does cbd show up on drug test reddit

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Isolate: The CBD is isolated and there are no other cannabinoids. This is the one recommended for people who get tested.

Here’s my understanding:

It's very poorly regulated esp. in states where cannabis is still not legal, or states with no retail market.

From what I have read, because it is pretty much unregulated there may be trace amounts of THC. Depending on how much and how often someone uses it and how sensitive and what kind of drug test it is, someone can drop hot. Not much real research has been done on it.

Full Spectrum: Some detectable THC, the upper limit is decided by your state, usually around 0.3%. Made from the whole plant. This is what most companies sell because it’s cheaper to produce.

It’s frustrating because a lot of positive research is showing up for thc and cbd from legal states, and shit like this discredits the real science. Yeah, they’re right that cbd has benefits. What sucks is their product is probably like Monat is to quality hair care.

Broad Spectrum: Zero THC, third party lab tested. Some other cannabinoids are present. The company can tell you exact percentages of each cannabinoid in the product.

This should be higher up. Whether someone is buying or selling CBD products they should be educated about what they are shopping for.

i hate MLMs like any other sane person, but IMO both parties in this are annoying.

So I’m not 100% sure, but I would imagine the CBD crap that’s sold on the shelves in stores for anyone to buy has absolutely no THC in it, right? Otherwise how could they sell it? I genuinely don’t know, but always assumed that was the case.

You can definitely get cbd that will help with pain and anxiety, but once again Huns have come in and mucked it up for everyone, especially those not living in areas where marijuana is legal, regulated, and spoken of freely.

Hey guys so I decided to buy CBD oil at the gas station since I can’t smoke and the last time I did that the container said 0% THC but they were out of that kind and I forgot to check the new bottle until after I took 5 drops of it and noticed on the back it said “contains no more than 0.3% THC so now I’m freaking out. My probation meeting is this Friday morning and I don’t know if I’ll get tested or not. Is it likely to cause me to fail? Anybody with experience taking CBD on probation?