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Evoxe Labs Balance Pen is a line of pre-filled vape pens that provide consumers with various effects, based on the organic blend of oil inside. Some of the pens feature CBD exclusively, while others offer THC support as well.

Is all about relaxation. The Indica-inspired blend combines 245mg of THC per pen with lavender (for pain relief and improved focus), chamomile (for a healthy respiratory system and better blood flow), and orange to enhance the effect. With one second of inhalation, the user will get 2.7mg of THC, and the pen is designed to allow for up to 100 seconds of inhalation.

The Evoxe Labs Balance Pen only has a few variations right now, giving them the ability to focus on the particular effect that the company wants to offer. The company is accepting requests to carry the products right now, so consumers may need to visit a physical store to learn about the costs and how to get the most out of the remedies.

Is the original design, specifically uses the benefits of CBD exclusively, which makes it possible to purchase and use legally in all states. Designed to reduce inflammation, improve sleep quality, and relieve pain, this pen includes the use of essential oils to heighten the effect of CBD. The main essential oils include frankincense (for pain relief and focus), ylang ylang (for blood circulation and respiratory support), tangerine (for a refreshing and restorative effect), and geranium (to promote blood flow and eliminate toxins).

With cannabis consumption, the way that the user takes in the remedy can affect the way that it hits their body. There are many different options, like eating edibles or using sublingual tinctures. However, the use of a vaping device allows the cannabis chemical compounds to be absorbed into the bloodstream through the lungs, which is one of the fastest methods of delivery. At Evoxe Labs , the company decided to produce a line of five different vape pens, each with varying levels of CBD and THC for a specific experience.


Provides all of the same essential oils that the original BALANCE remedy contains. However, they offer full-spectrum CBD, along with an infusion of THC to do it. Because it contains THC, the use of this pen has not been made legal in all states yet.

With the unique nature of these vape pens, consumers will likely have questions to determine which one will help the most, or when their order will arrive. To make it easy to reach the company, consumers can fill out the online form on the official website.

Takes a slightly different route, using a sativa blend to provide the user with more energy throughout their day. Adding to the effects are peppermint (for pain relief and focus), cinnamon (for blood circulation and a stronger respiratory system), lime (for a refreshing effect), and cypress (for better blood flow and fewer toxins). This formula contains 250mg of THC in every pen, with 100 seconds of inhalation time. The user will get 2.8mg of THC with a single second of vaping.

To ensure that these products have the quality desired, all of the organic hemp CBD is grown in Colorado at Shi Farms, which has a reputation for healthy and high-quality business practices.

The Evoxe Labs Balance Pens are sleek and discreet, promoting different moods with the varying options. They use all-natural ingredients to give the user the wellness support that cannabis can afford. Consumers should keep in mind that, considering the use of CBD and THC alike, not all of these products will be available for purchase in their state. Check with the local laws to see how marijuana is governed in that state to determine the best option.

If consumers want a more direct route, they can call or email the company, using the contact information below.

Presently, there are several options for the pens, depending on the effect that the user wants. Choose from:

Presently, none of these products seem available to purchase. However, when they are, consumers can visit a nearby dispensary to buy them. Look for the closest facility by using the store finder tool at: evoxelabs.com/locations/

The final product in the line, is a “strain-specific hybrid” that uses Northern California cannabis for the smooth and traditional expectation of what cannabis offers. There’s 235mg of THC, with 2.6mg of THC offered in a single second of inhalation.


Presently, the only remedy that does not need legalization laws to change is the original BALANCE blend.


All of the neuroprotectant properties of cannabis without the altered senses. Non-psychoactive CBD oil is blended with Frankincense to refresh you, Ylang Ylang to help lift your mood, Geranium to cleanse the body of toxins and Tangerine to awaken the senses.

Used since antiquity in aromatherapy to balance the endocrine system and aid the body in eliminating impurities. A powerful cicatrisant, Geranium promotes cell regeneration and boosts your overall health.

To inhale, place the pen between your lips but do not create a complete seal around the pen as you would with a straw. Instead, draw air into your lungs as you inhale the vaporized oils, drawing a full breath in for 2 seconds. The pen will automatically cut off the heating element after about 4 seconds of continuous inhalation. Exhale at your leisure.


Whole Body Detox.

Anti-aging Immune System Booster.

Bring your senses to life with this refreshing, sparkling herbal remedy that originated in China, where it holds a special place of cultural and medicinal significance. A delicious, fortifying tonic that refreshes you inside and out.

Please store all pens in temperatures below 80 degrees Farenheit.

Long used as a salve in Southeast Asia, its soothing and comforting properties can act to pacify the nerves and the heart and promote circulatory health. Its natural mood lifting properties kindle a renewed sense of positivity.

Cultivated for thousands of years for ceremonial and spiritual purposes, this calming oil assists in meditation to instill a sense of purpose and center your mind and body.


Mood Lifting Antidepressant.

Upon removing the pen from the box hold the pen at the ‘Tip’ with the X on it. The heating mechanism is situated near the ‘filter’ line of the vaporizer near the mouthpiece and reaches temperatures up to 550 degrees, so we recommend keeping your fingers away from that part of the unit while vaporizing.

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The unit will last between 150-200 puffs depending on the length of each puff. The oil supply can last anywhere from 3 days of continuous use to 2 weeks or more of sporadic use.