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The best CBD salve Denver CO offers.

Leanna Organics offers plant-based CBD skincare and wellness to locals in the Denver, Colorado, area. Our artisan shop , located conventionally off the 25 on exit 226, is a hop skip and a jump from most major Denver attractions . Those looking for CBD Denver CO need to look no further for the highest-quality CBD self-care items because our products are handmade in small batches with great attention to detail and care at our shop in the Orchard Town Center . In addition, we take the extra step of third-party testing our CBD wellness and skincare line. Are you shopping for your pet? We have your back, with our quality third-party tested CBD for pets products.

Is your CBD salve organic?

CBD Salve Denver CO.

CBD Bath Bombs Denver CO.

That’s right! We now have a natural, non-addictive alternative that rubs directly onto the skin and works within minutes. Millions of people use CBD salve every day to make their aches more bearable. CBD for discomfort lowers and makes more manageable intense body sensations. And now you can get try our CBD salve for free with our CBD samples . Stop by our store just off Highway 25, exit 226 today, and discover for yourself why Leanna Organics has the best CBD salve Denver CO offers!

Are you looking to relax after a long day?

Are you looking for a non-habit-forming way to address body aches and discomfort? We have good news for you. CBD salve is a topical balm that works right away to minimize overwhelming body sensations. And here is more good news. Unlike addictive opiates , CBD is entirely safe and does not present a chance of addiction.

Leanna Organics is about healing and wellness. Our blog is filled with some of the best advice on the internet about self-care , healing , meditation , yoga , and more. In addition, our products are for people who put their health in their own hands. CBD is a new approach to wellness. It is non-addictive and doesn’t hurt internal organs as opiates and aspirin do. It can be ingested, rubbed on the skin, or you can soak in CBD. Indeed, because the skin has an abundance of CBD receptors , soaking in a warm bath filled with CBD is one of the most effective ways to interact with it.

Leanna Organics: CBD Denver CO.

CBD is a new and natural remedy that helps with so many issues of the body and mind. What makes this plant-based compound unique is that it is versatile, and interacting with CBD can take the form of consuming, rubbing it on, or soaking in it. Have you tried a CBD bath bomb yet? CBD baths are the new favorite for people who need to relax. They work so well at releasing stress and tension. Indeed, Leanna Organics offers the purest and most potent CBD bath bombs Denver CO has to offer. So, please stop by our store and pick up one for yourself and relax and unwind tonight in a hot bath with our organic bombs!

Whether you are looking for CBD body cream to moisturize and protect your skin, CBD salve to address overwhelming body aches or CBD oil to help you rest better and recover, we have what you are looking for at our CBD shop .

Yes! At Leanna Organics, our mission is to bring natural, plant-based remedies for skincare and wellness to the Denver area . Each of our quality ingredients comes from the earth, and our products are free of toxic chemicals and elements such as fragrances and parabens. In addition, we take the extra step of testing our CBD in an independent laboratory to ensure we have the proper mix of cannabinoids and no pesticide, heavy metals, or solvents in our products. For those looking for the most organic CBD salve Denver CO has available, look no further than Leanna Organics.

For those looking for CBD bath bombs Denver CO, Leanna Organics put together a natural bomb, available in 7 heavenly scents and three powerful strengths. We use fresh, quality ingredients and therapeutic homeopathic elements such as lavender, oatmeal, and chamomile. Equally as important, our products are safe! Our CBD is third-party tested and made with organic oils and other nature-based ingredients.

Nothing will help you unwind and recover like a fresh CBD bath bomb in your tub. Light a candle, fill up the bath with hot water and drop our organic bath bomb in to discover a new level of relaxation. Your senses will be pleased with one of our seven divine aromas. Your muscles will release tension, and your mind will calm. Bathing with a Leanna Organics CBD bath bomb is a meditative experience that will relax and rejuvenate you as your body recovers. Be introduced to a spa-like experience with the most luxurious CBD bath bomb Denver CO has available with our natural bombs!

Hemp oil is pressed from the seeds of the hemp plant and contains only trace amounts (if any) of cannabinoids (read up on cannabinoids and the human endocannabinoid system here), while CBD—short for “cannabidiol” and also referred to as hemp extract—is a chemical compound extracted from the entire marijuana or hemp plant. CBD from marijuana is only legal in states with medical or recreational marijuana laws, while CBD from hemp is legal in all 50 states. Although hemp is a kind of cannabis, as an industrial agricultural product it must contain less than 0.3 percent THC, which means oil derived from the hemp plant is non-psychoactive and won’t get you high (sorry).

Interested in exploring the CBD/hemp trend? Add these beauty products to your skincare routine.

The initial appeal of CBD is that it allegedly alleviates anxiety, chronic pain, and insomnia. However, claims of its benefits and efficacy remain unverified by the FDA. So why are beauty brands jumping on the CBD and hemp oil bandwagon? Because, CBD and hemp oil contain many essential vitamins (A, C, E, B complex), minerals (niacin and magnesium), and fatty acids (omega-3 and -6) critical to healthy skin, along with anti-inflammatory properties to fight against free radical damage, assist with collagen production, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and redness, and even help eliminate acne.

One side effect of President Trump’s 2018 Farm Bill has been the legalization of hemp across the U.S. This change has quickly de-stigmatized the use of hemp and created a consumer craze for beauty products containing CBD and hemp oil. But what exactly are CBD and hemp oil, and why are they popping up as the latest must-have ingredients in skincare?

While CBD and hemp oil might just be another short-lived beauty fad, these oils are full of good-for-you skin care ingredients, and possibly wellness benefits for mind and body. So, I decided to take a close look at some of the high-end beauty products incorporating these oils. After a few weeks of testing, here’s are some CBD and hemp oil products worth checking out.