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There are many treatment options for Acne, love your skin and have a virtual consult today.

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Urinary tract infection (UTI)


Highland Cannabis dispensary is the go-to mom-and-pop cannabis shop in Kitchener, Ontario. We pride ourselves on being part of the movement that focuses on destigmatizing cannabis and rebuilding our relationship with this plant by spreading facts about its many amazing properties, with smiles and plenty of good conversation, one customer at a time in Kitchener, Ontario.


The Highland Cannabis dispensary team goes that extra mile, or three, to consistently provide our customers with the best cannabis shopping experience with the help of our expert budtenders, a.k.a cannabis connoisseurs, who are happy to jump on a call with you and guide you through our online menu.

Whether you are thinking about trying cannabis for the first time or you are a cannabis fanatic, you will find absolutely everything on our such as CBD oils, hash, concentrates, edibles, dried flowers, etc. Since we want you to keep coming back, we make sure to try and test the cannabis products before adding them to our range and to make sure our customers get the best that the different parts of Canada have to offer.

Legal Cannabis Dispensary in Kitchener.