chaos in the cbd 78 to stanley bay

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Electronic house music.

Additional production by Isaac Aesili.

Title from disc label.

Chaos In The CBD are brothers Ben and Louis Helliker-Hales from New Zealand.

Related to Container of (work): Chaos In The CBD (Musical group). 816 to Nunhead (Song)., Container of (work): Chaos In The CBD (Musical group). 78 to Stanley Bay.

Other Titles 816 to Nunhead (Single); Eight Sixteen to Nunhead; 78 to Stanley Bay Publisher [Berlin?] : Amadeus Records, [2013] Format 1 audio disc : analog, 45 rpm ; 30 cm.

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If you’re also in my shoes, the answer is Central Business District: a name which to me evokes sun glistening from silver skyscrapers, that weird sensation of being in a part of town you don’t really belong in, money changing hands, all the different shades of insurance policies and causing chaos by wearing socks and slides whilst a load of suits swarm around you. I don’t know if that’s what brothers Louis and Ben thought of when they grouped together to form Chaos In The CBD, but its a cool idea.

Chaos In The CBD’s release schedule has remained very steady since their initial EP ‘The Moving Image’ in 2011, with cuts raining down annually on labels like Hot Haus Recs, Amadeus and Rhythm Section International.Originally from Auckland, the laidback duo are now firmly anchored in South East London, a tell-tale sign being track names like Midnight In Peckham and 816 To Nunhead.

The ‘Slab’ EP on Parisian club label ClekClekBoomRecordings in 2012 was a pounding mix of screwed lyrics from Dom P shouting, thong touting players in the club that layered up with rolling bass and clashing ballroom samples, making it worthy of a dance workout. Their productions have matured slowly with the years – kind of like an exquisite single malt – adding a more jazzy and ethereal lick with tracks 816 To Nunhead being a shining example. I tried to find the 816 bus to tell you where it goes but instead just imagine its back home to Nunhead via Paradise Garage, with a quick stop off in Canavans Pool Club.

Midnight In Peckham, taken from their Rhythm Section International EP of the same name, is so chilled its almost lying down but andromeda cruising jam DeLorean Dreams on Hot Haus is still a blinding showcase of how much Chaos In The CBD can make you sweat on the dancefloor.