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Welcome to Conscious Botanical Distillery !

You have probably noticed these three letters popping up a lot lately – C.B.D. It is found in everything from lotions to coffee and even dog treats. So what’s the big deal with this stuff? Simply put, CBD is a naturally occurring product within the hemp plant that many people find does wonders for a wide range of ailments. It is being widely researched across the world today to discover more information about its magical healing properties, but available data already shows a great deal of promise. Not that long ago, hardly anybody was talking about it. Today, medical patients and researchers alike are demanding more.



To begin, a hemp plant, according to the federal government, was considered to be the same as the cannabis plant known for producing THC (the psychoactive compound known for getting users “high”. Until recently, all plants labeled under the umbrella term “cannabis plant” were deemed illegal and have been that way since 1937 when the Marijuana Tax Act was first drafted. Thirty-three years passed before the government drafted another document banning cannabis of any kind – the Controlled Substance Act of 1970. Because of this suppression, CBD research was extremely limited. That changed recently when the 2018 United States Farm Bill was signed into law, which included a provision known as the Hemp Farming Act of 2018. This document allowed hemp, defined as cannabis with less than 0.3% to be removed from the Schedule 1 controlled substances list. The undeserved label was lifted, and hemp production is now legal nationally.

Unlike traditional methods used to extract CBD that include heat and toxic chemicals harmful to the body — which also degrade the living cannabinoids rendering them less available — Planetarie's formulation extracts CBDa from the cannabis plant in its purest form. This then results in the cleanest, highest-quality CBDa products available on the market, offering premium formulations that are wellness-focused, lab tested for purity, holistically centered, non-intoxicating, and have a 100x greater affinity for 5-HT receptors as compared to CBD.

DENVER , Oct. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Fundamentally redefining pain relief solutions after identifying a gap in the market for high-performing, mindfully formulated products that champion healing without harm, Planetarie today announces its official debut as the world's first USDA Certified Organic CBDa manufacturer and distributor. Founded by Stacy Cason — who had a front row seat to the severe negative effects of opioid pharmaceuticals in her 15-year medical field tenure as an ICU nurse and anesthesiology nurse practitioner (CRNA) during the heart of the United States' opioid crisis — Planetarie provides a performance-driven, clean and environmentally conscious solution to promote natural healing. Differentiating itself as a premier natural pain relief brand, Planetarie's proprietary water extraction technology is the first to produce fully stabilized, raw CBDa — a powerful anti-inflammatory and acidic precursor made by the cannabis plant that promotes a number of benefits including pain relief, immune support, muscle recovery and more.

In underscoring its commitment to transparency, Planetarie partners with a third-party ISO-17025 accredited lab to test every product batch for potency, microbial contaminants, pesticides and heavy metals, with certificates of analysis accessible via each individual product's QR code to ensure consumer empowerment by way of education and transparency.

Additional benefits of CBDa include more potency and bioavailability than CBD, meaning CBDa is more efficacious at lower dosages with potential anti-bacterial, antioxidant and analgesic properties, and shown in human clinical trials to be 18X more bioavailable than CBD. CBDa is a selective COX-2 inhibitor clinically proven to provide comparable anti-inflammatory benefits to common anti-inflammatory NSAIDs without harmful side effects, and it also addresses anxiety, depression, sleep deprivation, chronic pain and more.

"Given my intimate experience in healthcare and ensuing mission to identify non-addictive, natural alternatives for pain management, after three years of tireless research, passion and development I am thrilled to officially introduce the cannabis industry's first and only water-extracted CBDa line, delivering the most bioavailable medicinal benefits of hemp to those seeking a pure form of natural healing," said Stacy Cason , CEO & Founder of Planetarie. "At the crux of Planetarie's vision, we honor a steadfast commitment to providing the utmost efficacy, transparency and integrity to ensure our customers' wellness journey benefits not only their past and present, but their holistic future and beyond."

The first-to-market retailer's line of CBDa-infused products spans a comprehensive wellness selection of topicals and ingestibles, including the following in its launch portfolio with additional product extensions on the horizon: