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Do you know what I love along with my organic smoothie after I pick some strawberries from the patch outside? I love my organic raw mio chocolates. Mio was the name of my cat for 20 years. Sometimes I substitute them and add the organic CBD chocolate hearts. You can find them in my product line right in my link in bio. . So proud that my partner in crime, and our products, or featured on the front of wall street journal. It was the CBD chocolate hearts in particular that they put on there in color no less along with the interview. What are the chances? I’m so grateful to CBD and That video I made all the years ago saying how it’s saved me after I had three fractures. Now I’m proud to have my own line. You can check it out in my bio. That along with our new coffee CBD has rocked my world. We never go without these products in the kitchen. #CBD #Organic #CBDOil #Cannabis #HEMP #HealthNutnews #Healthy #Vegan #Plant-based #Vegetarian #CertifiedOrganic #USDACertifiedOrganic #TheBestInTheUnitedStates #TheBestInTheWorldInMyOpinion #You’llBeAddicted #IntegrativeMedicine #NaturalHealth #WeightLoss #ModernKitchen

i used to have a lot of crystals and was an activist working for a nonprofit and was kind of a hippie. Now I just don’t get paid for my job like I did at the nonprofit. #NewAge #LOL #Funny #Happy #Silly #Hippie #Comedy #Humor #Resonate

Rest in peace to this couple and holistic doctor Lois Ladd. right now authorities have put 30 investigators on the case. We’ve never seen anything like it. They have use the word desperately and said they are desperately searching for information and the killer. Please call if you have any. There is a holistic doctor killer on the loose right now. We don’t know if they killed the other ones but they definitely are a killer and they just killed a holistic doctor. This is an Illinois where I was born. My home state. #Holistic #Dr #Color #Natural #Organic #Killer #Murder #Suicide #Not #Suicide #This #Is #Homicide #DoubleHomicide #100Dead #WhenWillItStop #IntegrativeHealth Integrative #Integrative #Biological#

Family has announced it is alleged suicide. I grew up in a conservative Democrat family Irish Catholic, for lack of a Better description. I’m not part of the two-party system. But even my Democrat relatives are saying this is so strange. It’s hard to believe he would take his own life. That’s just their opinion, and we don’t know for sure but I must share. #Suicide #Motor #AllegedSuicide #Mr.E #Death #Homicide #Homicide #Investigation #Clinton #Obama #Advisor#.

this is in the guardian. The same publication that did a headpiece on me recently. Unfortunately, we get thousands of emails, and we had our server go down and didn’t get back to them in time to respond to their email so you can comment which was Uber rude. Anyway, now if you talk out even on your Facebook page about vaccines and you are a nurse in Australia? You can and will be prosecuted. #Censorship #Vaccines #WhatDoYouThink #Vaccination #LearnTheRisk #StartMandatoryVaccination Health nut news #HealthNutNews

18th Mar 2019.

Getting warm by the fire tonight just before I’d heard the sad news about the doctors. You do understand that we’ve been a national news whether it be Erin Elizabeth, health nut news, or holistic lives matter, our group. They are censoring us and they’ve announced that. Pinterest banned us and our page with nearly 1,000,000 people. they did the same to other top health websites. You can join us here. Just go over to <<< Most people registering are already on the newsletter, but at least we will have an alternative to social media where you are not censored. Right now they decide in the feed what they feed you. You are only getting the censored version. With us? You get the whole truth and nothing but the truth #Truth #Not #Asperity #Natural #Organic #Not #Conspiracy #Healthy #HealthyRecipes #JoinUs #Revolution #Vegan #Plant-based #MyCat #IsA #Carnivore #IAm #Not #Love #Prosperity

so true. My mom is visiting from Chicago and I was explaining this to her tonight. Referred her father grew up in in New York was definitely organic. Then it changed during her lifetime and I grew up without organic food. Now I pay more to buy organic, or we grow our own. We also support our local farmers market. We were reflecting back when I was in college in the early 90s, not to date myself , and I had a support your local organic farmer sticker on the back of my car. Everybody asked me about it. Now thank goodness it’s second nature, people know what it means, but most still eat GMO’s. Most still eat pesticide laden food. but it doesn’t have to be this way. You can #GoOrganic #GrowYourOwn #SupportYourLocalFarmer #SupportLocalFarms #SupportCommunityGardens #NoGMO’s #CookesFromScratch #stopeatingprocessed And there still a chance we could turn this place around before it’s too late

I found the best green Matcha organic tea in the world. Along with that I love to have my raw mio snack. free radicals don’t stand a chance with one of the healthiest organic mini meals i know. sometimes I skip lunch, but today I’m hungry. check out the link to my award-winning raw organic product line in my bio. My cat of 20 years was named MIO!! xox #Plant-based #Vegan #Organic #CertifiedOrganic #USDACertifiedOrganic #Local #MadeInTheUSA #MomAndPopBusiness #SupportYourLocalBusiness #WeJustMadeTheWallStreetJournal #Healthy #GreenTea #Antioxidants #Kitchen #Vegetarian #SometimesIDo #Keto #Energy #Natural #Foodie

I posted this video of snoop saying this several years ago. Snoop knows what’s up I bought his first album in 1994 when I moved to Los Angeles #Snoop #FluShot #Vaccine #Ineffective #VaccineInjured #Adjuvants #WakeUpWorld #Truth #Woke #Truther

Tribute to an Angel: Nancy. Today I was doing a five minute Instagram live and told my mom I’d be back in a couple of minutes, but I was suddenly inspired to bring a friend on camera who is a holistic doctor friend of mine. @dr.scott_perlman and his wife Nancy (who I met when I was speaking at the truth about cancer Orlando, a year and a half ago, were big inspirations to me. It’s not every day that you see a couple so in love or the sheer admiration and mad respect that he had for his wife putting her on a pedestal. In a good way. She was such a beauty and it shine through. Inside and out. Fast forward to today and I saw dr scott and thought I would bring him on live. Little did I know that, as he had to tell me on the live broadcast, that Nancy had passed away suddenly not even eight weeks ago. Tomorrow it will be two months. All of this happened on Instagram live and I cannot imagine how hard it was for him to tell me. I wasn’t even on camera. I had the camera turned but immediately realized I needed to turn it around so we could at least talk face-to-face. The interesting thing is it appears that Instagram did not save the majority of the conversation. It literally saved it until right when we were going live when I say I’m bringing him on and then just afterward. So strange. Almost like it was just meant for that audience but perhaps not to be there forever for everyone to see. Needless to say, I know Nancy will be missed and is missed by so so many. Her sheer joy for life and beauty will never stop shining. I know dr scott must be feeling like I can’t even imagine or relate to. I haven’t been through that. But my heart goes out to him and the awesome kids and all their beautiful animals as well. Big hugs to you tonight dr scott. I know Nancy is there in spirit, as her life touched so many. And I know one day, You two will be reunited again. xoxo Erin Elizabeth. PS. Dr. Mercola says hello as well and sends his love and condolences. #Love #Beauty #Inspiration #HolisticDoctor #CherishLifeWhileYouCan #TakeBreaks #OneDayAtATime #Healing

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19th Mar 2019.

19th Mar 2019.