cbd shop bournemouth

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I thought CBD Is legal?

In Boscombe. Tons. On Reddit. a small handful ๐Ÿ‘

The Pineapple Express is lovely, haven't tried the other 2 but most of the strains they stock in the shop are really nice.

I've been meaning to check this place out. I wonder how many stoners there are in Bournemouth.

I am not, is it worth it? I know the club doesn't have a venue (as of now) but I am curious to join..

I was a bit skeptical as I did think all the strain names were just cashing in on reputation of the real ones BUT the shop let me smell everything! I was quite surprised at the strawberry cheesecake, I have a stonking cold and I could still smell it's distinctive tones. Can't wait to smoke them later.

Have a read of the sticky at the top of the thread. Products derived from 'seeds and stems' with a less than 0.2% THC content are legal, flower isn't. Shops like this one do exist, but despite what everyone will argue, they exist in a grey area at best.

You part of the local cannabis club?

There's been several restaurants, cafes, and similar in the news that have been open and cooperating with the police happily, then get raided a month later.

You can learn more information if you visit the website: thecbdflowershop.co.uk.

Coming out to refill home supplies or for an occasional purchase should be rewarding. Stores like The CBD Flower Shop are working for potential clients to present them with existing goods and guidance, if required.

Many shops are expected to have a polite treatment of their clients. But, if you experienced unpleasant troubles (or the opposite) while being here, then feel free to describe your opinion to share with other users and to affect this establishment’s score.

This place is located by the following address: Boscombe, 2 Christchurch Rd, Royal London House.