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At this year’s Civilized Games on The Santa Monica Pier, we met the team from Core CBD. They offer a wide range of hemp based CBD products including different flavors of dog treats. Dog Treats are the perfect way to pamper your companion while giving their bodies the support they need for happier, healthier lives. pet-safe formulas use the highest-quality CBD oil possible so they can experience the full benefits of hemp. Age and stress can have a negative impact on your four-legged buddy, from reduced mobility due to arthritis pain, to anxiety-induced behavior. Luckily, just like humans, our canine friends also have an endocannabinoid system, which can be affected by CBD products. If you want your pet to experience all the potential benefits that CBD has to offer, consider giving them Peanut Butter CBD Dog Treats from Core CBD. Each jar of Core treats contains 30 pieces that are 5mg per treat, for a total of 150 mg. Anecdotal evidence from pet owners points to an overall positive experience in using CBD to promote their pets’ health and wellness.

Core Peanut Butter CBD Dog Treats have the potential to: Reduce anxiety and stress-related behaviors such as incessant barking and destructive tendencies, increase appetite, reduce pain associated with arthritis and other joint issues, and promote overall health and wellness. These treats are 100% THC-free and independently lab tested to make sure they’re free from pesticides and insecticides. Core’s delicious peanut butter CBD Dog Treats don’t just taste good, they’re also made from top quality, organic hemp grown in the USA. They are also: 100% free from psychoactive ingredients, meaning these treats won’t get your dog “high” but they can make them feel better. Our dogs Mystie and Buddy both enjoyed them very much and certainly seemed to be in better moods after eating them.

Dog treats are a dime a dozen. Go into any pet store or even online and you”ll be faced with thousands of choices to give your favorite furry companion. But how do you know you are getting the best product with the right ingredients for your special dog? And what if he or she has unique issues that you think merit a plant-based approach, accompanied by the simple offering of a tasty dog treat? Core CBD has formulated a special treat full of exceptional bacon flavor, but with added nutritive benefits of that lovely compound found in industrial hemp: CBD.

Made from non-GMO ingredients like real bacon, coconut, honey, and Core CBD’s USA grown hemp extract, these dog treats are some of the best in their class. And all of Core CBD’s products are third-party lab tested to make sure you and your pet are receiving the highest possible quality and purity. Each pet is different, and you know how best to provide your loving companion with the quality of life he deserves. Core CBD’s Bacon Flavor Dog Treats are formulated for all breeds and all sizes, but It’s best to start with one treat per day. Each treat contains 5mg of Core CBD’s proprietary full-spectrum hemp-extracted CBD, but never any THC. That means you won’s have to worry about any psychoactive effects! However, use caution when giving these treats until you see how your pet reacts.