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The Beacon Hemp has two lines of photoperiodic hemp offerings. Both are improvements on commonly available hemp varieties, and are earlier flowering hemp lines. We recommend a planting density of 3600-4800 plants per acre depending on time of year and final desired plant size; however, they can be planted earlier at a higher planting density of 2500 plants per acre.

feminized, day-neutral (autoflower)

feminized, day-neutral (autoflower)

The Beacon Hemp line of day neutral, high CBD, industrial hemp varieties currently include six distinct cultivars; three inbred lines and three F1 hybrids. Typically, ready to harvest 75-90 days from sowing, they can help extend your growing season or add diversity to your hemp plantings. We recommend a planting density of 15,000 to 18,000 plants per acre depending on the time of year, bed preparation, and harvesting capabilities. This will ensure even canopy coverage and reduce weed pressure.

feminized, day neutral (autoflower)

Photoperiodic (Short Day) Hemp Genetics.

feminized, day-neutral (autoflower)

feminized, day-neutral (autoflower)

See cultivation guides for more variety details.

Beacon Hemp offers photoperiodic (short day) and day neutral (autoflower) varieties of feminized, industrial hemp seed. CBD:THC ratios among the hemp genetics range in 24:1 to 32:1, averaging a 28:1 ratio. For our photoperiodic offerings we recommend a planting density of 9 sq. ft. per plant or approximately 4,800 plants per acre (12,000 plants per ha) when planted in early to mid summer; higher per plant yields can be achieved with lower densities (2,200 plants per acre) and earlier planting times (late Spring), though usually at the cost of more expensive harvest and drying labor.

feminized, day neutral (autoflower)

The Beacon Hemp ‘Early Line’ of high CBD, photoperiodic hemp varieties currently include eight distinct cultivars that are earlier to harvest than most other high CBD hemp varieties on the market. Each ‘Early Line’ variety shares the same pollen donor, ‘Auto Tsunami’, resulting in a photo/auto hybrid that provides less time to maturity than their photoperiodic hemp counterpart and greater disease resistance inherited from ‘Auto Tsunami’. Upon short day flower initiation, the Early Line hybrids are typically ready to harvest after 7-9 weeks, with the exact duration depending on variety, environmental conditions and cultural practices. Beacon’s Early Line of hemp is well adapted to a multitude of climates, and performs especially well in regions with high humidity and fungal pathogen pressure.

Day Neutral (Autoflower) Hemp Genetics.

Early Line.

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Early Abacus.

CBD Hemp Varieties.