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It is necessary to mention the Postal Code while you send a letter or a parcel via the New Zealand postal system. The Postal Code numbers literally route the post you send through the geography of New Zealand to the address given in Christchurch Central Airedale Place, Christchurch. In fact the actual address is read only at the final post office where they do the final sorting for delivery. Thus Postal or PIN code helps post offices to speed up the sorting and delivery of mails. Postal Code is also otherwise called as postal code or PIN code (Postal Index Number).

A postcode should be used on all addresses. If the postcode contains a leading zero, this zero must be included. The postcode must not include separators or spaces.

Postcodes are four digits and each digit has a specific meaning.

The second and third digits reflect postal sort areas and our New Zealand Post delivery network – urban posties, New Zealand Post PO Boxes, Private Bags and RuralPost.

The first digit of the postcode represents one of ten machine ‘lines’ (numbered 0 – 9), which process mail for a specific geographic region. These run north to south in ascending order.

The fourth digit identifies the specific box lobby, rural delivery round or urban area.

How postcodes work.

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There are only one or two spaces between town/city and postcode, for example:

How to use postcodes.