is cbd good for muscle growth

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People who are serious about health and fitness are always looking for new ways to benefit from workouts. Now with the growing popularity of CBD, cannabis is gaining momentum in the fitness and bodybuilding community. More people are adjusting their diets and daily supplements with vitamins, protein drinks, and cannabis.

We have all pushed ourselves at one point or another during a workout. That extra push we give can result in soreness and inflammation making the next workout challenging. Many people mask that pain with over-the-counter, anti-inflammatory medication.

For the best results, you should avoid caffeine while using CBD supplements. Caffeine can increase cortisol levels. That is the reason it is not recommended to use supplements with caffeine.

Why CBD?

CBD has the opposite effect of THC which is found in cannabis. THC typically makes people want to eat more than usual. CBD has shown the ability to help regulate a person’s blood sugar levels. With regulated blood sugar levels, there are less fat-storing hormones produced by the pancreas in a person’s body resulting in less fat being stored. Since more fat can be burned off as energy there will be fewer fat cells in a person’s body.

Growing muscle is one of the most challenging tasks for a bodybuilder or fitness enthusiast. Naturally, our bodies cannot continue to grow muscle after a certain point. Anabolic hormones in the body cause growth while catabolic hormones result in muscle break down. Anti-catabolic nutrients help with muscle recovery and muscle retention in order to reverse muscle break-down. We have catabolic hormones in our bodies that break muscle mass down. In order to reverse that issue, a person needs to take anti-catabolic supplements. CBD supplements can help people reach their bodybuilding goals by lowering the number of catabolic hormones in the body. With lower catabolic hormones, the body will not be able to break down muscle mass as quickly allowing a person to increase muscle mass.

CBD has incredible fitness, bodybuilding, and overall health benefits. Anyone looking to build muscle, lose weight and ease the stress of performance for a match, or sleep better should look into CBD products. As with any new supplements or medication be sure to consult your doctor before you introduce something new into your body.

Anyone trying to be healthier through a fitness program and/or bodybuilding program will want to do their research on CBD supplements. Although there has not been a lot of research, the research that has been done shows there are many potential fitness, bodybuilding and health benefits to using CBD.

Along those same lines, most over-the-counter medications have side effects. At this point, the side effects of CBD have been very minimal and very minor. There have been some complaints of tiredness, upset stomach and a few cases of diarrhea. Outside of those few side effects, most people have stated they have encountered minor side effects or none at all.

CBD, which is a plant-based supplement, has been shown to help some people with the same type of pain. CBD has the potential to help a person get back into their workout groove without having to take something that could cause other side effects.

How CBD can help with Fitness and Bodybuilding.

Along the same lines, a person who is anxious on a regular basis can throw their cortisol levels out of whack. A person with cortisol levels too high or too low end up with unpleasant symptoms. One of those symptoms can be increased in weight, which most of us try to avoid. CBD supplements can help regulate a person’s cortisol levels so that they peak when they are supposed to and lower at appropriate times. Both of these pieces combined, regulated blood sugar levels and cortisol levels can help a person lose weight safely and appropriately.

Getting a good night sleep is one of the keys to helping a person lose weight and build muscle. Anyone who is not getting enough rest has a body that’s not functioning properly. That means the person’s body can’t burn off energy the right way or help build muscle the right way. CBD has been shown to help some people get their sleeping back on track. Another great benefit of CBD is that it does not have the addictive effects that some of the sleep medications, out on the market, do have.

Before you can make an educated decision about whether to add CBD into your fitness regimen, you need to know what it is. CBD comes from hemp or cannabis plants. Before you stop reading because you don’t want to use an illegal drug, you should be aware that CBD and the hemp plant is not an illegal substance in most countries.

Even well-known anti-inflammatory medicines could take a toll on a person’s liver every time they take it. Over time if a person takes that anti-inflammatory on a regular basis they could do some serious damage to their liver.

How Can CBD Improve My Work Out?

Your doctor will be able to give you advice about dosage and how long you should continue taking CBD. He or she will also be able to talk to you about your other medications and if there could be any type of reaction across medications or adverse side effects.

Those familiar with bodybuilding have probably heard of anabolic and anti-catabolic supplements. Catabolic hormones cause muscle loss. As the name suggests, anti-catabolic products reduce the production of catabolic hormones. Anabolic supplements boost the production of anabolic hormones. This particular process helps protein synthesis and leads to faster muscle growth.

The anti-catabolic properties of CBD could also lead to the slower breakdown of muscle mass. Once again, this could result in trainees building a greater level of muscle. However, this study only featured a small sample size and involved 300mg to 600mg doses of CBD. Most people consume less than 50mg a day.

Yet, most experts recommend beginning with a maximum of 10mg a day to see how CBD affects you. As for timing, most trainees are happy to use it directly after a session.

CBD and Muscle Growth – What Does the Research Say?

What you don’t want is chronic inflammation because it causes muscle breakdown. It can persist for months or longer without the necessary immune response to shut it down. As well as damaging muscle growth, chronic inflammation contributes to various diseases such as arthritis and Alzheimer’s.

In bodybuilding circles, any supplement capable of helping boost muscle mass is snapped up by eager gym rats. There is a suggestion that CBD can help with the muscle-building process.

This article explores the evidence that suggests CBD could help improve your rate of muscle growth. It also delves into other possible benefits for bodybuilding, including faster recovery time and decreased post-workout pain.

The body needs sleep to rebuild and heal the muscle tears associated with weightlifting. If you don’t get enough rest, your body has problems synthesizing protein into muscle. Sleep impacts almost every tissue in the body, including breathing, the immune system, and growth & stress hormones.

CBD doesn’t replace anabolic products. However, it potentially offers an alternative to anti-catabolic ones. Remember, CBD connects with the CB receptors in the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). It could help regulate the body’s metabolism and appetite.

Although CBD doesn’t directly bind to receptors like THC, it has an indirect effect. This appears to provide users with an array of benefits. From a bodybuilding point of view, the most salient are recovery from workouts, better energy levels, and improved sleep.

Improved Sleep.

There are many other ways in which CBD is beneficial for bodybuilding. This includes:

However, CBD could help reduce the soreness you feel after a tough session. A review of studies published in 2008 found that CBD could help alleviate chronic pain. A growing number of bodybuilders claim that using cannabidiol helps their DOMS dissipate faster, and helps get them back in the gym quickly.

A Swiss study published in Pharmaceuticals in 2012 compared CBD with nitrazepam. The researchers found that a 160mg dose of CBD increased the volunteers’ sleep duration.

High cortisol levels can slow down muscle growth. If you produce a lot of this stress hormone, you will find that it hurts your muscle-building exploits. CBD potentially reduces the level of stress a person feels. As a result, you benefit from a lower rate of cortisol production.

Bodybuilders Using CBD.

There’s little doubt that CBD oil and natural bodybuilding is a dynamic duo. Anyone who has weight trained for a considerable period knows that all of the above are key components of better and more consistent workouts.

Realistically, the best oil for muscle growth probably won’t directly boost your muscle mass. However, CBD could have a significant indirect impact.

As it happens, there is research available that indicates CBD helps with everything just mentioned. Let’s take a look.

A relatively old study published in the Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research revealed something interesting. It found that CBD possessed anti-catabolic properties that helped it regulate the body’s hormone levels. In volunteers who used CBD oil, cortisol levels were kept at bay. This process allowed for enhanced muscle growth and protein synthesis throughout weight training.

Those who are serious about bodybuilding also try to keep their body fat percentage down. It so happens that CBD could help with weight loss. A study published in Nature found that CBD potentially increases the levels of leptin in the brain. Leptin is the hormone associated with making us feel full.