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LatinAmerican Post | Vanesa López Romero.

The medical cannabis market is growing, especially in a country like Colombia , where this plant has had a strong relationship with drug trafficking violence and the war on drugs. Thanks to this market growth, the destigmatization of the plant has been achieved little by little and it is being seen as an opportunity for the economic growth of the country in the region. In addition, job opportunities are increasing because, according to a study carried out by the Foundation for Higher Education and Development (Fedesarrollo), this sector generates in Colombia, "on average, 17.3 formal agricultural jobs per hectare and could generate 7,772 in total for the year 2025, and 26,968 for 2030" .

We will discuss the differences between THC and CBD, the two main organic compounds of this plant that have effects on the human body and on which there are medical interests. Photo: Unsplash.

Despite the fact that the use of medical cannabis is increasing more and more, there are many people who still fear this substance derived from the marijuana plant .

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However, many people still fear the derivatives of the plant precisely because of the stigmatization and the bad propaganda that has been done to it since the war on drugs. Below we will discuss the differences between THC and CBD, the two main organic compounds of this plant that have effects on the human body and on which there are medical interests.

Medical cannabis is on the rise and understanding how its different components and derivatives work is important to be able to make use of these. Of course, it is best to opt for therapies and drugs made with CBD and THC under the advice of experts , which is why there are clinics with this approach around the world.

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