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Lemon myrtle has been used by Aborigines for centuries to combat their joint pain and anxiety. Lemon myrtle and MSM have proven to further support muscle & joint inflammation, hot spots and more… Plus, it smells GREAT!

Blending broad-spectrum hemp with other active ingredients allows us to create a more powerful product. Our proprietary blend of organic hemp complex contains a full entourage of natural constituents that contribute to general health & wellness. Combined with other well-researched ingredients, our formula is more powerful and benefits neurological and immune system wellness. It has also shown to be calming and aid in relaxation, joint pain, mobility, cognitive and immune response health.

What dosing do you recommend?


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Although there are a variety of methods for delivering doses of CBD oil to your pets, you’ll find that transdermal application is among the easiest and most effective. Our transdermal pen is designed to provide ease of use for pet owners and create less stress for animals.

How can you tell if your pet suffers some form of anxiety? Body language can tell you a lot. Pets may hide or cower and shake when they hear loud noises, and their tails might go down or between their legs. They may bark, howl, or destroy furniture and personal items when you leave them alone. They could become aggressive around strange people or animals. How can organic CBD for pets help to soothe your anxious animal?

The question is: what can you do about it? If your pet’s behavior has changed or you notice signs of pain or anxiety, the first thing you should do is visit the vet for diagnosis. From there, you have to consider how best to treat your pet’s symptoms.

Unlike other subdermal products, CBD Pet Care absorbs completely, leaving no sticky residue behind, and while ingested products can lose efficacy through digestion, your pet will enjoy the full benefits of our product. CBD Pet Care is also ideal for localized relief of skin irritation or dryness, rashes, hot spots, minor scrapes, small cuts, and more, provided you can apply directly to skin.

How does combining hemp with other active ingredients uniquely support pet health & wellness?

How CBD for Pets Helps to Ease Anxiety.

When pets suffer from stress, anxiety, pain, and inflammation, they can’t exactly tell you what’s wrong, but you can recognize when their behaviors change. If they’re hiding under the bed, refusing to eat, vocalizing (barking, whining, meowing, etc.), or having trouble getting up, for example, you know something isn’t right.

Dosing: 1 pump = 2 mg dose of CBD | Apply 2 mg per 20 lb up to 3x/day.

How should the CBD Pet Care Transdermal Pen be stored?

For Canada, we currently offer USPS First Class shipping (7-21 business days) for a flat rate of $25.00.

What is Organic, GMO-Free CBD for Pets?

Unlike edibles, which only allow for limited CBD absorption, our CBD Pet Care is applied transdermally for a complete/faster absorption! Each pen contains 50 ‘pumps’ of gel, each with 2mg of CBD. Apply the gel to the inner ear of your pet and rub in completely.

What does Multi-Action mean?

Our formula was created and formulated by Dr. Gary Pusillo-MS, PHD, PAS, ACAN, a world-renowned, board certified animal nutritionist. He is the leading animal nutritionist in his field, having developed over 2,000 animal product formulations over his 35+ year career. His expertise has contributed to 17 Kentucky Derby winners with numerous awards in the equine community. His formulations are the basis for some of the most successful animal pharmaceutical nutrition and natural health care products in the world. Dr. Pusillo integrated unique ingredients such as lemon myrtle and MSM into our formula.

For the U.S.A., we currently offer USPS First Class shipping (3-5 business days) for a flat rate of $5.99.

In order to do this, our expert team has worked hard to develop organic, GMO-free CBD for pets, designed to deliver the quality, safety, and efficacy pet owners prefer. Our unique, transdermal product was developed by a board-certified animal nutritionist to ensure safety and potency, not to mention ease of use.

As more humans realize the benefits of cannabinoid medicine, shouldn’t our furry companions also have access to natural relief?The Green Pet.

As more humans realize the benefits of cannabinoid medicine, shouldn’t our furry companions also have access to natural relief?

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What is CBD? We’re glad you asked! CBD is a non-psychoactive compound that is reported to provide aid for the following conditions: anxiety, nausea, rheumatoid arthritis, epilepsy, pain, cancer symptoms and more! Basically, your pet will receive all of the medicinal benefits associated with cannabis without the “high” because there is no THC content.

What makes our CBD different? Our unique Transdermal application allows for complete and much faster absorption as compared to any edible product which will lose a large percentage of the dosage through the digestive process.

How does it work? Each pen contains 50 ‘pumps’ of gel, each with precisely 1 mg of CBD. Simply apply the gel to the inner ear or any exposed veinous skin on your pet and the gel is reported to deliver rapid systemic relief and symptom improvement. For small to medium sized pets, we recommend starting with 1-2 pumps; for large and XL sized pets, use 3-4 pumps.

The Green Pet Shop CBD Gel Pen is derived from the flowers of Coloradogrown, 100% organic and natural Industrial Hemp Cannabis Plants that have been carefully selected for optimal CBD levels. These plants are cultivated in Northern Colorado on a small, organic family farm.

Most CBD material sold in the USA today comes from industrial hemp grown in China or Europe. These plants were traditionally grown for their thick fibrous stalks or for soil remediation and contain high levels of pesticides and heavy metals. The CBD plants that are used in our product are cultivated for the best flower — creating the highest content and quality of CBD.