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We recommend only handling your cannabis flower when you’re ready to use it. Refrain from putting your hands on it every 10 seconds to admire its majestic beauty.

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Some “experts” out there claim storing cannabis in the freezer helps preserve its freshness. This isn’t true, especially if it’s pure marijuana flower (or CBD hemp flower for that matter). Why? Because exposing weed to temperature fluctuations can cause plant material degradation and damage i.e. room temperature to below-freezing temperatures to room temperature again.

Direct sunlight is also a common cannabis killer capable of doing damage in a relatively short period of time. Sunlight carries ultraviolet (UV) light, a form of electromagnetic radiation known to cause a beautiful golden tan in moderate doses but also damage living tissue and destroy organic molecules in the longer term. Organic molecules include cannabis compounds such as cannabinoids, terpenes (linalool, limonene, pinene), and flavonoids (cannflavines, vitexin, orientin). This degradation of each cannabis compound results in diminished potency, flavor, aroma, and overall quality, resulting in an ineffective and underwhelming experience.

Step #2: No. We really mean it. Step away from the freezer!

11. Overhandling your cannabis.

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However, there are ways to keep your cannabis fresh for long periods of time. You just have to know how and why, which is where we step in as your loyal and trusted guide.

Many people believe humidity is cannabis’s worst enemy. This isn’t strictly true. There are certain humidity levels required to stop your cannabis from drying out and/or becoming too moist, which can happen within a day or two.

Follow this guide and digest it. Use it as your cannabis storage bible. Simple.

A container’s lid isn’t just there to stop your cannabis from falling out if knocked over. It also serves an entirely different purpose — one many fail to recognize. You see, a well-fitted, airtight lid is the ultimate protection from air exposure, which can severely degrade valuable cannabinoids, terpenes, and other plant compounds via oxidation. A bit like rust damage on metal. This degradation can cause potency and quality loss, as well as aroma and flavor differences (not always in a good way).

Be mindful of where you’re storing your cannabis. Keep it away from all heat sources, including the aforementioned heater, radiator, microwave, etc, as well as direct sunlight. We always recommend a cool, dry place e.g. under the stairs or a cupboard.

Your container (remember: glass jar) shouldn’t be completely filled with cannabis or hemp CBD flower. It should fill roughly ⅔ of the jar and be packed as loosely as possible. This allows some air to stay in the jar and flow through the flower, balancing out the humidity and moisture levels. If your cannabis is a little on the moist side, keep the lid open for 2-3 hours to bring the moisture level down to an optimal level.


Mold and fungi can decimate your once prized cannabis or CBD hemp flower if too much moisture latches onto it. Valuable trichomes can break off if frequently mishandled. Potency can decrease significantly when exposed to air and UV light. All of these things (and more) can transform your healthy cannabis into unhealthy cannabis, often in a relatively short space of time.

To really make sure your cannabis or hemp flower is perfectly fresh and ready to consume, you need to be checking it regularly — not just once in a green moon. We know many cannabis users (newbie or otherwise) who only check it once or twice over a couple of months. This isn’t helpful.

8. Keeping your cannabis in a plastic sandwich bag (and not in a sturdier container)

This phenomenon can be measured by the terpenes and their aroma being secreted from the trichomes, as well as the overall potency, benefits, and effects when the cannabis is consumed. If your flower is too moist, mold and fungi can grow, potentially causing you harm when smoked or ingested. If too dry, the potency is lower, resulting in you having to consume more to get the desired effects and benefits.

The first and most obvious way to counteract UV light damaging your cannabis is by keeping it away from direct sunlight. This is the ultimate foolproof method of making sure your cannabis isn’t affected. This means not having it near a window or left outside in a clear glass container. Somewhere cool, dry, and away from all sunlight is the best and most preferred place to store it.

The cannabis storage exam isn’t rocket science but many still fail abysmally. Don’t let that be you.

Oxidation can also result in THC converting to cannabinol, which is perfectly fine if that’s what you want. But if you’re not happy with CBN-rich cannabis or hemp flower, best to keep that lid on tight.

If you don’t store your cannabis in the correct way, you’re sending it to an early grave.

This one is obvious but making absolutely no attempt to store your cannabis properly is a route to poor weed quality. We always recommend knowing exactly how correct storage works and all the ways to avoid eventual heartbreak after discovering your weed has turned to absolute junk.

Step #1: Don’t put your weed anywhere near the freezer.

1. Not attempting to store your cannabis at all.

One of the worst problems with exposure to conflicting temperatures, particularly when your cannabis flower is taken from frozen to room temperature (or warmer), is valuable trichomes can become fragile and break off. These trichomes carry all the beneficial cannabinoids, terpenes, etc. Without them, your weed is borderline useless.

Aside from being like a sauna during the hot seasons, which will degrade your cannabis significantly over time due to the heat, storing it in your car poses a far more annoying problem. While many U.S. states enjoy medical and recreational cannabis, some law enforcement officers don’t enjoy you having it in your car, especially during a stop and search.

Getting a bit too touchy-feely with your cannabis? That’s OK. Most cannabis products are naturally beautiful creations. The temptation is very real but ultimately damaging. The more you touch it, the more likely you are to damage the fragile trichomes, causing them to break or crumble off. This is not what you want. As mentioned, trichomes are the most important part of cannabis and CBD hemp flower. They carry a huge percentage of beneficial plant compounds, including CBD and THC. If your trichomes have deteriorated or been destroyed because you’ve manhandled the flower too much, not only will you kick your own ass but you’ll be left with a less than adequate cannabis experience for the price you paid. Not worth it.

Step #3: Store your cannabis in temps of 35-68°F.

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We recommend checking it at least once or twice every week or two. Look out for signs of mold or degradation e.g. browns patches and yellow discoloration.

In addition to checking the appearance of your hemp flowers, you’ll need to give them a smell test. High-quality hemp buds produce fragrances ranging from citrus, pine, and herbal notes to classic diesel and skunk aromas. Consumers should avoid hemp flowers that smell like mold, hay, or cut grass.

Light is the most significant factor that can reduce the potency of CBD hemp flowers. Exposure to light will quickly cause cannabinoids to degrade . Hemp buds should always be stored in a cool, dark place to preserve freshness and potency.

You’ll need to store your buds in a dry area and take special care to monitor humidity levels, especially if you live in a wet climate. A relative humidity (RH) of between 60 and 65°F is recommended for storing CBD hemp flowers. You can determine the RH by placing a humidity measuring device called a hygrometer in your storage area.


If you decide to invest in a humidor, make sure that it’s been designed specifically for cannabis. The wood used to make tobacco humidors can affect the flavor of hemp flower.

One of the most common mistakes is storing hemp flower in plastic. Plastic contains chemicals like BPA’s that can leach into hemp buds, changing the flavor. Additionally, plastic creates a static charge that, in time, will begin to pull cannabinoids and terpenes out of the trichomes.

You’ll also want to check that the pistils look fresh. Shriveled pistils indicate old or dried-out hemp flowers. Properly cured hemp flowers should be slightly squishy on the inside. Buds that are too dry will be weaker and won’t have a pleasant taste.

Fresh hemp flowers display shades ranging from light leafy greens through dark emerald and forest tones, depending on the variety. Some strains may even have yellow, purple, or pink hues. The color you don’t want to see is brown. Brownish tones are a sure sign that the buds haven’t been cured or stored correctly.

Storing your hemp flowers in soft containers like plastic bags leaves them vulnerable to physical damage. It’s easy to accidentally squash your buds or cause the trichomes to break off.

Several factors influence hemp flower potency and taste, including airflow, humidity, light, heat, chemical exposure, and physical damage.

Exposure to Chemicals.

The third way heat can ruin CBD hemp flower is by promoting mold and mildew. Most fungi reproduce rapidly in higher temperatures between 77 and 86°F. Store your buds far away from heat sources like sunlight, chimneys, stoves, and other heat-generating appliances.

One of the most common ways consumers mistreat hemp flower is by leaving buds out on a rolling tray. Exposing CBD flowers to the open air will dry them out and cause terpenes and cannabinoids to oxidize.

Excess humidity encourages mold, which will ruin your hemp flowers. Inhaling even a small amount of mold can cause respiratory issues that may become serious. When hemp flowers get moldy, the only recourse is to throw them out.

When you spend your hard-earned cash for high-quality, lab-tested hemp flower, the last thing you’ll want to do is ruin your buds by storing them incorrectly. Most people don’t know that poor storage, even for a short while, can change the potency and flavor of hemp flower.


Fill your jars around ⅔ full to allow room for gases to accumulate. You’ll enable the gas to escape each time you open the containers. Ideally, you’ll want to place a desiccant pack and a small hygrometer inside your jars to gauge the humidity. Alternatively, you can purchase humidity packs made especially for hemp and cannabis.

This article will examine the environmental factors that affect hemp, how to recognize fresh buds, and the best containers for storing CBD hemp flower . We’ll also cover a few of the most frequently asked questions about hemp flower storage.

Decorative stash boxes are popular for storing hemp flower, but terpenes in the wood can change the flavor of your buds. You can store CBD hemp flowers in a wooden stash box if you place your buds in jars first.

Heat is another archenemy of fresh hemp flower. Excessive temperatures can damage CBD buds in several ways. First, exposure to high heat will dry them out, making them taste harsh or flavorless. Second, organic matter like hemp oxidizes at high temperatures, causing the degradation of CBD, terpenes, and other beneficial compounds.

Correctly-stored CBD hemp flowers will stay fresh for over a year before they begin to lose potency.

First, let’s talk about the best type of container. Glass is a great option because unlike plastics, it’s more durable and doesn’t have harmful BPA’s . The darker and more opaque the glass, the better. It will help keep light out. Also, you’ll want a glass jar or container that comes with an airtight lid. The lid can either screw-on tight or lock securely into place. These containers are great as they can store moonrocks as well.

Remember, you want to avoid any place in your house that gets too exposure much light, moisture, or experiences frequent changes in temperature. Generally, that means the bathroom, kitchen, and garage are not great places.

There are several environmental factors that influence the freshness or degradation of hemp flower. After all, hemp is a plant so it requires careful attention at all stages of its life cycle. If not, your hemp flower nugs will lose their quality.

How do you store hemp?

A cool, dark, dry place, like a cabinet in the hallway, or a drawer in your bedroom could be the best choice.

If you’ve had your current stash for a while now, and didn’t store it properly, you might be asking, “did my hemp buds go bad”? That’s a great question. Here are a few pointers. Look at one or two of the nugs up close. Has the color faded? What about the smell, is it as potent and lovely as it once was? Do you see any traces of mildew or mold?

Lastly, the way you’re storing your hemp flower has a major impact on its shelf life. Plastic baggies may have been the old way of doing things, but we’re wiser now.

There are six main reasons that can affect the shelf life of your CBD flower. We’ll go over each one, and list them in no particular order.

Although hemp is typically grown outdoors with constant exposure to oxygen (air), it doesn’t need or want that much after the buds have been cured and arrive on your doorstep.

Proper storage doesn’t only apply to those who buy hemp flower in bulk. It also applies to anyone who plans to buy CBD flower, even if it’s only one gram. Storing hemp flower is more than just keeping it fresh, it’s also about keeping it safe for consumption.

So, if you prefer to have some CBD hemp buds shipped to your door, then buying online is a wonderful way to go.

How to know if your hemp buds went bad?

Too much oxygen for your CBD flower can compromise the potency, smell, and taste of your nugs. Over time, this can lead to stale, unpleasant buds. So, don’t leave your stash out on a table, your nightstand, or simply laying around.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then it’s time to toss it out and start fresh!

There are a few ways to store your hemp. Some decide to keep their flower in the same package it arrived in. This could be a vacuum-sealed bag, a plastic container, or a glass jar, or something else. But, to minimize exposure to the factors mentioned above, we know one way to store your bud that’s superior above the rest.

But on average, hemp flower has a shorter shelf life because not all buds are high quality, and not everyone utilizes proper storage techniques.

Hemp flower is a great way to get a daily dose of CBD. And smoking is the fastest way to get the benefits of CBD into your system. If you’re not a huge fan of smoking hemp flower, you can still buy some and make an oil or butter from it.


Yes, it’s legal to order CBD flower online if it has less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC. This limitation of the THC percentage was put into effect when the 2018 Farm Bill was signed. This is a federal rule, but all states must comply with this percentage as well.

This applies to natural and artificial light. Cannabinoid and terpene-rich premium hemp nugs don’t want to sit in the sun or under lights. This will kill those precious cannabinoids and terpenes that give your hemp flower potency, flavors, and therapeutic effects.

Keeping your hemp flower in a temperature-controlled environment is essential. Fluctuations from hot to cold, or excessive heat or cold can cause it to go stale or grow mold.

This way you get to decide on the exact CBD strain you want and what oil or butter to use. You can take your hemp infusion and use it in baking recipes and create healthy edibles or a natural beauty topical. The choices are endless and all up to you.

Cannabis is building a culture that believes in reclaiming our health through the power of medicinal plants. So, to stay in harmony with this theme and make our CBD flower proud, we have to step in up a notch.

Once you’ve identified the container you want, consider buying an inexpensive humidity pack like the ones on Marijuana Packaging . They offer humidity control and also prevent terpenes from losing their potency. This is important because each time you open your stash jar, the terpenes escape. Plus, these packs keep your buds from drying out too much.