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We farm organically at high altitude in the Colorado Rockies, without pesticides or residual contaminates. We then utilize a solvent-free extraction process and test every batch, every time.

We also have a Muscle Roll-on topical application, as well as a very handy year-round melt resistant Lip Balm – with all natural ingredients, of course!

Every ml in our 500mg bottle contains 33.3mg of CBD, with double that amount (66.6mg) in our higher potencies. T hat’s 1.7mg to 3.4mg per drop – easy numbers to use for comparison.

Thank you for visiting us! We look forward to introducing you to our product. Our CBD oil is a source of great pride and we love sharing our focus on clean medicine with you!

With so much potency, each drop in our CBD goes further, bringing more value in every bottle. In spite of doubling potency, we don’t double the price of our bottles. More health for your dollar!

Get to Know Fountain of Health.

Made with the Highest Quality Oil and Simple, Natural Ingredients.

Rub in our Muscle Salve-ation or Skin Soothing Salves, made with a delicately balanced host of all-natural, largely organic, extracted ingredients.

Our pure CBD Oil in Organic Coconut Oil. Unflavored or Naturally Flavored options: Tropical Mango, Blood Orange, and Mint Chocolate options.

Welcome to Fountain of Health!

We control the product from it’s very origins in cultivating the seeds; continuing through the controlled process of our internal master farmer growing the plants utilizing organic, Earth-friendly methods – without pesticides; extracting the oil with the cleanest, solvent-free process available and remaining transparent with every single batch by way of stringent third-party testing for potency and purity.

Fountain of Health CBD Oil is recommended for those who are experiencing chronic pain and inflammation. Research has found that CBD has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties [1] that may provide relief for those conditions.

Fountain of Health CBD started as a small family business. Two families run the company and both have a background in farming.

There is no information on the Fountain of Health CBD website about its refund policy.

Fountain of Health CBD uses the CO 2 extraction method.

The product also has four different flavors, including unflavored, tropical mango, blood orange, and mint chocolate. The brand offers childproof and non-childproof containers for the product.

Cons of Fountain of Health CBD.

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Fountain of Health CBD ships its products within the USA.

Fountain of Health CBD contains full-spectrum CBD.

Fountain of Health CBD’s range of products includes CBD oils, CBD oils for pets, salves, and topicals.

The product is applied by massaging a reasonable amount into the affected area. Research about the topical use of CBD showed this delivery method helped patients with their pain and discomfort [2] .

Fountain of Health CBD’s most popular products are Unflavored CBD Oil, Blood Orange CBD Oil, CBD Oil Muscle Salve-ation, and Skin Soothing CBD Oil.

Fountain of Health CBD products are safe and free from pesticides, residual solvents, and bacteria.

Fountain of Health CBD Oil comes in two sizes: 1 oz. which contains 2000mg of CBD and ½ oz. which contains 1000mg of CBD.

Customers may email [email protected] or call 720-629-0062 for any inquiries.

Fountain of Health CBD strives to grow and process its hemp for its CBD products. The brand aims to improve a person’s health with its products’ all-natural and safe ingredients.

Recommended for Optimizing Wellness.

Fountain of Health CBD’s wide range of products contains organic ingredients. The brand’s hemp extracts are free from harmful substances to ensure safe consumption.

Delivery of Fountain of Health CBD products takes 3-4 business days.

According to the product page on Fountain of Health CBD’s website, 1 oz. of Unflavored CBD Oil may contain 2000mg of CBD.

Based on its COA (certificate analysis), 1 oz. of Unflavored CBD Oil may contain 89.30mg/g of CBD.

Fountain of Health CBD uses MCT oil as its carrier oil.

Based on its COA, 1 oz. of Unflavored CBD Oil may contain 0.23% of THC.

Lab results for Fountain of Health CBD products are available on the brand’s website .

Refund Policy.

Fountain of Health CBD aims to deliver high-quality CBD products at the most affordable prices possible. It does that by taking charge of every step of the production process.

The least expensive Fountain of Health CBD product is the CBD Lip Balm – 3 Pack at $25. Meanwhile, the most expensive product is the Unflavored CBD Oil at $111.

Fountain of Health CBD does not offer a money-back guarantee.

The owners use their expertise in farming to grow their hemp in Colorado. They also extract the oil from hemp carefully to make sure they preserve every cannabinoid in the plant.

Fountain of Health CBD Tincture Oils are available in the following flavors: unflavored, tropical mango, blood orange, and mint chocolate.

Fountain of Health CBD’s Muscle Salve-ation is among the brand’s popular products. It contains 500mg of full-spectrum CBD.

Fountain of Health CBD sources its hemp from Colorado, USA.

Fountain of Health CBD’s complete control of its products ensures there are no unwanted chemicals included that might hinder an individual from gaining the benefits of CBD.