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We offer a wide variety of high quality, natural and organic kosher grade glycerin infused with full spectrum hemp tinctures. They may aid in relieving symptoms of chronic pain, inflammation, muscle spasms, back and joint pain, nausea, insomnia, epilepsy, anxiety, depression, migraines, loss of appetite and more.

“Nacht” Night – A mix of mostly Indica’s used for Chronic Pain, Anxiety, Sleep Disorders, Seizures, Migraines & Relief Stress.

Our higher CBD tinctures include.


Indica tinctures are for relaxation, heavy pain relief, and night-time use.

I was the hospice nurse for a patient with uncontrolled nausea and vomiting. She had tried every conventional medication to control this. The nausea and vomiting persisted and was causing a lot of constant discomfort and work for her family. The patient started using this tincture and immediately had relief from the nausea and vomiting. It truly provided a life altering measure for this patient and family. Possible to give even when patient was having trouble swallowing in her last few days. Would highly recommend.

This sensational balm heals , relieves , protects , and soothes with 18 organic, therapeutic pure essential oils from Young Living, as well as other botanicals, butters, herbs, and a variety of oils. With the combined I have been using a dropperful of ValentineX in the AM & Harlequin in the evening along with my son’s other meds to help him.His anxiety was so high that there were days he didn’t sleep at all. During the day he would be a bit shaky, restless and have clammy hands & feet. The tinctures have definitely helped to keep him calmer during the day and not restless to the point he was pacing around and going up & down the stairs constantly. I have to mix meds at night to help him sleep through without him waking up. Along with Neurontin, i use 1-2 pills of Clonidine depending how and his energy levels are at bedtime and Melatonin. He’s already on 5 prescriptions and just don’t want him to be sleepy during school hours which all of those combined has side effects of drowsiness & jitters. His Dr’s are aware I am using CBD tinctures. I even observed for myself to see how he was without the CBD and he is just restless and soo anxious where it’s just constant pacing. With the CBD he’s ok, like his ‘normal self’, calm and responsive and just his sweet self. I am still adjusting dosages of the tinctures, depending how his behavior is and such, but for now 1ml does the trick and lasts about 6-7hrs. Thank you.

I use your tinctures for my Multiple Sclerosis and for my pit bull who has severe hip Displyasia and he’s only 5 years old. He was prescribed some doggie wheels and leg amputation. Then I started giving him your Tinctures and now he can run and go outside and go potty without me carrying him. No surgery and still has his leg! With my Multiple Sclerosis when I feel a slight hint of a relapse I will take a few drops and be perfect for about 2 hours and,my relapses are not near as bad as they used to be…

I recently bought your Harlequin tincture, and I really enjoyed the flavor and I noticed results quickly. I was truly impressed with the quality of your products.

I LOVE your product! And I will spread the word about your product! I already do!! DUTCH FARMS is the ONLY product for me!! Thanks again,

I finally got the Royal Medic in Sacramento at the CC101 club.It’s only been three days and I have not felt this well in years-truly! I am amazed and so encouraged. Things are slowly getting back to normal for me. I am so appreciative.

I’ve been using your Cannatonic tincture for my son. He has Tuberous Sclerosis which causes seizures and small non-cancerous Tumors throughout the brain and all major organs. I’ve been able to take him OFF 200 mg of anti-seizure meds ,which has caused him bone density problems and more! He has been on Cannatonic since Sept. and he goes for an MRI soon. I’m hoping a tumor on his kidney will have shrunk in size so he won’t have to have surgery. What I have Noticed about 20 minutes after his first dose is: He came and stood directly in front of me and said:”I FEEL good”. I asked him where? He pointed to his back where his kidney is! He than LOOKED me STRAIGHT in the eye ,WHEN he realized we were CONNECTING He had the biggest smile and I am so grateful for you Giving us that…Thank you for ALL you do!

Your product is a Godsend I’ve shared a jar with my friend who uses it for his Arthritis in his hips. Thank you for the samples with my order which I can share with family and friends. Thank you.

I have a lot of knee pain along with my multiple sclerosis the salve helps tremendously.

I tried your products through a friend of mine, and especially your balm helped me a few months ago after a severe knee injury in the High Himalayas, after one application over night I was able to walk almost pain free the next day again. 🙂

The tinctures are great for dogs, but for the past few months, I’ve given my dogs the PET capsules… I actually open them up and add the liquid to a treat…my dogs would spit out the capsule. I noticed a huge difference in my older dog with hip problems and she runs around plus has an easier time getting up now. Thank you so much.

You truly are a blessing to humanity. Since I have seen with my own eyes that your products are very beneficial for seizures, I firmly believe that you are on the brink of a major medical breakthrough. Since we have a good god and since the work you are doing is very good, I firmly believe that our good god will truly protect you, Judith and anybody else involved in your work. My daughter has been taking less of her trileptal and has not had any type of activity and has even begun to do homework and seems to be mentally sharp. And we owe this to you, Judith. Thank you and God bless you and all your loved ones.

I have used your CBD oils for 3 years now. I have tried others but there is nothing that compares to Dutch farms. Great products.

My wife has a severe injury and has been using valentine x for 3 years now. She loves your product. Thank you.

Finally a product that helps us elderly with our many aches and pains. What I really appreciate is all the fantastic ingredients in the balm. I am familiar with the Young Living oils and know they are sustainable grown. You have succeeded in creating a wonderful product and a little goes a long way. It also made my skin a lot softer and supple.

So I tried the Valentine X tincture. It seemed that very soon after my first drops the muscles in my throat/neck area were able to relax and feel less strained. I could hardly believe such an immediate effect. In fact,I found it hard to believe, but I felt some relief for some hours. I had a few more drops in the afternoon and it just got better. By the evening I felt so much better and dropped off to sleep easily. This morning when I woke I had absolutely no choking sensation or tightness. That was amazing. I have been living with this feeling so longin my neck/throat that i have the memory of it physically, but have to tell myself that that is now a phantom feeling. Wow, so now I am hoping that this will stay gone! Again, I am so amazed. Thank you so much.

Thank you so much Judith. I’m learning which tinctures have the best effects and outcomes for my son. I am so grateful for them! His teacher commented this week that he’s becoming more engaged with his classmates and it just made me so happy and more encouraged to maybe try different techniques for his learning that we put a hold on since he had no interest prior. We are weaning him off one of his meds that hopefully as long as does not have another seizure, we will continue to remove more as we go along. What seems to work great for him is 1ml (Euphoria) in the morning and about 8hrs later by the time he’s at home from school I give him another dropperful. Last, just to keep the prescription for sleep at a minimum I mix .5ml to 1ml of the Harlequin with his meds so he can sleep well. Depending on how restless he is, melatonin has to be mixed also so that he sleeps without waking up in the middle of the night. I’m still going through trial & error for his sleep habits. Thanks again Judith, I always refer anyone who asks about where I get my CBD from to the DutchFarms website where they can read about the different ones and try for themselves. I hope everyone will realize the benefits of how much it can help and for those looking for alternatives.

My wife and I have helped ourselves out of pinched nerves, muscle spasms, and insomnia for years with your drops. We have a medical clinic with a large number of pain management patients. We have started using CBD to treat their pain, and one of our patients brought in a bottle of one of your tinctures, and she has reduced her narcotic intake.

I tried the balm last night on my wrist and the pain decreased significantly. Amazing product.

Hello! I received the tincture on Tues. I had just come back from walking to and from the grocery store. I haven’t had a car in 3 years. My back had me in tears. Couldn’t hold up core and had tears in my eyes my daughter helped me the rest of the way. Like a prayer, the tincture arrived. I felt almost instant relief! Thank you.

My son was in a horrible car accident which almost took his life and with the help of your tinctures like Royal Highness, Dance World, Grandaddy Purple, Night and others we got through the nightmare. Thank you immensely.

using your ac/dc for our dog that has seizures amazing product she only 4 1/2 pounds all the other meds that were given by vets was way to strong even in the least amount that we could give her thank you very much for this great product it is helping her live a normal life.

What makes me really happy is that your tinctures are very user friendly for cats. I have been using it for our 22 year old cat that had jaw cancer. It helped him greatly and we got to enjoy this wonderful creature without him suffering for an additional year. We send him on his way about two weeks ago. I still have 17 cats, mostly rescued abuse cases or ferals. Most are over 10 years old. I have one 15 year old that had gotten a broken hip and now suffers from bad arthritis in it, but is otherwise fine. I give him 1 drop on a spoonful of food in the morning and evening. There is a definite improvement. I turned your tinctures on to a friend of mine who has a pit bull with inoperable sinus cancer and an old cat with lymphoma and who has her own recommendation. I just wanted to share that Cannabis works wonders for our critter friends who suffer from cancers and arthritis too.

My name is ….. and I am a physician. My daughter, ….. began having seizures at a very young age. At the beginning they would be absence seizures, or focal and localized, or generalized seizures. At the beginning they were very infrequent and mild. At one point in her treatment she was on five different medications including Three New and Very Expensive medications. With time the seizures became more frequent and intense. We were very desperate and looked into all possible modes of treatment. We even took her to UCLA for possible brain surgery. We were told by the team at UCLA that surgery would not be an option for her. We considered the probe they put in the neck. However, after fully investigating that probe in the neck, I considered that a bad option because it offers very little hope and it is permanent: that is, it could never be removed in the future. Finally, after being on so many very expensive and Toxic medications and the seizures were occurring almost on a daily basis and at times a few times a day and the seizures were very Intense. Almost two years ago a friend of ours told us that she knew someone who was using oil from the sativa plant to control her child’s seizures and that we should look into that. So we took …. to a pediatrician who could prescribe her such oil. We started ….. on Harlequin hybrid on 4 drops daily and increased the drops by 2 drops every three days or so I was also able to titrate her off of three medications slowly. Recently we have tried Royal Medic, AC/DC, Cannatonic, and Harlequin, but the one that works best for her is the Harlequin tincture at 13 drops twice a day. She has been on Harlequin drops at 13 drops twice a day for several months and not been able to take her off the other two seizures medicines that she is on, Keppra and Trileptal. If it weren’t for the Harlequin tincture ….. would be having severe seizures every day and most days several times in the day. I firmly believe that my daughter, ….. , had seizure activity all day almost every day even if it were mild. Since being on the Harlequin drops she only has one or two seizures every 7-10 days. The Harlequin tinctures have permitted …. to have a normal life the other days of the week. I pray that my daughter were seizure free, I would give my life for that to happen. In the meantime thank God for the Harlequin Tinctures, they have been a Godsend.

I received the AC/DC and the Night. The ACDC is really good! I think it’s better than the Charlotte’s Webb stuff I’ve been using and it feels like I don’t have to use as much either. I’ll keep you posted but I really like it so far! Thanks again!!

I have been using Harlequin, Night, and Grandaddy on my son for over a year now. My son has autism and it has really helped. I am not the only mom looking for relief through your products. I tell all my other mom groups and Autism clubs about your product and the success I have had. In fact, Dutch Farms Harlequin was responsible for getting my son out of non-public schools (after 10 years) and back into a public high school. I have never told any of his teachers and never will until this treatment is widely accepted. The comments from staff were “Wow, your son is so focused”,”he is so different, what are you doing” of course I would just say, vitamins! Thank you Dutch Farms, please give my best to Judith who started me on the path to recovery for my son one year ago!

I’m a patient that recently decided that I had had enough of the myriad of prescriptions the doctors had me on from when I had back surgery,but did little to help me with the problems.I got a recommendation for cannabis and CHOOSE your tinctures to supplement the edibles I make using Indica varieties for my particular needs and for the fact that I am a runner and smoking is out of the question.I am now only taking Two of the Six meds a day and only a small fraction of what I was taking of them.All with just an edible or dropper full of tincture at bed time.”

started using the valentine x almost 2 years my hands stop hurting. My diabetes has never been higher then 127 around 112,109 They stop selling Dutch Farms in my area. I was sold another brand that rep claimed was better in 2 weeks time my diabetes jump to the 140,s for the first time ever. My brother in law was in the 200,s and in the first night of using vx it was 117 he hadn’t seen that in over a year. My little 11 year old doggie gets hers also ever night. It helps her with aches and pains( she used to moan when I picked her up). I called the nicest lady at Dutch Farms and she was a life saver. I am really worried about my diabetes. Thank you again!

I’ve been telling my friends about how great your products work. It really helps me because it helps me take less opioids for my chronic pain. Thank you,

My 14 year old son broke his collar bone last week and was in extreme pain. I had just got the healing pain relieving balm about a week or so before. I put in on him and it helped so much. He actually would ask me 5 or so times a day to apply it for him. Just wanted to share that with you. Thanks so much and so glad I found your amazing products!! I’m sharing with everyone I know!!

If you are looking for a powerful way to get a daily dose(s) of a full hemp plant cannabinoid spectrum with CBD, then look no further! Try our premium quality and delicious Dutch Farms Tinctures for both you and your pets as an easy and convenient way to get the the full health benefits of a full hemp plant spectrum with CBD containing all of the other cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids infused into food grade Kosher vegetable glycerin oil and are non-hypoglycemic. All of our products are of the highest quality materials, processes, and standards you can rely upon.

We suggest taking the Tincture in combination with our Dutch Farms Gel Caps for a complimentary super CBD boost to your healing and wellness experience. Customers/Patients following this daily regimen report a noticeable increase in a calming energy and clarity, and decrease in stress and anxiety especially, for a good night’s sleep. Add our Bal-Sam Healing Pain Balm with 18 essential oils topically, for relief of acute aches and pains, and skin rejuvenation and muscle recovery.

Make a brief 30 to 90 day commitment to yourself to allow your body time to make up for the decades it took to get here where you are now, and then, see how you feel.

Dutch Farms Tinctures, a delicious infusion with premium 100% Hemp Flower into a Food Grade Kosher Vegetable Glycerin Oil, that’s good for you.

Dutch Farms Tinctures has over 10 years of history in growing, formulating, manufacturing, and market testing their hand crafted products. There are hundreds of anecdotal testimonials and stories reported by Customers/Patients experiencing a wide array of life changing health benefits for a better quality of life. The Tinctures are are delicious and are formulated with advanced health-conscious consumers in mind in providing a balanced entourage effect for healing. All of the other Hemp plant cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes are found in our Tinctures that easily cross the blood brain barrier and readily dissolve in the intestinal tract which means, optimal absorption by you EndoCannabinoid System (ECS), thereby promoting a more efficient ECS for maximum cellular Homeostasis or balance which leads to anti-inflammation, healing. and more.

We offer a wide variety of high quality, natural and organic kosher grade glycerin Tinctures infused with the whole CBD Hemp plant spectrum of beneficial molecular compounds including CBD and all the other cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids They may aid in relieving symptoms of chronic pain, inflammation, muscle spasms, back and joint pain, nausea, insomnia, epilepsy, anxiety, depression, migraines, loss of appetite and more. Tastes Delicious!

“Nacht” Night – A mix of mostly Indica’s used for Chronic Pain, Anxiety, Sleep Disorders, Seizures, Migraines & Relief Stress.

Our higher CBD tinctures include (subject to inventory)

Indica tinctures are for relaxation, heavy pain relief, and night-time use.