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New Zealand-born brothers Ben and Louis Helliker-Hales (aka Chaos in the CBD) create understated house and techno that encompass elements of jazz. Born in 1989, the brothers were brought up listening to their parents’ rock records, going on to join jazz and indie bands in their early teenage years. In the mid-2000s they discovered electronic music, eventually learning to produce and DJ. In 2011 they began touring in Europe, encouraging them to leave Auckland permanently for better access to their European audience; they moved to Peckham, London in 2012.

Over the next three years they released a diverse set of EPs, including the jazz/disco-infused 816 to Nunhead and the understated techno of No Signal Found, both on Urulu’s Amadeus Records. In 2015 they released a standout EP, Midnight in Peckham, through Strictly Rhythm; the record sold out in less than two weeks, featuring complex drum patterns and the inclusion of Isaac Aesili on trumpet. The next two records, Constraints of Time Travel on Church and Global Erosion on YAM Recordings, saw them double down on the jazz elements in their music. In 2017 Chaos in the CBD set up the In Dust We Trust label alongside Jon Sable, launched with the release of the Accidental Meetings EP.

I love the opening sample. Quality… haha.

This makes me think of sitting in a corner inside a trendy coffee place while it’s raining heavily outside and i’m completely zoned out from reality.

1:52 when those highs come in. Beautiful.

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fucking love this one.

This is the Mount Everist of house production.

love that piano sample from ahmad jamal trio.

Chaos In The CBD.

Any artist or label recommendations for classy deep house like this? All these ‘Deep House’ playlists be faking it slipping in EDM and shit.

This song uses the same sample as "Renaissance" by All Natural.

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such a classy track…

so much good music is coming out of london these days. everything i listen to on spotify is being played the most in london. well done!

Where have I heard the trumpet samples before?!

Just discovered .. TICk right time . .

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around 7 – grasse mat same sample.

anyone know where that quote was sampled from, in the beginning of the track when the dude says "I'm gonna get the hottest bitches I can find…"

anybody got an idea about opening sample? where doest it come from.

thats sounds like old-school house…from the 90s.