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Been suffering mad panic attacks on and off for a few months now, and have been reading a lot about how CBD can help with anxiety. I also suffer from back pain – damn manual labour – and am told it can also help a little with this.

Hey guys, been a lurker for a few weeks and thought I'd write a post to see if you can help me out.

I already vape, but after reading a lot about CBD e-juices I still can't really decide on wether it's would be best to buy pre-mixed or add a base juice to my current e-liquid. I'm also really torn on brands, as I don't want to potentially spend a lot of money on a brand that isn't all that good.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and any feedback and info would be super appreciated.

This. I'm not a fan of marijuana (but support legalization), but I still recognize the difference between CBD and THC.

Yep yep yep. CBD products have less than 0.1% THC, the psychoactive chemical that gets you high, and that's by law. That's how all of these CBD companies are selling products that can be shipped anywhere, CBDs are literally the medical components of the plant.

Perhaps OP is thinking vaping CBD oil is the same or similar to dabs? Its not. It very much is not the same as shatter or resin. Its not at all alike, don't get them mixed up because it's called oil or looks similar or anything.

I think people who DO vape CBDs and who do not do so for any specific medical reason are doing it to see what benefits they CAN get out of it, and for the novelty. People do it because its new and they can. The uneducated usually, but uneducated because there's been no reason to be educated about the topic. This is part of the self-educating process, actually.

CBD is non psychoactive and helps with anxiety, pain and hunger issues, should be a non issue.

Boyfriend recently started vaping CBD and I'm not sure how I feel about it. I have no problem with weed. Him and I both partake from time to time. But it just really irritates me that throughout the day, he's been puffing on this thing. I don't know what I'm looking for, or why I'm posting this. Just wondered if anyone has more knowledge about this stuff. Am I being overly concerned for nothing?

I'd be interested in why he was doing it. In his words. OP have you gone straight up to his face and asked? That might be a more respectful approach. You'd get his answer, and be able to better decide how you feel about it than from asking strangers on the internet how you should feel. You'd at least be able to assess HIS understanding of it. And see if you should even be considering this a problem. (Spoiler alert: you shouldn't)

Just my opinion as I'm not a fan of isolates and distillates.

Primarily, I use CBD for anxiety, & a bonus is that it helps with pain as well (old horse related injuries). What I've found to work best is a twice daily tincture to knock the edge off, paired with using the cartridges for "emergencies". I also casually vape CBD e-liquid or (more recently) CBD e-liquid mixed with 0 nic to expand the available flavor profiles.

As far as pros and cons, honestly, the same thing falls in both categories. In this example, let's say it's the high quality concentrated cartridges (that actually work lol). Vaping CBD takes effect much faster than an other form of intake, but it also doesn't last nearly as long. Vaping works within minutes, but the effects only last a few hours. Edibles take 30-60min to kick in and can last 8 or so hours. Edibles can also not be taken within an hour of any oral medications one might be on. 2 hours is actually better, & if you're on blood thinners, 4 hours.

That being said, unfortunately, CBD really doesn't work for everyone. You can have 10 people use it exactly the same, & they would all have different results. Not everyone has the same body chemistry. The same applies to animals as well, actually. It's definitely not a black and white topic lol.

I also have to wonder if some people that don't feel the effects from a quality product are vaping it wrong. CBD is vaped like salt nic, low wattage (15w or less) and higher resistance coils. Higher wattage supposedly burns off the CBD so of course someone wouldn't feel the effects in cases like that.

Agreed. Just seems over all more effective eating it or dropping tinctures under your tongue. Especially with how expensive the vapeable form is.

For me the only pro I can see is it being a substitute for my nicotine vapes. A con would be that if this was the best option then more people with medical cannabis cards would have this available from their producers but imo its not the same as a pure oil tincture or a concentrate made from resin/rosin. If you have the ingredients to make your own DIY liquids It would be at least 4x cheaper and you'll know exactly whats in the liquid.

Also note that, while I like my carts strong enough to drop a horse (not really, but I like the saying lol), not everyone needs that. There are good companies that sell carts and disposables starting at 150mg (possibly as low as 75mg, actually), & that works for some folks. Different strokes for different folks and whatnot lol. I started with a 400mg cart that worked well, but I'd rather be safe. I'm twitchy like that though lol.

They sell it in e liquid form.

If you're using concentrated quality cartridges, they work well. CBD e-juices are more for casual vaping than anything because they're not really strong enough to do much for some people. Depending, you can get a 1000mg cart for the same price as a bottle of 1000mg juice depending on the companies you choose. My carts (1000mg, uncut, 1ml) run $85ea and last forever because you only take one or two puffs as needed. A 1000mg 30ml bottle can run anywhere between $45 and $120 depending on the company and doesn't last as long. You also need to keep in mind that there's a lot of snake oil in the CBD world so not all companies have quality product (that produce the desired effects) and are OK to buy from. Verifying testing through an accredited lab is a big help in that department, if you know what to look for.

I've been using CBD for about a year and am still learning myself, but that's my 2 cents lol ๐Ÿ™‚.