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It’s infused with a moisturizing conditioner, which softens the hair follicle getting the closest shave possible while leaving your skin sexy smooth! It reduces redness, ingrown hairs, and irritation after shaving.

That’s right. Of all of the products Pure Romance has to offer, something as simple as shaving cream takes the trophy. But there isn’t anything simple about our shaving cream!

Body Dew & Kiss.

Bath & Shower.

Fun fact: about 80% of the products sold from Pure Romance are what we call MILD items. Bath, Beauty, & Wellness.

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BONUS: This comes in special packaging and scent for MEN too.

Basic Instinct.

For me, it’s the only thing helping me with the Florida mosquitoes.

Pure Romance Gift Guide.

Another favorite, Miracle Oil can be used for a variety of different things! Stretch marks, burns, cuts, scrapes, & bug bites, Apply to shampoo to help with dry scalp, and to reduce the appearance of scars. It’s infused with several essential oils, including tea tree.

And not just for women!

Below, find my personal picks in this Pure Romance Gift Guide, and be sure to share some of your favorites in the comments.

There is a wide range of different products available from wellness, to beauty, for everyone in your life.

Beauty & Body.

Mixed with our lavender and chamomile lotion, this it’s AMAZING.

My last item to share, another one of my top sellers is the Heart Massager. This is perfect for literally ANYONE. Teacher, friend, mom, sister, aunt, and of course, YOU.

Included in our HeLi line are essential oils. These unique blends offer a variety of different uses, depending on their scent. There are bottles and roll-ons!

TIP: I use this a hair conditioner as well when needed. Just a apply to the ends, leave in for a few minutes, and rinse.

We also have body soak infused with CBD, PH-D balanced bubble bath, and our HeLi (Healthy Living) aftershave spray.

Some of the BEST Bath, Beauty, and Body products! Even a Healthy Living (Heli) line made from plant derived ingredients. Wait! There's more. Including but not limited to: CBD products, Essential oils, Massage, Lingerie, Bedroom Accessories, and so much more! I'm able to help EVERYONE with this business and I adore that. I educate, empower and entertain women on a daily basis. I help keep married couples married, single women safe and ALL WOMEN EDUCATED!!