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So what do the region names and different colors mean? To someone new to Kratom, the names can be confusing. Kratom grows in the wild in some parts of South East Asia. The various climate differences can cause an effect on the final product. Traditional names for Kratom come from the regions in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand, where they are grown. Most Kratom imported into the United States comes from the Borneo region.

The colors refer to the veins in the leaves of Kratom. The most common vein colors are red, green, and white!

“Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) refers to the leaves of a South East Asian medicinal tree that is closely related to Coffee. It has been employed for a variety of uses in traditional South Eastern medicine systems for at least several hundred years of recorded history, but has undoubtedly been utilized since time immemorial.”

NOTE: The color of the veins are not the colors of the powder.

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