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Very cool local vinyl shop with smoking products if you’re into that kind of thing.

I love this place. Great selection.

Review by Carol Benson.

Review by Michelle Bisanz.

Review by Sabrina Addison.

Hunky Dory on 718 9th Street.

Review by Vaping Librarian.

Great shop, great vibes, and a really solid selection of vinyl and other accessories. Super friendly staff, who seem to be pretty passionate about their job, which seems rare these days. If you don’t have a turntable, you should buy one, just so you can enjoy their selection.

Super cool store! The selection was pretty broad and the downstairs basement was all $1/$2 finds. They also gave merchandise and tobacco products as well as incense. Maybe a little more hospitality from the employees but other than that, awesome find.

Review by David Perlman.

Employee didn’t know anything about products being sold in the store. Just felt like wasted time. Yes I’m, sure because the employee called you while I was there!

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This is a Smoke Cartel network preferred store. Through our research, we found this store to go above and beyond.

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Hunky Dory on 718 9th Street.

Hunky Dory on 718 9th Street.

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