is cbd hemp oil legal in texas 2021

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However, there’s a catch with the Texas CBD law. Namely, the police use field tests that aren’t made to distinguish between marijuana-derived and hemp-derived CBD oil. This means that you can still get arrested for possession while your product is checked in a laboratory for THC content.

CBD is a rapidly growing market but it lacks regulation in terms of manufacturing standards and labeling. There are many brands selling high-quality products, but there’s no shortage of suppliers that don’t care much about what’s inside their products.

It’s also easier to do a background check on any company. You can research their websites, read lab reports, check for user reviews, and reach out to experienced users on social media or forums for advice.

Marijuana is naturally high in THC, meaning that consuming marijuana-derived CBD oil can make you feel high.

Buying CBD online is easier and more convenient than making local errands.

Hemp CBD Oil in Texas.

As you can see, there aren’t many options when it comes to marijuana-derived CBD in Texas.

Royal CBD – Full Spectrum.

Let’s make sure you understand its legal status.

The legal status of CBD in Texas varies depending on its source.

If you’re just getting started with CBD, it may be challenging to find the right product without trying at least a few different products. However, to minimize the error margin, we’ve prepared a cheat sheet for first-time buyers. If you follow them, you’ll save both time and money.

Texas has one of the most severe marijuana laws in the United States. Marijuana remains illegal for recreational use, with heavy fines for simple possession. Getting busted with less than two ounces of marijuana can get you a $2,000 fine and up to 180 days in prison. Any amounts higher than that are punishable with 2-year jail time and can make you poorer by $10,000.

If you’re one of those people who need to head to a local store and touch the product or talk to the staff about your goals with CBD, we’ve compiled a list of local retailers in Texas. All of these places should be able to help you find the right product and answer your questions about using CBD.

Whether you decide to drive around your city in search of CBD oil or place an order with an online supplier, remember to always double-check the credibility of any company before you decide to hand your money out. There’s a large degree of difference between brands when it comes to quality, so make sure that your product matches the quality criteria mentioned in this article.

As with many federal laws, individual states can decide whether they fully accept it or place their own regulations on the availability and labeling of CBD. The Texas government cleared the gray areas when Governor Greg Abbott introduced House Bill 132. The initiative legalized hemp farming and the sale of hemp-derived CBD products provided that they contain 0.3% THC or less.

CBD has become one of the most wanted products in the world of wellness. It has an array of documented health benefits and people take it to alleviate a wide range of physical and mental health problems, such as anxiety, inflammation, pain, and neurological issues to name a few.

Is CBD Oil Legal in Texas?

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Hemp contains only trace amounts of THC (up to 0.3%) and higher ratios of CBD. The chemical makeup of hemp makes it unable to get the user intoxicated.

Hemp-derived CBD oil is federally legal and widely available over the counter in head shops, vape stores, and pharmacies. Your best chance of getting quality CBD oil at reasonable prices and making sure you act in compliance with Texas law is to find a reliable online store.

CBD can be extracted from hemp and marijuana plants, both of which share the same parent. What they do not share, however, is the chemical profile. In fact, hemp and marijuana have completely different cannabinoid ratios.

Online suppliers usually have a wider selection of products than local stores. You can choose from CBD oil, edibles, capsules, vapes, topicals, concentrates, and even products for pets. In-store vendors typically offer one or two types of CBD due to limited storage space.

If you’re looking to buy CBD oil in Texas, you must pay attention to the source of your product. Although hemp-derived CBD oils are federally accepted, marijuana and its products are banned in the southern state and you can face hefty fines on top of jail time for carrying even small amounts of marijuana with you.

The US federal government removed hemp from the list of controlled substances in 2018 under the amended Farm Bill. Hemp is now legal to grow in all 50 states for purposes like clothing, paper, fuel, building materials, food, and health supplements such as CBD extracts.

CBD Stores in Dallas.

Nina created following the birth of her second child. She was a science and math teacher for 6 years prior to becoming a parent — teaching in schools in White Plains, New York and later in Paterson, New Jersey.

The easiest way to purchase high-quality CBD oil in Texas is through a reputable online store. Online retailers can offer better deals on CBD products than most local stores in Texas.

As you can see, the Texas CBD laws are complicated. Although the state doesn’t permit marijuana for recreational use — and has a very limited medical marijuana program — hemp-derived CBD is legal and you can easily find such products over the counter and online. Always make sure that your product has a Certificate of Analysis from a third-party laboratory to confirm its CBD content in case you got caught by the police.

Texas has a limited medical marijuana program for epilepsy patients. The program was accepted in 2015 under the Texas Compassionate Act. The bill allowed patients with severe and intractable epilepsy to buy low-THC CBD oil if a doctor prescribes it as a treatment. Then, a second doctor must examine your health and agree with the first one to prescribe this kind of medication.

Fortunately, you can still get legal CBD oil in the state.

Below we explain why shopping for CBD online is so popular these days.

Not to mention that you can shop for CBD in the coziness of your home, without the need to drive around the city to find the right product.

The best part about shopping for CBD online is that it saves you money. Since online stores can avoid certain operational costs, they can offer better deals on their products. You can take advantage of bulk pricing, discounts, reward programs, and coupon codes.

Fisher’s Delta 8 products carry QR codes, like all of the rest of his products, that lead to extensive scientific and manufacturing info about each one. He said they pride themselves on only offering high quality products that meet high safety standards and only go to those aged 21 and up.

He said he’s getting customers from all walks of life, and Fox said it’s clear by the demand for Delta 8 products right now that people are looking for a legal path to legally purchase THC, whether for medicinal or recreational purposes.

Delta 8 is very legal for now. A lot of its popularity may be because of how it compares to marijuana.

Fisher said he personally, in his use of Delta 8 products, has not experienced a high. He said many of the people coming into his store are not seeking it out for that kind of use at all; they’re looking for the medicinal benefits of THC like stress relief, sleep assistance, or an increase in appetite.

Fisher pulled from a shelf, behind the counter in his Plano store, several jars of Delta 8 flour, gummies, and droppers of tincture. He said at this point, Delta 8 products make up about half of his sales.

He said it should be even more motivation for lawmakers in states like Texas to stop trying to shut down cannabis and instead take steps to regulate it and see that it’s being done safely in their state.

Federal and most state’s laws have made anything with a high concentration of Delta 9 THC illegal for recreational use and even a lot of medical use. Those rules vary state by state, but Delta 8 falls into a sort of gray area and is being sold in most states, including Texas, as a legal THC.

So, the million dollar question: does it get you high like Delta 9 THC.

“It has been shown to be inebriating,” said Morgan Fox, Media Relations Director for the National Cannabis Industry Association.

However, Delta 8 is not universally loved by experts and lawmakers.

Fox fears that’s not the case with all shops and manufacturers out there right now selling and making Delta 8 though. He said without regulatory rules for cannabis in each state, customers can’t be assured of what they’re getting.

Most experts are describing Delta 8 as a weaker form of THC than Delta 9, but depending on the tolerance of the person taking it, the size of the dose, and their overall body composition: they say they can still experience a high.

Fisher said he believes many of his customers also want to see a regulated cannabis market in Texas so that people can continue to unlock the health relief he has from these products: whether the right ones for them are CBD, delta 9 THC, or even the lighter delta 8 which he believes many would continue to prefer.

At this point the Delta 8 market is fairly unregulated and unchecked, Fox said.

“It’s absolutely changed my quality of life,” said Fisher, who’s experienced ongoing neck and back pain from a life-time of injuries. “I can play golf again without having all this hurt and this pain. I can swing the golf club again, and things like that.”

With a little less than a week of the legislative session left, delta 8 remains legal in Texas, for now, and likely federally legal until the next debates on the farm bill in 2022.

“You just get a relaxing feeling. You just have a feeling come over your body of just pure relaxation,” said Fisher. “You’ve got all kinds of different ailments out there that these products can very well help you.”

In the last year or so though, it’s another product that’s started taking over their shelves and grabbing the attention of more and more of their customers: Delta 8.

Currently, the Texas Legislature is nearing the end of their 2021 session and still working through several bills aiming to do things like expand research into the medicinal properties of psychedelics, expand the THC levels allowed in compassionate use of medical cannabis and decriminalize marijuana possession. Each of those bills remain in different stages with the deadline looming, but at least one took on an added amendment during debate to add laws in the state concerning the levels of Delta 8 THC allowed in products as well as Delta 9, and effectively put an end to much of the Delta 8 on the market in the state.

Delta 8 is a form of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), according to Leafly, and yes: THC is the compound that gives marijuana its intoxicating psychoactive effects, the part that gets you high. However the THC in regular marijuana is Delta 9 THC. Just few have ever referred to it as Delta 9 in the past until Delta 8 started gaining popularity.

PLANO, Texas — For several years now, John Fisher and his son have dedicated their business to a product that changed their personal lives, CBD.

Fox said the National Cannabis Industry Association agrees with treating Delta 8 the same way Delta 9 is treated state-by-state, for now. He says the reason isn’t to do away with the products though, rather to see them done right.

“This has great medicinal benefits for a lot of people and a lot of different conditions,” he said.

Fisher said he first became interested in CBD and cannabinoid-based medical alternatives after losing a loved one to prescription opioids, and wanted to find a better way to manage pain. That path eventually led Fisher and his son to open up their own CBD store called CBD Pros, for which they now have 21 locations and a large menu of products backed up by extensive lab and manufacturing quality results.

“So that it’s produced in a regulated and tightly controlled fashion, there’s lab tests being done on it, consumers know exactly what they’re getting,” said Fox.

However he said simply banning Delta 8 altogether will likely only lead to another grey area.

“People are looking for a product that does relatively what cannabis does but falls within a legal gray area,” said Fox.

In fact, drive by almost any smoke shop or hemp retailer in Texas right now and you’ll likely see Delta 8 listed on the front window or being sold inside. The products are all the rage, but what is so special about Delta 8? Many unfamiliar with the product may glance at a jar of Delta 8 flour and mistake it for marijuana, but that’s illegal in Texas and at the federal level.

The difference in Delta 8 is that it occurs naturally in hemp — the variety of cannabis plant used to make CBD products that contains only trace amounts of THC. Fisher said Delta 8’s presence in hemp has been known for a long time, but the amount of it in the plant is small.

According to Leafly, the 2018 Farm Bill allowed hemp to be legally grown and worked with across the United States. As a result, cannabis experts started extracting Delta 8 from CBD and synthesizing it into its own product, a process that Leafly says is expensive but it’s in high demand.

TEXAS — Delta-8 THC is regarded as a chemical cousin of marijuana’s main intoxicating ingredient, and as its popularity has soared, states have been reckoning with its legality.

“Texas Health and Safety Code Chapter 443 (HSC 443), established by House Bill 1325 (86th Legislature), allows Consumable Hemp Products in Texas that do not exceed 0.3% Delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). All other forms of THC, including Delta-8 in any concentration and Delta-9 exceeding 0.3%, are considered Schedule I controlled substances,” the newly updated DSHS website states.

The chemical, called delta-8 THC, is billed as producing a milder high than the better known delta-9 THC, and delta-8 is often marketed as being legal even where marijuana is not. That argument stems from the fact that most delta-8 is synthesized from CBD, a popular non-intoxicating chemical that’s prevalent in hemp, a form of cannabis that Congress legalized in 2018.

What You Need To Know.

The DSHS update may come as a blow to Texas business owners. Spectrum News 1 recently spoke with Zachary Maxwell, the president of Texas Hemp Growers. At the time, he said that delta-8’s rising popularity was a boon to the state’s hemp industry.

DSHS goes on to say it has no regulatory authority over controlled substances and that complaints should be directed to police.

There are no hard-and-fast statistics on sales of delta-8, which is available in vapes, gummies and other forms. It has been the fastest-growing segment of the market for hemp chemicals for roughly the last year, after wholesale CBD prices plummeted amid oversupply and other issues, says Ian Laird of data analytics company Hemp Benchmarks.

If there was any question in Texas, an update to the Department of State Health Services’ website has put that to rest. It’s illegal in the Lone Star State.

"Delta-8 isn’t made in grow rooms or on farms. It’s actually synthesized in the labs that create the CBD oil that we’re all familiar with. When those labs are able to sell more oil to the marketplace, it means they’re more prone to buy from hemp farmers in this state," said Maxwell.