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Im installing a GM CB radio into my console map pocket. I’ve had the CB for years but with no way to install it. but with the help of Pete @ Fbodywarehouse , I now have the mount and trim bezel to install it.

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Re: Console Mounted GM CBD-10 CB Radio.

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And the CB looks like it is brand new.

installed the trim bezel.

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by 4SPEED Sun Aug 14, 2011 12:37 am.

Thanks for the post!

Re: Console Mounted GM CBD-10 CB Radio.

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installed the CB.

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thanks , but its not really a retrofit . you could order this with your 77 or older t/a for a GM install . or buy it at the GM dealer for a dealer install.

here is a 17k mile 77 ta with one.

I like the photos.

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I have a repro console so some triming had to be done for this install.

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the Bezel Fbodywarehouse had it made and now sells ( add link once avalible )

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