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Ireland-Kelly learned a lot, and many doors were opened for her, but she described a lot of it as “chaotic and disruptive.” This feeling was brought front and center when she faced another life change: motherhood. “Motherhood was a big shock to my system,” she said. “Not only did I feel like I had lost my identity, but I also felt physically upside down. I had postpartum depression with both of my girls, but once the fog had lifted, I still felt so fragile.”

“Given strong preclinical data suggesting multiple useful properties of CBD in respect to inflammation and pain, this agent holds tremendous promise and potential,” said Dr. Stavros Memtsoudis, MD, anesthesiologist and advisor for HATH. “In the midst of an opioid epidemic and with limited alternatives, the medical and scientific communities are motivated to study CBD’s effectiveness and safety and incorporate it responsibly into multimodal pain management strategies.” This is where HATH wants to play a part, beyond just providing CBD products to consumers. “Our goal is to encourage and help with the study of CBD in a perioperative, as well as recuperative setting using a 360-approach taking into account the needs and concerns of all stakeholders while using a pharmacologically sound delivery approach,” said Dr. Memtsoudis.

Another point that sets HATH apart from the sea of brands popping up left and right: their medical advisory board. The team comprises five doctors, ranging from surgeons to anesthesiologists and a Doctor of Chiropractic who specializes in athletic health and performance. In other words, there’s some serious medical brainpower behind this brand’s every move.

In essence, her brand HATH wants to streamline your mental wellness routine with specifically curated supplements to use at different times throughout the day. “We created easy-to-understand, daily CBD solutions to help you feel better and stay healthy,” Ireland-Kelly told SVN.

That was a turning point in both her personal wellness and her career trajectory. Today, Ireland-Kelly is forging a new path for herself and her business, while bringing a new CBD-centric suite of products to market, aimed at helping manage the “everyday pain, stress and anxiety associated with being human,” she said. Read: we all need to take a nice deep breath, and she wants to help us do just that. Enter: HATH.

A key reason behind for assembling a team of medical masterminds? To support the growing demand for more natural pain-relief methods. “As part of the medical board’s involvement in HATH, they will be working to design science-based approaches to elucidate various questions regarding the effectiveness of CBD, its safety, and ways to integrate it into current medical practice,” a HATH representative told SVN. “This effort is of particular importance as the medical community and the public are searching for ways to reduce opioid use and decrease dependency on traditional prescription medication.” This is looking particularly promising as early studies have indicated CBD may help alleviate the need for opioids.

“Each product has an accessible, prominently displayed QR code that will lead you to data and test results from third-party labs,” she said. “This ensures every consumer is educated when it comes to CBD consumption for everyday use.” And not just HATH CBD — all CBD. “We want our customers to know exactly what they’re putting into their bodies, and feel good about it,” she said.

After trying her first tincture, Ireland-Kelly immediately felt the effects, but decided she wanted to dig more into the science of how it all worked (smart girl). “When approaching HATH, my co-founder Jason and I wanted to have different people try our products,” she explained. “We consulted with physicians, chiropractors, and anesthesiologists to really explore the capacity of CBD to help with pain relief. With a combination of Jason’s background in the cannabis industry paired with our medical advisors, we put together a team of leaders that help educate us, and also our consumers at the same time.”

HATH wants to help you chill out. Co-founder and CMO Kelley Ireland-Kelly spent over two decades in the fashion industry, which (as some of you know) can do a number on one’s mental health. “I worked in fashion for over 20 years, and it was such a wildly stressful yet amazingly gratifying ride,” she told SVN.

And that’s one of the key differentiators for this brand. HATH wants to do more than create products for everyday mental wellness and pain relief — one of their biggest goals as a brand and business is transparency and education for consumers. According to Ireland-Kelly, HATH wants to “properly educate the public on the benefits of hemp and CBD with third-party studies and clear product labels.” And while that might sound like a brand just doing its due-diligence, in an industry like this where labeling is a mess and consumers are seriously uneducated (and oft misinformed), this is a big. freakin’. deal.

As she searched for remedies and ways to feel better, she was shocked at how frequently serious prescription drugs were part of the conversation. “Friends of mine kept telling me to try Xanax or other hardcore remedies to help me deal with all the chaos going on in my life,” she said. “That was a major red flag for me. The thought of taking prescription drugs to help me cope just seemed unnatural. So, instead of taking a visit to the doctor’s office, I started researching healthier alternatives that could be less destructive to my overall health. That’s when I discovered CBD.”

And of course, we’d be remiss to not mention their beautiful product line. The line was crafted to create a 360 mental and physical wellness routine. Their Better Days Capsules are positioned as your wake-up, de-inflame vitamins, using a mix of 25mg of CBD, 500mg of turmeric, and 10mg of black pepper extract (which, as you may know, activates the curcumin in turmeric to allow for serious anti-inflammatory powers). Then you’ll wind down with the Better Nights Capsules, which combine CBD and melatonin to lull into a stress-free slumber. In between, you can opt for a 35mg Hemp-CBD Transdermal Patch for targeted pain relief. Sounds dreamy, yes?

Ireland-Kelly says, “Between my home life and work life, I wanted to use my newfound knowledge in the CBD industry to help other women and men who were facing similar difficulties.” And she’s doing just that.

Higher potencies and different means of delivery are driving innovation.

When CBD really started hitting the mainstream in 2018, a typical tincture contained 300 to 600 milligrams of CBD. That equals about 30 full-dropper servings in a typical bottle, meaning that one drop of a 600-milligram tincture contains 20 milligrams of CBD. As customers reported benefits from larger daily amounts of CBD, manufacturers responded by making more concentrated tinctures. You can now find 30-milligram tinctures containing 2,000 or more milligrams of CBD; one dropper of an 1,800-milligram-strength tincture provides 60 milligrams of CBD.

Two of the main CBD product types are oral tinctures and topical solutions. Tinctures typically come in a 300-milliliter bottle, or just about 1 ounce. You use the supplied dropper to place some of the tincture under your tongue, then keep the tincture in your mouth for 30 to 60 seconds before swallowing. (If someone says “CBD oil,” they’re talking about a tincture.) Topicals come in many consistencies—thick salve, oil, cream, lotion, roll-on, and so on—and in many sizes. Topicals are applied to achy body parts in the hope of delivering targeted pain relief.

Higher Potency Within Typical Products.

First, a refresher: CBD stands for cannabidiol, one of more than 100 related compounds called cannabinoids that are found in the cannabis plant. CBD doesn’t produce the high caused by the other most well-known cannabinoid, THC. CBD products sold online and in retail establishments are made from hemp, which by definition is a cannabis plant containing no more than .3 percent THC. As of last year’s farm bill, hemp is no longer classified as a controlled substance under federal law. For a detailed background read on CBD, see this article.

Within the ever-expanding overall CBD market, runners and other athletes are increasingly a focus. This emphasis makes sense, when you consider that many of the touted benefits of CBD—pain relief, better sleep, faster recovery, lower inflammation—are of special interest to people who push their bodies hard. Companies are targeting athletes with higher-potency versions of typical CBD products and different ways to deliver CBD.

Now, on to the new wave of CBD products for athletes, grouped by the type of innovation. These are all products I’ve tested since writing The Athlete’s Guide to CBD .

Below are three high-potency tinctures I’ve had good results from. (“Results” for me include improved sleep and less overall creakiness from being a 55-year-old who has run more than 110,000 miles over the last 40 years and who is training for a 50-miler.) I appreciate the higher-potency offerings because I’ve gravitated toward a daily CBD sweet spot of 30 to 60 milligrams. If your standard level is lower, the higher-potency tinctures mean you can take a fraction of a dropperful and not have to restock as frequently.

Prior to sticking the patch onto one’s skin, consumers have been advised to clean the area with the provided alcohol pad. Then it is a matter of peeling the patch from its back and placing it on the body.

It is preferred to place it on the parts of the skin that are flat, hairless and unbroken, otherwise too much of the drug could be absorbed too quickly. Remember, the goal is to ensure that the recovery process is absorbed at a steady rate throughout the entire day, hence the name, “24-Hour Patch”.

The HATH 24-Hour Patch wins innovation for its delivery system, as consumers are offered an alternative recovery solution that requires them of very little. By simply sticking it on, consumers can focus on their day-to-day activities compared to topicals that require constant reapplication and capsules that help solely due to timely ingestion. For more information, click here.

How should the HATH 24-Hour Patch be used?

A single HATH 24-Hour Patch costs roughly $18, whereas a 5-pack costs $85. Other perks are also offered. For instance, if consumers purchase two patches, then a 10 percent discount is applied, anywhere between three and five gets 15 percent and six gets 20 percent.

Unfortunately, the aforementioned delivery systems aren’t exactly reflective of all consumers, as there may be some who fear oral ingestions and others who despise the stickiness and mess that topical solutions could make. This is where yet another delivery system will be introduced in the form of the HATH 24-Hour Patch .

The HATH 24-Hour Patch is clearly a patch but claims to deliver 35mg of CBD-rich hemp extract that ensures one’s recovery period is achieved, and the body restored. This is deemed ideal for just about anyone who wants immediate relief.

After partaking in just about any physical activity, the body requires effective means of recovery, which not only heals one’s muscles, but also leaves consumers up and ready for yet another round of hard work, and in some cases, fun and games. That said, the current industry is saturated with pills, shakes and creams to name some.

Stephen resides in Yorkshire, UK and is in his mid-fifties. Aside from a wide range of occupations, he was a National Health Service manager and psychiatric registered nurse before becoming a full time freelance writer. As a dedicated lifelong learner and rigid researcher, Stephen is keen to be one of our best contributors for year to come in the hemp and CBD industries.

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