to its increasing demand and regard, there is still a wariness and reluctance from some countries to accept that despite its roots in a cannabis plant, CBD is not an illegal drug.

One of the more common questions we’ve seen asked around this is around travelling with CBD, with many people asking can you take CBD oil on a plane?

The last thing you need when travelling is to be held up indefinitely while security questions you or test your products. Obviously, this could still happen regardless of what you carry, but it is best to eliminate any potential problems from the outset!

We hope you’ve found this article helpful and your question “can you take CBD oil on a plane UK” has been answered.

So, when you travel you need to ensure all individual oil containers have no more than 100ml each and you’ll have to pack the liquid into a transparent bag for when you pass through security.

To recap, here is a checklist of things you should do before travelling with CBD.

We also encourage you to do your research on the law of CBD to the destination that you’re travelling to.

For an oil to be legal in the UK it must contain only trace amounts of THC. It’s important when you’re attempting to bring CBD oil through UK security that you ensure the product is a fundamentally legal product and does not contain illegal levels of THC.

Can You Take CBD Oil In Your Carry On Luggage?

We suggest you choose a trusted CBD oil company to purchase your CBD oil from.

CBD laws can be complicated around the globe and you need to follow their rules accordingly. Here are a few places that have restrictions on CBD.

This means you can take your CBD oil on a plane legally, but to reiterate, it’s important you check that the country you are travelling allows CBD to avoid a nasty surprise.

Before we answer “can you take CBD oil on a plane in the UK?” we need to understand CBD and law in the UK.

You should also consider that oils are considered ‘liquids’ by most (if not all) airports in the EU and rest of the globe.

So, to clear your mind before you pack your CBD in your luggage, let’s discuss the rules surrounding CBD oil on planes in the UK.

Yes, you can take CBD oil with you in your carry on. If you’re following the regulations of the UK, you shouldn’t have a problem going through airport security with CBD oil.

CBD is legal in the UK but each case must contain less than 1mg of THC or CBN.

This also means that you will be able to consume and reap the benefits of the CBD oil before, during and after your flight!

No matter who you are, everybody has at least a small panic before they go through airport security. We all know how it feels waiting for our bags to come through that conveyor belt (it feels like an eternity).

Can You Take CBD Oil On A Plane In The UK?

if you’re confused or unsure, you should contact your flight provider and they should be able to assist you and hopefully ease any anxiety you’re having about bringing CBD oil with you on your travels.

For instance, if you’re travelling to Belgium, CBD is technically illegal, so you need to be careful.

To ensure you have a worry-free journey we’d advise that you speak to your airline and ask for specifics. But before you do that, here are some details on UK law and regulation when travelling with CBD:

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