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Can CBD oil, the ketogenic diet, and whole body vibration translate to better health? And why should people abstain from statins?

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In this episode, we chat with Dr. Philip Blair, a board-certified family practitioner and a retired military officer from West Point who does many things to help people transform their lives, including education about CBD oil, low-carb and ketogenic diet approaches, statin injuries, and disease management. He also provides consultations regarding cannabidiol (CBD) from industrial hemp.

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Among the many other hats the awesome Dr. Blair wears, he is also an advisor for Elixinol, as well as the Medical Director and Vice President of Pro Health Advisor, providing innovative nutritional and disease management services. His program believes in “empowering individual patients to make lifestyle changes and coaching them through the difficult transitions until they realize success…and maintain their positive outcomes for life.”

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He adds: ”with CBD there is no evidence of any long term negative impact and no likelihood of addiction.”

I found a VT clip with project CBD interviewing Dr Ethan Russo – who has said that black pepper is the only terpene to interact with our endocannabinoid system – talking about black pepper (at 18 mins in).

You can fast forward to 19 minutes to hear about CBD Oil and Omega 3.

Dr Phillip Blair, MD of Elixinol and Medical Consultant for Cannabidiol in the States adds more to the growing list:

So Mara Gordon from the VT in the last post says a lot of interesting snippets. Like Dr Phillip Blair, she says that CBD oil and black pepper are an excellent combination in the medicinal world of cannabis.

Dr Ethan Russo and Dr Phillip Blair talk about the Entourage Effect of ‘Whole Plant Medicine’ where the natural compounds interact together to create a greater degree of wellness. Russo says ‘I can tell you having worked with GW, they are sure aware of the entourage effect’.

In the VT posted on 2 January 2018, Mara Gordon talks about THC – the psychoactive element – and says it super activates the CB1 and CB2 receptor sites in our bodies, which in terms of cancer, leads to apoptosis (cell death). However, the Hemp products sold in Europe contain a max of 0.2% THC, which has no effect .

Will we see the same results here in the UK without the THC element in the products?? Suspect not….

An article in The Times (11 November 2017) researched by Susannah Taylor adds to that list with:

There are 3 parts to cannabis: THC, CBD and terpenes. It is the latter that give any plant its aroma and flavour. Black pepper AKA beta caryophyllene is a terpene and is present in the cannabis plant, amongst other terpenes. But when we consume black pepper, it is suggested that it enhances the effect of CBD as it activates our CB2 receptor sites in our bodies – these are located within our immune system for one. I use the word ‘suggested’ as it has not been fully studied for everyone to agree on this topic.

Research is being undertaken into inflammatory diseases , cancer , neurological disorders and pain management by Oxford Cannabinoid Technologies who have a programme researching, developing and licensing cannabinoid-based compounds and therapies. They are at:

Note: Added March 2018. As these brilliant minds are American they are not using Hemp based products like we are here in the UK. The THC present in their version of Cannabis CBD Oil has higher levels than the European.

Note: added March 2018. I have now learnt enough to realise that for maximum results here in Europe we need Cannabis Oil containing both CBD and higher levels of THC otherwise we will never see the same success stories coming out of the States.

Mike Adams, The Health Ranger who appeared in The Sacred Plant films has various VTs of his own on You Tube. His research (to date) says that CBD Oil can treat the following:

Anyway, here he is talking about CBD Oil and in this VLOG about how in his experience people with good levels of Omega 3 in their bodies see better results. Interesting. I take 1 tbsp. of Grano Vita Hemp Oil (high in Omega3) with one of my 2 Vitamin D tablets (it needs to be taken with fatty food for max absorption). The other is with Vita Coco Coconut Oil.

Project CBD has Dr Bonni Goldstein a doctor and author talking about THC and CBD ratios and the benefits of products with both CBD and THC.

Dr Philip Blair in the VBLOG on 30 November 2017 post says how he’s there when the patient takes the first dose of CBD Oil and increases it til they start laughing! Well you don’t get that with Hemp CBD as there’s no THC. So his success stories are based on a product with both THC and CBD.

So CLEAR have said that the Food and Drug Administration have approved G W Pharmaceuticals cannabis based epilepsy drug. It consists of 98% CBD and the remaining 2% is unknown and will not be disclosed by G W Pharma. However, we mustn’t forget that it will differ from other CBD products as it will be a highly concentrated and purified pharmaceutical grade medicine.

This VT on You Tube from Dr Phillip Blair has a good description of inflammation and also reiterates the benefits of Cannabidiol (CBD) Oil on inflammation.

A Times newspaper article by Susannah Taylor says that for example Jacob Hooy CBD oil has 0.05% THC and that the UK legal limit is 0.2%.

Let’s crack on with the trial then….

An article in The Telegraph (30 March 2017) researched by Katie Forster adds further:

On 9 October 2017, Richard Holt from The Telegraph reported: Dr Henry Fisher of drug policy thinktank Volteface says: ”there has been some early scientific evidence that CBD can help with inflammation . There s also a lot of anecdotal evidence that it helps people who do contact sports, because of the tendancy to get inflamed joints. Taking other anti-inflammatories like ibuprofen on a long term basis – as many sportspeople do – is not a good idea because of the potential damage to the liver.”

Dr Phillip Blair, Medical Consultant for Cannabidiol has been interviewed about CBD Oil. He is the first person I have come across to suggest that you can rub CBD Oil in to painful areas; elsewhere they talk about drops under the tongue.

I’ve just filled in the form to find out more about their clinical trials.