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Soon, marijuana users were able to get together and discuss their medicine of choice without being hassled. For, as Kunkel says, although patients were already able to get medicinal licenses, cultural attitudes around marijuana were still driven by the type of irrational and ignorant fear-mongering that had kept the plant underground for decades, and its users relegated to cold basements and empty parking lots.

“For anything that I ever heard the band office tell the people that they couldn’t have, I purposefully went out and figured out how they could have it,” he says. “They’re my neighbours, they’re going without, I have more than I need, how can I not give back to them? I’ve known them my entire life and I know deep inside that if it was the shoe on the other foot, they’d do the exact same thing for me.”

Kunkel stresses the fact that Smoke Signals operates within the confines of the law, selling only medicinal product and only to people carrying a medicinal license and/or prescription.

Smoke Signals is extremely strict about being a medical cannabis facility, and they will not sell any product to anyone without a medical cannabis card.

“You can acquire your medicinal license there, provided you have a doctor’s note or proper proof of your ailment,” Kunkel says.

Your medicinal cannabis experts in Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory.

Today, he surrounds himself with these people, many of whom work alongside of him.

“Not only does it already have a 150-year reputation of being a good product,” Kunkel says. “But now that we’ve infused it with the cannabis plant… it has even more medicinal benefits.”

“When you cut the money out, you can also get rid of all the fake and phony friends and actually keep the true and honest ones,” he says. “The real ones will stick around whether you got the money or not. It’s the mindset they are interested in. Knowing they could have the money, it is the knowledge they are interested in.”

With more than 25 years of experience in the medicinal cannabis industry, and with a background in botany, horticulture and business, Kunkel, a Mohawk of the Bear Clan, has established a reputation in his community as a go to person for medical relief.

“It was just a place that everybody could sit and socialize,” he says. “And that was the very first kind of a boom to the medicinal market – vapour lounges.”

“When (people) ask you a question, they don’t want the answer that the guy on the corner would give, or the stoner at the mall,” he says. “They need an educated answer. They need to know why it’s going to help them. How it’s going to help them. And whether there any side effects? There are a lot of things that people need to know.”

That’s where people like Jamie Kunkel, founder and owner of Smoke Signals – located at 255 Hwy 49, on Tyendinaga – come in.

Though the tobacco business brought him fortune as a young man it did not bring him stability or friendship. After choosing to leave the business and the money when his mother became sick, he also lost all the fake friends and people around him who only wanted to leech off of his success.

With so many dispensaries popping up around the country as the laws and attitudes towards marijuana use change, it can be a real trip to wade through the innumerable strains, products and opinions available. While experienced users may remember some basic questions to ask their local, friendly neighbourhood dispensary, the inexperienced – many of whom are first-time medicinal users, not seasoned stoners – will undoubtedly struggle to make sense of it all.

Most of the products are also enhanced with natural plant terpenes , which not only add flavour to the products but also “enhance the effects of both THC (the psychoactive ingredient) and CBD (the analgesic ingredient),” Kunkel adds.

In fact, that’s been one of Kunkel’s goals since the late 1990s and early 2000s, when he began selling tobacco. At the time, business was going so well that he was able to employ many of his family members and even help to build his mother’s home.

Today, Smoke Signals is a one-stop shop for medicinal cannabis and all its derivatives – from dry flower to extracts to CBD pills and tinctures. All the products are made in house in order to ensure quality control, Kunkel explains.

More importantly, he says, he was fortunate enough to be in a position where he could support his community when the band offices and councils fell short.

Smoke Signals also carries their own bear salve mixture – a combination of bear grease, coconut oil, vitamin E, essential oils and cannabis. The recipe for this salve has been used in Kunkel’s family for over 150 years and been passed down generation to generation.

If marijuana has helped heal people of their medical ailments, people like Kunkel have helped to heal his community and all those wanting to learn of their ignorance around this powerful plant.

The importance of the plant’s healing powers as opposed to its recreational use became most evident about three or four years ago, he explains.

“The newer generation are accepting of it because they are educated in it,” he says. “They know of its healing benefits. They know it’s not just there to get high with. Whereas for the older generation, it’s been stereotyped.”

“Everybody has come to me for help, knowing that I’ve put 25 years into this industry,” he says. “They always have – before any of this existed, before this store…they came right to my front door-step and asked me for these things, knowing that I had the know-how.”

At the time, he had opened up a new vapour lounge – the kind of business that was just coming onto the scene. The store, which operated for about 10 months, only sold edibles and had a big screen television, games and a bar-like area that did not sell alcohol but where people would often sit and talk.

When it comes to purchasing medical marijuana, experience is king. Unfortunately, ignorance usually reigns.

By Fernando Arce.

However, the store does refer prospective customers to BMA Hydroponics to put people in touch with doctors willing to write a cannabis prescription.

“You got a medicinal license but you still gotta be made to feel like a criminal,” Kunkel says. “So when I first opened the vapour lounge, it was a place to give everybody that had a medicinal license, a place to sit and socialize with each other. You could be sharing how you’re going about your sickness, how you’re treating it, what are the actual symptoms of your sickness. There are a lot of things out there that people don’t know, and until you can allow these people to actually sit together and socialize, a lot of that stuff is not going to come out.”

The idea behind referring people to pot-friendly doctors is all about community outreach rather than profit-making, he clarifies.

Kunkel is also a firm believer in his people’s sovereign right to use and benefit from the plant.

Patches typically offer a range cannabinoids with a split 1:1 ratio of CBD to THC, but you can choose patches based on your condition and the effects you wish to receive.

Though many online retailers will claim they can ship products containing CBD your way since CBD is legal to use, keep in mind that shipping these CBD products is actually illegal. A medical marijuana recommendation or card must be presented to purchase CBD products within the state of California and everywhere else.

We have answers for you. And if one topical topic’s been on your mind more so than others, just click on that link right below!

Top healing (and in some cases, now world renowned) CBD strains include:

If you’d like to create your own ointment, here’s a CBD ointment recipe to make at home:

Balms, creams, lotions, ointments & salves.

There are a few reasons why topical cannabis products are making their way into mainstream cannabis culture.

This is especially true for aging patients, parents who use the CBD products on their children, or adults who are concerned about practical matters (like failing drug tests, for example). For these reasons, the topical medical marijuana industry is growing rapidly here in the United States, with its primary consumers being female & senior chronic pain sufferers .

First, many unfamiliar patients would rather not ingest cannabis due to its psychoactive effects, and prefer to inch slowly into their cannabis experience with something milder like a tincture or topical. We totally get that, trying THC for the first time for its psychoactive effects can be intimidating (although trust us, with the proper dose, anyone can feel comfortable with it).

After all, ancient civilizations relied on plant medicines for their natural therapies, and it’s really quite a shame that our modern society has departed so much from analgesic herbs. Luckily, with legalization efforts succeeding nationwide, we’re seeing substantial new interest in cannabis-derived topical therapies.

Oils tend to be higher in potency and can include THC or just CBD. They’re most likely mixed with other beneficial herbs and essential oils that penetrate the skin for deeper healing. Oils are also more versatile because they can be ingested. It’s no secret that high doses of cannabis oil have been used to effectively treat epilepsy, kill cancer cells, heal ear infections and stop migraines.

If you have plant allergies, you might want to use hemp-based CBD ointments instead of those produced from cannabis. Marijuana cultivators tend to use pesticides and other herbicides that could irritate or even worsen skin conditions for those who are particularly sensitive to these chemicals.

Topical use has been linked to ancient Egypt, other parts of Africa, and in Europe, where it was used for its antiseptic, antibiotic and pain-relieving properties to treat bacterial infections, skin infections, foot inflammation and localized pain.

Next, chronic smoking could take a harmful toll on the lungs , although not enough long-term research has been done to say definitively. Some preliminary studies even show that smoking the herb could have benefits for your overall lung health, but only time will tell.

In fact, other countries like Israel are far ahead of the U.S. in attempting to decode how cannabis acts on one’s physical and psychological well-being.

How Can I Buy CBD Ointment & Other Topicals?

Regardless, if you want the health benefits that cannabinoids provide, topical options present a great existing alternative to other means of use.

Seeing as how CBD and THC offer similar health benefits, patients may opt for high-CBD cannabis ointments with or without THC. But if you decide to combine CBD and THC, you’ll reap the benefits of both, from what’s known as the “entourage effect.” Research suggests that using the two together are more effective than when used individually, a fact that’s been proven with cancer research as well as with multiple ailments.

That being said, when compared with the other methods of consumption, topical applications lag far behind. From our own online cannabis marketplace (think of it like the GrubHub for cannabis), topicals only make up about 1% of all purchases. Even at just 1% of total purchases, topicals saw a 100% increase in popularity since the same time last year.

For adults, generously rub the ointment onto the affected area and allow it to absorb for several minutes before covering with clothing and/or bandages so it doesn’t rub off. Be sure to watch the area for bad reactions like itchiness, redness, soreness, rashes or bumps.

Topical cannabis use dates back thousands of years. While its primary form of ingestion has always been smoking, it’s also traditionally been used as a medicinal component to existing remedies such as ointments, salves and tinctures.

Topical CBD absorbs into the skin and is really successful when liberally applied to the affected area(s). When using topicals, be sure to first wash the area with soap and water to remove any excess dirt, oil buildup, or previously applied CBD lotions or topical creams. Doing so will ensure that there aren’t any barriers between the ointment and your skin, creating the best environment for absorption.

What Is CBD Ointment?

Nugg provides safe and legal access to the relief you require. Simply enter your zip code and gain instant access to several vetted cannabis dispensaries near you. Nugg also provides customer-rated storefront collectives and delivery options for CBD ointments along with a plethora of cannabis topicals to be delivered straight to your doorstep!

When CBD and THC are combined they produce a powerful one-two punch by enhancing each other’s most useful characteristics. Interestingly, CBD slows down the breakdown of THC in the liver, allowing THC’s therapeutic effects to last longer.

Given the stigma surrounding marijuana and cannabinoid use in general (which is dissipating quickly), and marijuana’s Schedule I drug status with the federal government, substantial scientific and clinical research on the health benefits or consequences of cannabis have been severely constrained.

That being said, preclinical evidence suggests that CBD’s therapeutic, neuroprotective, sedative and anti-inflammatory effects are very promising. Overall, the medical community agrees that CBD can provide powerful relief for many conditions and poses little to no health risk.

Once applied, the ointment can take anywhere from 1-48 hours to provide relief , depending on the dosage, how often it’s used, and severity of your condition.

Highly-concentrated cannabis salves and balms are great options for healing wounds and small cuts, while creams, lotions and ointments are best for alleviating itchiness, dryness, burns, rashes and other inflammatory skin conditions.

Keep in mind, patches containing THC will produce a psychoactive effect that can be just as, if not more, potent than smoking, vaping or eating edibles since it’s absorbed more quickly; so CBD patches may be the best option if you need to function without those effects.