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The Dutchman Jacob Hooy opened a shop selling herbs and spices in the Lange Leidsedwarsstraat in Amsterdam in 1743. He was only 21 years old at the time. Two years later he moved his shop to the Kloverniersburgwal in Amsterdam. Jacob Hooy’s shop can still be found at this address, although the company now mainly earns its money by selling to wholesalers and retailers.

Jacob Hooy CBD capsules are easy to use and have no aftertaste, so an excellent alternative if you don’t like Jacob Hooy’s CBD drops.

In our webshop you will find various CBD products from the well-known quality brand Jacob Hooy , including these CBD capsules.

The Jacob Hooy company has long since ceased to belong to the Hooy family. In 1846 the company came into the hands of the Oldenboom family. However, they decided not to change the company name and that is why Jacob Hooy is also in the 21 e century still a well-known brand that stands for quality and reliability.

In addition to CBD capsules, we also sell other Jacob Hooy products. These include the following CBD products: CBD oil, CBD-Active +, CBD cream, CBD soap, lip balm and coconut oil with CBD.

About Jacob Hooy.

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√ Gastric acid resistant capsules √ Easy to swallow √ Maximum of 2 capsules per day √ Take 1 capsules (10 mg CBD) once a day half an hour before a meal √ Legal in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

Jacob Hooy’s range is very wide. In addition to CBD products, the brand has many other products, such as cosmetics, food supplements, fragrance products, herbs, spices, hemp tea and various vegetable oils.

The features of these CBD capsules are:

Did you know that Jacob Hooy is an official purveyor to the Dutch Royal Family? That alone proves the CBD quality of Jacob Hooy, because in the whole of the Netherlands there are only 383 companies with the Royal Warrant Holder.

Content and CBD concentration 60 capsules / 10 mg CBD per capsule.

-What is Cannabis Oil? -CBD oil -THC oil -User.

If you would like to know more about CBD products from Jacob Hooy or another brand, please contact us. We will answer your questions as best we can.


Jacob Hooy CBD capsules.

I tried taking these both ways and each worked well. They are standard sized capsules and were easy to take with a small amount of water. They are well sealed but brittle, so I easily released the oil by breaking them between my teeth. While this was no hassle, I think that if I planned on taking the oil sublingually under my tongue, I would just buy drops. If you prefer to buy oil check out our best UK CBD oils list.

These aren’t available for any Holland & Barrett CBD products and mark one of the most noticeable differences between them and leading CBD retailers. While I would consider Holland & Barrett to be a trusted brand, anyone selling cannabinoids in any form should be able to produce third party lab tests at the point of sale.

The best results were when I took a stronger oil under my tongue twice a day and had the capsules handy for when I felt like I needed an extra boost. I also took them with me when I was travelling or in a hurry.

A bottle contains 60 capsules and holds a total of 600mg of CBD. In each capsule there is 10mg of cannabidiol.

The information provided on the packaging states that the ingredients are:

Jacob Hooy CBD Capsules Taste.

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They’ve been trading for more than 145 years and have stores in several other countries, including the Netherlands, Malta, the United Arab Emirates, China and India. While they offer convenient access to a wide range of reasonably priced health products, they have a poor reputation for online customer service.

The price of 60 10mg capsules is £34.99, making 1 capsule 58p and 1mg of CBD about 6p. This makes them slightly cheaper than similar strength capsules from Love Hemp or Cibdol.

Holland & Barrett have told us (see our Jacob Hooy 5% oil review for more detail) that the extract used in Jacob Hooy products is full-spectrum but they declined to share any evidence of test results. As customers we are unable to verify the actual amount of CBD and accompanying cannabinoids contained in Jacob Hooy products.

Holland & Barrett are a well-known high-street brand found in most towns and cities throughout the UK. They refer to themselves as ‘health and wellness retailers’ and stock everything from specialist foods to protein powders and herbal skincare products.

Each capsule contains:

With 10mg of CBD in each one, these capsules aren’t the most potent. The gastric resistant shell allows more of the oil to pass through the early stages of digestion, however, when taking the recommended 2 capsules a day I didn’t find them effective.

Capsules are an ideal way to take CBD oil if you don’t like its flavour. These have almost no taste at all apart from the mild, mealy note of the Gellan gum capsule. If you break them open, they are earthy, unpleasant and have a bitter aftertaste. The quicker you get the oil under your tongue the more palatable it is.

Holland and Barrett stock CBD capsules from several different brands. The best priced, and most popular, come from Dutch company Jacob Hooy.

Third-Party Lab Tests.

Named for the oldest, traditional pharmacy still trading in Amsterdam, Jacob Hooy bear the prestigious label ‘Purveyors to the Court by Royal Appointment’. For over 250 years they have traded in herbs, spices and oils to achieve their goal of providing good, natural, healthy and honest products. Their CBD range includes a 5% CBD oil, hemp tea, capsules and CBD+ coconut oil.

Capsules are an easy and discreet way to take hemp oil. They provide a pre-measured amount that can be taken on a journey, in a bag or pocket, with no fear of leaking. You also have the choice of swallowing them with water or breaking them open and holding the oil under your tongue.

After a week I switched to chewing the capsules and taking the oil under my tongue. The results were much better, but I found the flavour off putting. While I didn’t find them useful on their own, they were great when used as an addition to other products.

If there was more information available about the source of the hemp oil and its cannabinoid profile it could make them even better value.

The oil carries hemp paste made from leaves and flowers, giving it a dark, diesel like appearance. Neither Holland & Barrett or Jacob Hooy state, on their website or packaging, whether the oil inside is full-spectrum or broad-spectrum.

If you take the maximum recommended daily amount of two capsules (20mg) one bottle will give you enough for 30 days. This makes it a good price for a month’s worth of capsules that are quick and easy to use at home or on the go. If you buy them as an addition to other products they will last even longer.

Value for Money.

If you are looking for a little help making a decision, we have some best of lists which are all based on our personal experiences. We look at quality, cost and safety to ensure you only buy the best.

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a botanical extract from hemp plants (rather than marijuana plants) which means you won’t get high using CBD products. But it also means that you don’t have to meet a dodgy bloke in a dark-windowed Vauxhall Corsa to acquire them. After it has been extracted from the plant, CBD is diluted with a ‘carrier’ oil, often coconut or hemp seed oil. Et voila.

Marketed as a miracle remedy, manufacturers contend that CBD oil provides relief from everything from chronic pain to depression and anxiety, but are those claims accurate? MH takes a closer look at the cannabis based phenomenon.

This is where things get interesting. Your brain and body houses a communications system called the endocannabinoid system (ECS) – named after the cannabis plant that led to its discovery – which is involved in regulating a bunch of really important physiological and cognitive processes, like appetite, sleep, immune system, mood and memory.

Cannabidiol, more commonly known as CBD oil, is one of the fastest growing industries in the UK. No longer relegated to dropper bottles and capsules, you can slather the stuff on your hair in shampoo, chew it in vitamin gummies, and drink it in water, wine, or cold-brew coffee. You can even buy CBD-laced treats for your dog.

It’s weed, but not as you know it. You might already know that the cannabis plant contains more than 100 different naturally occurring compounds, known as cannabinoids. Hemp is a term used to classify varieties of cannabis that contain 0.3 per cent or less of THC – the psychoactive cannabinoid that makes you high – while marijuana refers to strains that contain more than 0.3 per cent.

What Is CBD Oil?

Without getting too hung up on the science, research indicates that CBD interacts with endocannabinoids, the chemical messengers of the ESC, to have a protective, anti-inflammatory effect on your noggin.

What Are the Effects of CBD?