cooking with cbd isolate

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Do you use CBD oil? As it turns out, you can easily make your own hemp oil tinctures using CBD isolate.

Cooking with CBD isolate is a lot easier than you may think, and a lot of fun too.

Those boring unappealing homemade meals that once triggered the urge to order in at night should no longer be a part of your life.

These days CBD infused smoothies are one of the most popular ways to supplement CBD.

You’ll also learn how to properly blend your CBD infused carrier oil with whatever you’re trying to make.

cbd infused smoothie recipe.

As you experiment you may end up using different doses, but we are going to keep things simple. If you are cooking with 1 gram of CBD isolate powder, you’ll want to use 1-2 teaspoons of carrier oil.

For more information on our recommended brands, read our feature article: Everything You Need to Know About CBD isolate.

The double boiling method is a simple heat control technique used in cooking.

Most notably, you can cook with CBD and make your own infused edibles at an affordable price. Cooking with isolate allows you to enhance each recipe with healthy boosts.

Even if you’re not striving to become a fitness freak or a weekend warrior, cooking with CBD is a phenomenal way to get your daily dose. Cooking with cannabidiol is easy, and once you get the hang of it, you’ll be finding excuses to add CBD in all your favorite recipes.

Studies link cannabidiol to more than 50 different conditions, especially due to its remarkable anti-inflammation effects. Inflammation is the root cause of most health issues we face.

Cooking with CBD might take some time to get used to it. So I pulled together two recipes that I think are perfect for starters.

Keep in mind that you’ll want to use an appropriate amount of carrier oil to match your dose.

Fill the larger pot about a quarter full with water. You need the water to sit about an inch below the smaller pot.

For example, studies show that unrefined coconut MCT oil provides better absorption of CBD than other carrier oils. MCT oil also happens to be one of the best carrier oils to use when cooking with CBD isolate because it is relatively tasteless.

How to Cook with CBD Isolate.

But, despite the fact that you have these tons of tips and rules to follow, there will always be one big problem: How do you initiate wellness? How do you start living healthy? Where to start?

CBD smoothies are a tasty way to take your cannabidiol while getting a healthy dose of other superfoods as well as fruits, veggies, and proteins.

High temperatures will cause you to burn off the cannabidiol that you’re trying to infuse into your food.

Guacamole and smoothies are both excellent starting points because CBD blends perfectly with both.

The first recipe is the best CBD infused guacamole recipe you’ll find.

These two recipes should be a great introduction to cooking with CBD isolate. With each, you’ll learn how to use the double boiling method.

By cooking with CBD and making your own products, you can both cut down the price and personally tailor each batch or recipe according to your needs.

The Double Boiling Method.

To avoid losing potency, you’ll need to keep an eye on the temperature or use the cannabidiol in your food a bit differently.

Essential oils and plant supplements can be overly potent or difficult for us to absorb directly, so carrier oils are used to help facilitate the process.

Guacamole is fun, easy to make, and really good for you too. Add in a little CBD and what more could you possibly want from everyone’s favorite food.

For the millions of people that find relief in cannabidiol, these overpriced, under-infused products are hard to buy: they cannot afford them!

Create anything from superfood-packed CBD infused fruit smoothies to BBQ sauces and salsas. All you’ll need is isolate powder and a carrier oil of your choice.

Table of Contents.

With no known downside, adding cannabidiol to your smoothies is kind of a no-brainer. You might even be adding a supplement that is considered as an antioxidant.

Even the less-gimmicky infused products come with their pitfalls. Everyone who works in the industry has heard how “CBD is too expensive.”

Making an Oil Mixture.

Added to Food.

CBD Crystalline Isolate is suitable to mix with oil and fat based foods such as butter, oils, egg products, nut butters or flours, hummus, coconut-based or diary-based foods such as yogurt or soft cheeses, avocados, olive paste, coco butter or milk chocolate.

CBD Crystalline Isolate can be used in its raw form or added prior to cooking, such as in baked goods. When baking with it, you will want to add the CBD isolate into the oil or egg mixture before folding in dry ingredients and mix well to ensure it is spread evenly. Keep in mind, CBD has a boiling point and can degrade in high heat. Make sure you cook at low temperatures at less than 350º Fahrenheit.


Because CBD Crystalline Isolate does not have intoxicating effects, is almost flavourless and odourless, it can be taken daily and consumed in several different ways, including as a versatile ingredient that won’t interfere with the flavour, texture, or aroma of your favourite recipe. You can add it to any oil-based foods (CBD isolate is not compatible with water-soluble recipes) and you can bake with it.

You can make your own CBD oil out of CBD Crystalline Isolate that can easily be added to your coffee, teas, smoothies or in cooking. Simply combine your favourite oil (sunflower, coconut or olive oils for example) with your desired dose of CBD Crystalline Isolate into a glass tincture bottle. Shake it up and wait until the isolate has dissolved. Once it is dissolved, it can be used in cooking, coffee or tea, smoothies or under your tongue.